TOP SECRETby williePart ITom never imagined he'd have to wait so long for his security clearance to gothrough. When he took the job at the NSA, he was told that they would perform abackground check on him. He was told that the background check should take acouple of months. In the mean time, Tom was told to report to work, sit in aroom with other people waiting for their clearances, and read. He could readanything he wanted, as long as it had nothing to do with his new job. Although,Tom got paid his full salary the whole time he sat waiting, he was bored totears and wanted desperately to start his new job.

Finally, after eight months two weeks and three days, Tom got the call he'd beenwaiting for. He was cleared. Up until now, Tom had no idea what his new jobentailed. He was told that everything would be explained to him on the day hecleared. Tom did know how much he was getting paid, which was the reason he tookthe job.

It was nine in the morning when Tom got his call. By ten, he was sitting in hisnew boss's large office with his new boss and the head of security of thedepartment he was to be working in. It was time for his briefing. Tom was toldmany amazing things in the next two hours about the National Security Agency andtheir dealings with the Russians. He was told how his department obtainedsensitive information directly from different Russian sources. His job would beto aid in the decryption and analysis of some of the information gathered. Hewas told he might even be involved in the gathering of information in thefuture.

Tom started work that afternoon. He was given a desk in a cubicle big enough tohouse two employees. His cubicle mate was a twenty three year old young womennamed Lisa. Tom felt an instant attraction for the pretty blonde. She was perkyand bright, and had a compact little body that he would die for. Tom quicklyfound out that Lisa started working at the NSA directly out of college, and hadbeen learning the ropes for over two years. Tom realized, although he was twoyears older than Lisa, that he would be learning the intricacies of the job fromher.

Over the next few months, Tom and Lisa worked together closely. It was becauseof this that Tom really enjoyed his job. He sensed that Lisa also enjoyed hiscompany. Tom never considered asking her out. Company policy prevented employeesfrom dating, and Tom knew that if they had a romantic relationship, theirprofessional relationship would suffer.

After six months on the job, Tom had grown quite competent. He and Lisa made anoutstanding team. It was after a very positive six month review that Tom wasgiven his first mission. And much to his delite, Lisa was going on the missionwith him. Both were called into a meeting early one morning. In attendance weremany department heads. Both Tom and Lisa realized right away the importance ofthis particular mission.

They were asked to sit at a large conference table along with the otherattendees of the briefing. After a short anxious wait, the assistant deputy ofthe NSA entered the room and took the podium. "Good morning", he said to thecrowd. He then turned to Tom and Lisa, sitting together, and spoke. "Myassociates and I have been watching you two for some time now and we feel youare ready to take on a very important mission. The success of this mission willbe entirely in your hands. It is crucial that you listen closely and understandevery aspect of what I say to you." Tom looked at Lisa and she looked back. Boththeir hearts were pounding.

No one in the room spoke as the assistant deputy continued. "Our intelligencetells us that the Russians have come across a spool of microfilm that containsextremely sensitive information about the defensive strategies of our military.

Of course this information is encrypted with our latest technology. It is,although, a matter of time before their experts will break our code. This is whywe must act immediately."Tom was beginning to get excited. He could not believe he was going to beinvolved in rescuing missing microfilm. This had the makings of a James Bondfilm. He listened intently as his superior continued. "The microfilm is beingheld in a manufacturing company in San Jose, California. This company fabricatessemiconductors that are shipped to the Soviet Union and used in integratedcircuits. It is common knowledge that this manufacturing company is owned by agroup of Russians.""Not only are we sure that the microfilm is in this building, but we also knowit's exact location in the building. We have devised a plan where you two youngpeople will infiltrate the building and retrieve the microfilm. At This point intime, I will hand the floor over to Mrs. Emily Jones who is head of research anddevelopment."The group turned their attention to a very attractive woman in her mid forties.

She seemed very intelligent and confident as she spoke. "Our group has beenworking on a project to shrink living beings for some time now", she said. "Wefirst began shrinking mice with marginal success. After years of working out thebugs and establishing a 0% mortality rate, we tested it on humans. We now havethe ability to shrink a person down to almost any size we want. We can alsoreturn that person to his original size. However there is one bug we have yet tofix. If a person is shrunk smaller that five inches, he or she must be grownback to normal size before two hours. If not, then we may or may not be able togrow that person back."Tom listened in total amazement as Mrs. Jones explained the shrinking process.

He wondered what it had to do with their mission. Surely they weren't thinkingabout shrinking him or Lisa. He looked over at Lisa. Her eyes were wide open.

Tom could sense her excitement level growing.

After Mrs. Jones finished her talk, she sat down and the assistant deputy tookover again. "Here is what's going to happen", he said to Tom and Lisa. "You twoare going to fly to San Jose tonight. Tomorrow morning, Lisa, you are going toshrink Tom down to six inches tall and smuggle him into the building." Tomnearly fell off his chair. He couldn't believe it. He was going to be tiny andin Lisa's hands. He loved Lisa's pretty little hands. Although Tom was nervousas hell, he felt a tingling in his groin. He looked over at Lisa. She waslooking back at him with a huge smile on her face.

The assistant director turned on the overhead projector showing a plan view ofthe building. "You will enter the building along with people who will beinstalling new video equipment. We have already cleared it with them. You willthen proceed to drop Tom into this air vent here." He pointed to the variousareas of the plan as he spoke. "Tom, you will then follow this route through theventilation system until you come to this room. Enter the room, grab themicrofilm here, and head back to where Lisa dropped you off. Lisa can then pickyou up and leave the building. We feel that at six inches tall, you should haveno problem completing the mission. Are there any questions?"Tom didn't know what to think. This mission sounded awfully dangerous. "Whathappens if I get caught?""The odds are against it", the assistant deputy answered. "The video equipmentis to be installed between six and eight AM, before the employees arrive forwork. The room the microfilm is in will be locked tight. The only entrance tothe room is this air vent.""How should I smuggle Tom into the building", Lisa asked?"You will be issued an equipment bag with a false bottom. The bag has a smalldoor in the hidden section that Tom can use to exit and enter the bag. You willuse this to bring Tom into the building."After answering a few more questions, the assistant director adjourned themeeting. Mrs. Jones instantly took Lisa away with her to show Lisa how to shrinkTom. She gave Lisa a solution Tom was to drink that night before he went tosleep. She them explained to Lisa how to begin the actual shrinking process andhow to stop it when Tom was six inches tall. Tom was taken by one of thedeputy's associates who explained his part of the mission.

Tom didn't see Lisa again until they met at the airport later that day. Afterthe meeting, he was given a smaller copy of the ventilation system plans tomemorize on the plane. He was told where in the room the microfilm was and whatit looked like. He was then given his plane ticket and sent home to gather whathe needed to take with him.

On his way home and then to the airport, Tom was in a daze. He couldn't get thethought of Lisa shrinking him and handling him out of his mind. As the timepassed, he found himself growing more and more horny. If he wasn't so nervous,he might have taken the time to play with himself.

Tom made it to the terminal just in time to board the plane. As he entered theplane, he realized he had a first class ticket. He found his seat and sureenough there sat Lisa in the seat next to him with the same grin on her face shehad earlier. Tom was nervous and his heart was pounding, not so much fortomorrows mission, but because he had to spend the next six hours sitting nextto the person who was going to shrink him and have total control of his fate.

Luckily for Tom, he had the plans to memorize.

It wasn't long after the plane took off that Lisa began teasing him. "So whatshould I do with you after the mission tomorrow?""You will grow me right back to size. That's what you'll do", Tom answered.

"Oh I don't know. You'll probably be so cute that I won't be able to controlmyself." She laughed. "Or maybe I'll be hungry. You might look kind of tasty atthat size.""Yeah, real funny", Tom snapped. "If you don't let me memorize these plans,there won't be an after the mission." Lisa closed her eyes and in minutes shewas dozing off with a smile on her lips. Tom looked over at her pretty face withher wavy blonde hair. He looked down at her soft fingers folded on her lap withtheir shiny long nails. He couldn't help but wonder if her hands were the onlypart of her body he was going to see up close. He had a weird feeling in hisstomach that they weren't. His weird feeling would turn out to be right.

Part IITom was wide awake the next morning when the phone rang. "This is your wake upcall", a faceless voice said from the other end of the line. "It's 4:30.""Thanks", Tom said before he hung up the phone. He slept some during the night,but not much. The solution Lisa made him drink the night before didn't help himeither. It left him feeling jittery. In fact, he was still jittery, and nervoustoo. Tom didn't know if he could do this mission.

He met Lisa in the hotel restaurant. She looked fairly calm considering whatthey had to do. "You look horrible", she said to him.

"I don't know if I can go through with this", Tom said to her.

Lisa's face became stern. "You can do it and you will do it", she said.

"That's easy for you to say", Tom answered with a sigh. "I have the hard job."Lisa's expression relaxed. "If you chicken out on me now, I'll shrink youanyway. And I will eat you."Tom was pretty sure she was kidding, although he didn't like the way sheemphasized the word eat. They drank coffee, but neither ate. They left the hoteland headed for the alarm installation company. They didn't talk during the tenminute drive. Tom felt like he was being driven to a funeral, his funeral. Whenthey reached the parking lot, Lisa looked at him and said "it's time."Tom closed his eyes. He felt Lisa's hand trying to enter his pants under hisbelt. "What are you doing", he calmly said.

"Just relax and trust me", she answered. He closed his eyes and took a deepbreath as Lisa's hand grabbed his penis and squeezed. The next thing Tom knew,he was looking into a set of giant blue eyes. His view went from eyes to lips asLisa spoke. He felt her warm hand wrapped around his body. The moment he hadbeen thinking about since yesterday morning was here.

"I'm going to put you in the bag now", she whispered to him with giantmesmerising lips. "In it you will find clothes. Put them on fast. At your size,you can freeze to death easily. When I put the bag down in front of the vent, goquickly and please be careful." What happened next gave Tom something to thinkabout during the trip to the semiconductor manufacturing company. Lisa broughthis little body up to her lips and planted a warm soft kiss on his face. Hewatched her lips transform from a pucker to a warm smile to a look of concern ashe moved away from them. Seconds later he was in the secret compartment ofLisa's security camera bag.

Tom felt the motion of Lisa's walking until she entered the security company'svehicle. After a short drive and some more walking, Tom heard voices and felt astirring above. The bag was being searched. He held his breath until he was sureLisa was on her way again. Finally his hideaway was put down. He peeked throughthe little opening and saw the vent he was to enter. It was party time and Tomwas ready to rumble.

Tom wasted no time. He was running on adrenaline. Surprisingly enough, Tom hadno problem navigating his way through the airways. He wore a hardhat with abuilt in flashlight similar to the ones the miners wore, so he easily sawthrough the dust. When he got to the room he wanted, he stopped in the vent tocatch his breath and locate the microfilm.

The room was dark and the door was closed. No one had been in the room yet. Tomsqueezed through the vent and headed for the place in the room where he was toldthe microfilm would be. He was sure he found the right spot but he didn't seethe microfilm. He climbed up a file cabinet where he could get a better view ofthe room, but it was just too dark. He stood by the edge of the cabinetsearching until he heard the lock on the door turn. Behind him, he found a pileof books to hide behind. He watched as the door opened and a tall woman in awhite lab coat entered the room.

As she walked through the doorway, the woman turned on the lights. Tom got agood look at her as she headed his way. She had very dominant features in anattractive sort of way. Her hair was blonde, shoulder length, and straight. Shewore glasses and had a scowl on her face. Tom did not want to be captured byher, but she was headed straight for him. Tom crouched behind the books andwaited.

Tom saw the woman's fingers wrap over the top book and pull it off the cabinet.

Her fingers were much larger than Lisa's. Tom watched as she pulled the secondbook off the shelf. That left only one thick volume for Tom to hide behind, butsure enough the woman's fingers came over the top of it and began pulling it offthe shelf.

Tom panicked and stood up to run, but when he did, the top of his head hit thebig woman's fingertip. She quickly pulled the book off the cabinet but Tom wasalready gone. He ran to the edge of the cabinet and jumped. When he looked downto see where he was headed, Tom saw the microfilm. It was sitting on the tablehe was headed for.

Tom hit the table and came up running. He grabbed the microfilm and dove off thetable just as the top book crashed to the table behind him. Tom hit the floor,picked up the microfilm again, and looked up just in time to see the bottom of ashoe more than twice his length coming down towards him. He dropped the film anddove under the table. The shoe came down behind him and smashed the microfilm tosmithereens. Tom jumped up and let out a huge sigh. He headed around theperimeter of the room towards the escape vent. As he squeezed through, he lookedback and saw the big woman on all fours looking under the table. As he ran backthrough the air ducts Tom wondered if he was going to be in trouble for notretrieving the film. He knew there was no way anyone could read it now. Hefigured the big woman might be the one in trouble.

Tom had to hurry. He knew he had been spotted. He followed his footprintsthrough the dust to the vent from which he entered the duct. When he peeredthrough the vent, Tom noticed that the bag had been moved away from the ventabout a foot. Figuring someone probably kicked it accidentally, he squeezedthrough the vent and ran towards his doorway into the bag. He never made it.

Three steps away from the vent, a hand came from out of nowhere and wrapped itsfingers around Tom. He was quickly lifted and dropped into a pants pocket. Itall happened so fast that Tom didn't see who had him. The hand felt like awoman's hand. In fact, it was soft like Lisa's. The thigh he was up against feltlike a woman's thigh too. Tom could feel the soft meat on the other side of thethin pocket lining. He even thought he could smell that smell that only womenhave. Tom was sure he was in the pocket of a woman, but who. He hoped it wasLisa. He found out quickly.

After a short time of fast walking, The fingers wrapped around Tom again andremoved him from the pocket. He was brought up quickly to the woman's face. Helet out his second sigh of relief when he saw the woman was indeed Lisa. She wasin a bathroom stall sitting on the toilet. Tom could read the concern on Lisa'sface.

"I don't know what's going on, but things are in an uproar", Lisa whispered toTom. "Did you get the microfilm?""Somebody saw me and accidentally crushed it", he answered.

"Good, I have to smuggle you out of here but I don't know how. The guards aresearching everyone who tries to leave. I'll have to hide you somewhere onmyself."Tom knew where he wanted to hide. "What about between your breasts", hesuggested.

Lisa gave him a look and said, "I'll have to make you smaller if you don't wantto be noticed.""Then hurry up and do it so we can get out of here."Lisa quickly tore off Tom's clothes and grabbed his hard manhood. Tomimmediately began to shrink. When Tom was two inches tall, Lisa released hisorgan and he stopped shrinking. She then gave him a half hearted smile. "Enjoyyourself", she said as she dropped him in her cleavage.

Tom was more than content right where he was, between two boulders of tit flesh,but Lisa still had her concerns. She pressed her hand up to her chest to see ifshe could feel Tom. She then pressed her breasts together, totally smotheringTom and did the same. Tom was enjoying himself immensely until Lisa reached inand pulled him out by the head.

"That won't work", she said. "I can feel you. We'll have to try someplace else."Before Tom could say anything, Lisa pulled open the back of her pants andpanties and dropped Tom in. Tom slid down the inside of Lisa's panties until heheard the elastic snap shut above him. He came to rest with his face wedged inbetween her butt cheeks. Her cheeks were warm and soft against his face andnaked body. Tom figured he could stay here until Lisa left the building. Thatdidn't happen.

No sooner had Tom accepted his new hiding place, when he felt pressure on hisback. It was Lisa's finger pushing him completely between her ass cheeks that hewas tasting, and those same cheeks squeezed tightly around him. Tom was beingcrushed between two giant slabs of flesh. Tom felt Lisa's ass move as she walkedaround the ladies room. Her ass was firm, but at the same time flabby enough toshake his tiny world with each step she took. Tom was beginning to wonder if hecould survive for very long where he was. He didn't have to try.

Tom was buried in Lisa's ass for only about a minute before she let loose thegrip she had on him. The immense pressure on his body subsided and he feltsomething grab his feet. Lisa reached down the front of her panties and pulledTom until he was up against her warm soft muff. Tom felt a surge of fear coursethrough his veins as Lisa pushed him feet first into her vagina. He felt hermoist lips close around him as he was pushed inside Lisa by her forefinger thatwas the same size he was. He caught a glimpse of her face through her blondepubic hair as his head was swallowed. She had a look of panic in her eyes. "I'msorry", she said to him as she removed her wet finger. "There's no other way."Tom couldn't move at all. Lisa's vagina had a pretty good hold on him. He felther vaginal walls quiver in response to his presence. He found at this size hedidn't need to breathe often, and he was getting a sufficient amount of smellyair. Tom could do nothing but accept his fate and hope Lisa got out of thebuilding quickly. He thought to himself that at least one question he had formonths was answered. Lisa was indeed a natural blonde.

After Lisa regained her composure and left the ladies room with Tom hidden wellaway, she headed for the exit. She was forced to go through an extensive searchand questioning. With the help of the growing warmth in her groin she stayedcalm and after ten minutes she was released along with other employees. She wasnot asked about the bag she carried into the building.

Lisa was in a van with three other people on the way back to the alarm companyparking lot where her rental car was, so she was not able to remove Tom yet. Shecould feel him trying to move about inside her, so she knew he was fine. Shealso figured he was safer right where he was until she got to the airport. Sheand Tom were booked on a 4:00 flight, but Lisa did not want to hang around anylonger than she had to. She reached the parking lot, jumped into the rental andquickly sped away.

Lisa had to fight the urge to fondle herself on the way to the airport. The feelof Tom's tiny body in her pussy sent shivers up her spine and filled her withgoosebumps. She knew she couldn't give in to the feeling. She had to stayfocused until they were in the air.

Tom was alive and well but he had no idea what was going on. He knew where hewas. He didn't find his situation unbearable, but he did want to get out. Themore he struggled, the wetter he got. Lisa's juices were flowing. Theypenetrated his nose and mouth and went down his throat. Each time he tried towiggle forward, Lisa's vaginal muscles clamped down on him holding him in place.

By the time Lisa walked into the airport, Tom had decided he'd be better offstaying still. Lisa had to let him out soon. He figured that she'd probably pullhim out and grow him back any minute. He figured wrong.

Lisa dropped off the rental and went straight to the reservation counter. Shethought about stopping off at the ladies room, but decided against it. It was agood thing she didn't because the next flight home was getting ready to board.

She turned in the old tickets, grabbed the new one, and ran for the terminal.

Again she couldn't stop at the ladies room. There was no time. She'd have to getTom out in the restroom on the plane.

When Lisa got to the right terminal, she saw it was nearly empty and almostpanicked. Then she saw the stewardess waving her on. "Hurry ma'am", she calledto Lisa. "The plane is about to depart. I can't hold it any longer."Lisa thanked the stewardess and found her seat. She still didn't have time toretrieve Tom. Now she'd have to wait until they took off and the captain turnedthe "fasten seatbelt" sign off. She didn't mind. It gave her more time to enjoythe feeling Tom was giving her. When she sat back in her comfortable first classseat, she felt Tom begin to stir again. She put her head back and enjoyed it.

There was nothing else she could do.

About twenty minutes after takeoff, the "fasten seatbelt" sign was still on.

Lisa was beginning to worry about Tom. He had been inside her for well over anhour, and from the amount he was trying to move, he must be quite agitated. Shewas about to ask the stewardess what the problem was when the pilot's voice cameover the speaker. "Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We willbe flying through an area of rough weather ahead. I'd advise all passengers toremain in their seats with their seat belts fastened. Our estimated flying timeis five hours - thirty three minutes. Lay back and enjoy the flight.""Well that settles that", Lisa whispered to no one in particular. She couldn'tjust pull him out and grow him back to his full naked size in front of all thefirst class passengers. She and Tom both knew that the shrinking process, aswell as the rest of the mission was top secret. "It looks like Tom is just goingto have to please me for a little while longer." she closed her eyes and with asmile on her lips tried to sleep.

Now that she was relaxing safely in the air, Lisa began to loosen up. She feltthe steady rumble of the four jet engines calming her frayed nerves. As sherested, she felt the stirring inside her pussy begin to manifest itself. It feltlike a tiny star sending waves of energy out in all directions and lighting upher entire abdomen. She began to slowly girate her hips, enhancing the feelingof bliss. She was aware of what she was doing and had to make sure the woman inthe seat next to her didn't awake.

Tom also knew what Lisa was doing. Up until now, he thought she might be in somesort of trouble, unable to release him. How much trouble could she be in if shewas using his submerged body for her own sexual enjoyment. He also had a prettygood idea of how much time had passed with Lisa holding him captive in hervagina. He knew that if she didn't grow him back soon, he might be stuck at thissize like Mrs. Jones had said. He felt a surge of anger and tried again to fighthis way out, but the more he fought, the more he was twisted and pulled indifferent directions by Lisa's pulsing vaginal walls.

As the pounding continued, Tom's anger subsided and was replaced by submission.

Tom gave up. Lisa had him and she could do whatever she wanted to do with him.

He stopped fighting and once again resigned himself to whatever fate Lisa had instore for him, even if that fate was to be rolled and squeezed by her relentlessvagina. Tom survived hours of abuse as Lisa had a series of controlled orgasms.

When the quaking finally subsided, Tom's tiny body was beaten and he wasexhausted. He fell into a deep sleep.

Tom knew it was hours later as he slowly woke up. He laid perfectly still withhis eyes closed. He slowly remembered his mission as a shrunken man. Heremembered the big woman and the microfilm. He remembered Lisa shrinking himmore and shoving him up her vagina and, yes, he remembered what she did to himwhile he was in there. As he tried to regain his senses, he realized that he wasbreathing fresh air, and he was no longer engulfed in moist flesh. Although hewas able to move his head, the rest of his body was still being restrained. Heslowly opened his eyes and saw a huge set of lips. He adjusted his view and sawthe rest of Lisa's smiling face.

He opened his mouth to talk but Lisa beat him to it. "Did you have a nice rest,my little man? You've been out for hours.""What did you do to me?", Tom yelled to Lisa. "Are you crazy. You..."Lisa cut him off by covering the lower half of his face with her thumb. "Beforeyou go getting all mad at me, pipsqueak, listen to what happened." Lisa thenexplained to Tom the events of the day and why she was unable to remove himuntil three hours into the flight. She told him that she tried to grow him backonce the plane landed but it was too late. It wasn't until she finished talkingthat she removed her thumb so Tom could speak. Tom didn't like how she wasusurping the power she had over him.

"Now what am I supposed to do", Tom yelled? He had to yell if he wanted Lisa tohear him. "This wasn't part of the deal.""I guess I'll have to hand you over to the agency so they can use you as a testsubject", she answered.

"No." Tom screamed.

"I have a better idea, but you have to trust me.""What is it", Tom asked?"I can't tell you. Can you trust me?"Tom reluctantly nodded. He had trusted her this morning and look what happenedto him. He had no choice but to trust her again.

"Good", said Lisa. "Now let's get you cleaned up." She took Tom over to the sinkand lathered him up under warm water. Being in Lisa's perfect hands made Tomhorny. Being soaped up and washed by those hands was more than Tom could take.

After only about thirty seconds, his abused body stiffened and he eruptedviolently. Lisa squeezed and worked his tiny volcano bringing his orgasm togigantic proportions. Tom twitched and shuttered in Lisa's smooth soapy handsfor over a minute. Finally he finished and his once again beaten body went limp.

At that point Tom knew he now belonged to Lisa.

Lisa dried Tom off and gave him something warm to wear. It was late so Lisaheated up some leftovers for dinner. They ate quietly and went to bed. Lisaslept soundly in her bed. Tom laid awake for hours in the night table bed Lisamade for him. He was exhausted but had too much on his mind to sleep. Afterhours of listening to Lisa's deep breathing, Tom fell asleep.

It was the following morning. Lisa sat in the same chair she sat in two morningsago. In attendance were the same people as two mornings ago. The seat next toher was empty.

"Our sources tell us the microfilm has been destroyed", the assistant deputy ofthe NSA said to Lisa. "What happened to your partner?"Lisa answered with tears in her eyes. "He was crushed along with the microfilm.

The lab attendant stepped on him. Someone tipped them off that we were there. Iwent looking for Tom." Lisa was flat out blubbering now. "I got to the room justin time to see her jump on him. She tried to wipe him off onto the floor but hestuck to her shoe like glue." Lisa ran out of the room in hysterics. She ran toher empty cubicle and waited. Lisa knew Tom had no family. He was expendable.

They all were. Her department would write him off as a loss and nothing wouldever be said about Tom again.

Five minutes later her boss came to talk to her. He commended her on a job welldone, apologized for the loss of her friend and told her to take a week off withfull pay. She gave her thanks and left the building.

By the time Lisa sat in her car and drove off, she was smiling. That warmfeeling in her groin was returning. Tom was struggling again.