ToolsBy Hungry GiantessTools; a man's best friend, a woman's worst rival.

My husband, like any other man, loves tools. He has a ton in the garage, butevery time he goes to the hardware store, he finds another that he just has tohave. See the awe in his eyes when he spots a miter saw, even though he has ascroll saw at home. Oh, how I wish he would liik at me that way! What's a womanto do when she has to compete with her husband's too collection? Well, I'vefound my solution...

Whenever David gets the notion to tinker in the garage, (which means I won't begetting any loving attention), I slip him some of my water retention pills. Theyhelp me rid my body of excess water, but I have found that in men, it shrinksthem down to four inches.

I wait until he tells me he's going out to the garage, offer him something todrink, then slip in a couple of pills, while he's not looking. They're fastacting too. It only takes a few minutes.

Once he's shrunk down, I have his full attention, and I can do whatever I wantwith him. Usually, I shrink him down and tease him for a while. Sometimes I justcarry him around wuth me while I clean the house or run errands. My favoriteplace to put him is in the cleavage of my breasts. He fits so perfectly there.

When I feel I've gotten enough attention from him, I put him to bed and let himsleep it off. While he's asleep, he returns to his normal size and when heawakens, he has no memory of what happened.

But one day, I decided to do something totally different!He was headed for the garage one Saturday afternoon. He asked me to pour him aglass of ice tea. I cheerfully and slyly prepared my concoction for him. Just ashe stepped out to the garage, he took a big drink. After a few minutes, it beganto work, shrinking him quickly. He stood there, at the doorway, a mere fourinches.

I reached down and picked him up, hearing his tiny voice protesting, as heusually does.

"What are you doing, put me down?!" he said.

"I have plans for you, but for now, I'm just going to tease you." Each time Ishrink him, he has no recollection of the last, so he has no idea of what I havein store for him.

I take him to the living room and begin teasing him. I place his naked body inthe palm of my left hand and with my right hand, I light a Virginia slim 120cigarette. I dangle it between my lips for a bit, then jet toward him with it.

This excites him. I see a very tiny erection appear. He's frightened, butclearly enjoying this. He begins to stroke his erection, until he comes. I movehim closer to me and stick my tongue out to catch the tiny droplets. What littleI taste, gets my taste buds going. If that small bit of cum is so scrumptious,he must be extraordinarily delicious. Eating him, entirely, would be an extremepleasure. Just the thought of having him inside me excites me.

I take him to the kitchen and set him on the counter while I prepare myself abowl of chocolate ice cream. Taking him with me, I go to the table. I set himdown alongside my bowl of ice cream. I take a bite of my ice cream, taking mytime to enjoy the flavor and smooth texture. "You would be delicious with thisice cream," I tell him.

"You mean you're going to eat me," he says in a frantic tone.

"Of course I am," I answer. "I'm really tired of competing with those tools ofyours. I want you with me all the time, and as long as you have the time tospend in the garage, you won't pay any attention to me. This way, I won't haveto worry about it anymore."With that said, I pick him up and placed him in my bowl. I begin to slowly swirlhim around with my spoon. He shivers from the coldness. I scoop him up with someice cream. I bring the spoon to my lips. Once again, his penis becomes erect. Islowly put the contents of the spoon, which includes him, in my mouth. I savorthe flavor of David and the ice cream. I slowly swirl him around with my tongue,feeling his erect penis tickle the roof of my mouth. Then, all at once, Iswallow. I feel him slowly slide down my throat, then to my stomach.

Light, tasty, and satisfying! After I finsh, I smoke a cigarette, as I always doafter a satisfying meal. I begin to tire and decide to take a nap. As soon as Ilay on the bed, I quickly drift off to sleep.

The End