The Toy MachineByAsukafan2001             In 1987 a man called Richard Depp discovered aliquid that came from the root of the albino African Violet, when the roots weresqueezed and processed just right they created  a liquid that Richard dubbedThyme.

           Thyme revolutionized the American Economy butnot over night. Over the next 10 years he was forced to fight his upstartcompany through the governmental red tape. That is when in Bill Clintonsfleeting years as president, Bill came across this small company almost byaccident and threw government money towards his company shortly before he leftoffice.

           Then came republican president Bush. Heabsolutely loved the company, and with the fear that 9/11 brought it made forthe perfect time to introduce it into American society. Any man, woman, guiltyof crimes that befall to the federal courts are sentenced to be Thyminized.

          Thyminization brought order to the otherwise democratic society. It broughtmoney and power to Richard Depp as his company had sole rights to do theThyminization process. America rapidly gained power throughout the worldadding more and more countries under its banner for the complete obediencethat its laws now demanded and that most people followed. This, this is whereour story begins. Oct. 14th 2012.

            It was early in the morning and Richard waswalking to his office for the first time today with his number 2 Kacie Nirschel.

Kacie was a dazzling athletic looking girl with the mind that was as debolicaland power hungry as Richards. That is why they got along so well. They bothwanted the same thing. Power, and money and they now had both as they walkedalong the conveyor belt watching the small plastic cups pass along the conveyorbelt. The very same small plastic cups you see in department stores like walmart,and kmart next to the front counter where for only 50 cents you can get a cheapa toy. Those small plastic bubble cups ran down the conveyor belt well twowomen, Kathy and Bobby put in the little toys, and then set the plastic bubblecups back onto the conveyor belt where they rolled off the edge of the conveyorbelt and into a box. A box where once full was loaded onto a truck and shippedoff to god only knows where, there were hundreds of these conveyor belts in herebut this is the one Kacie and Richard walked along everyday on there way tothere office.

           The two talked about this and that not reallyabout anything particular, as they headed into the office Kacie tightly shut thedoor.  She glanced back at the door walked towards Richard who was looking theoffice window at all the conveyor belts, his workers, his dynasty that he hadbuilt. Kacie, walked right up behind him, in one motion she pulled out a knifeand stabbed Richard right in the back. Richard coughed and wheezed as he turnedaround pulling the knife out of his back. He looked shocked as he saw Kaciesmiling at him.

           “What have you done? Why have you done this? Wehad it all, you have no reasons why?” screamed Richard as he gasped for airfalling to a knee.

           Kacie looked down at her falling comrade. Shestared him right in the eye as she eyed his back where the wound was. She couldhear Richards voice but she was so focused in on him that she couldn't make outwhat he was saying.

           Richard on the other hand was panicking now ashis body begin to dry heave uncontrollably. He darted his eyes from left toright, then back to left looking for something to get him out of this but hiscollapsed to the ground not responding to his motions.

Richard reached out for the legof the chair. As his fingers tips went to grasp it he watched his hands shrinkaway from it. He couldn't believe what he just saw. Richard now struggled toextend his arm out further beyond its maximum limits hoping that he can reachthe chair.

“Yes Richard, the knife youpulled out, it was laced with Thyme. This company will be mine, solely mine.

Your precious baby will be in my hands. I am tired of playing second fiddle toyou Richard. I want the spotlight, I want the attention. ME, ME, ME!!!” screamedKacie.

By the time Kacie's rant wascomplete Richard couldn't believe what he was seeing. Kacie looked to behundreds of feet all, her black high heeled shoes alone were enough to frightena man to his death, he looked up at her long nylon covered legs that traveledinto her black mini skirt. Richard tried to avert his eyes but as she neared himhe couldn't help but see up her dress, her black panties hugging herathletically toned ass perfectly, a bit of skin showing before her top began,her breasts pushing the top out, then looking like her head sat on top of thebreasts themselves were Kacie's face smiling down at him. Richard ran backwardsstumbing over his own feet. It was useless as in what looked to be a blink of aneye her hand was already down on top of him.

Kacie's hand was warm and hecould smell her perfume radiating everywhere. It smelled like orange blossoms.

Richard darted his head around not wasting anymore time as he looked for anywaystill struggling to believe that was really happening.

Richard could only watch as herfingers dug along the carpet squashing the carpet fibers with relative ease asthen her long red fingernails pushed under him. Richard was only standing on herfingernails for a moment before tumbled against her already curling palm.

Richard slammed against Kacie's soft warm hands as she cupped him completely inher left hand.

Richard felt as if he had died ashe heard the click clack, click clack of her high heels slamming against thefloor. He was sealed in what felt like a tomb as he all he could see isdarkness, he couldn't move a single limb on his body. All he could hear was theclicking of Kacie's heels against the floor, the bustling of his workers. He hadto be going out to Kacie's car, but this was not the life he wanted. He was notabout to become a slave, but who would believe him, this had to be dream or someprank.

It was then that his tomb beganto open. A crack of light shone in then in the next instant he was tumblingfaster and faster. He felt smooth and then he was sliding, Richard put his handsout trying to stop but he only continued to slide against a surface that feltperfectly smooth.

It wasn't until he was in thebottom of this plastic surface that Richard could actually look around. Belowhim was a conveyor belt traveling at what looked to be breakneck speeds as theworld was whizzing by faster then his eyes could comprehend it. However, Richarddidn't need to see it as he knew exactly where he was. He was inside of theplastic bubble cups as he sped down the conveyor belt. Richard knew he had toget up and out of here as he knew he didn't have too much time left as his onlyhope was that his muscles weren't already numbed by the Thyme. It was a sideeffect upon use, momentary paralysis. It was never a concern though as onlyconvicts were shrunk but now it meant the difference between his freedom andconfinement, as he began to sit up a pair of hands wrapped around the plasticcup.

As Richard looked up he saw theyoung 25 year old college graduate who he had hired just a few months ago. Itwas Bobby, her short brown hair that is curled up at the tips, her large breastspushing her gap t-shirt up, her faded blue jeans whizzed by as Richard screamedup to her hoping she would hear him, but he knew it was unlikely as she hadprobably learned to tune out the screams plea's of the tiny men as her only jobwas to place the lid on the plastic cup.

“You know I was hoping for morethen this upon graduation but here I am putting lids on a cup for a living.

Kath”“Yeah, but you have a brightfuture ahead of you, this is just a small off ramp in your life this is all Ihave, I'm 40”“Yeah I guess your right Kath”bellowed Bobby as she snapped the lid on Richards plastic cup sealing him.

Richard beat and banged against the lid as he set it back down on the conveyorbelt. Tears began to well up in his eyes as he was unable to push the lid off,with his every kick he grew more and more winded as the paralysis began toovertake him. Before, he knew it he couldn't move a muscle and his tiny bubblefell over the edge of the conveyor into a box with a thousand other tiny men.

Richard was awoken from his sleepby the opening of the box. He looked up seeing a blue a vest with a Walmart nametag attached to it, in fact he saw two blue vests with name tags kneeling overthe box. One of the name tags read Matt and the other Danielle.

           They looked like high school age stock people.

Richard could only watch as they grabbed 10 to 20 of the plastic bubbles withease and lifted them out of the box dropping them into the vending machines.

Richard tried to scream upto them but it was to late, the boys hand slammedaround him squishing other plastic bubbles jars into his jar. As the bubblelifted up Richard was now just along for the ride as the plastic bubbles droppedinto the vending machine.

           Richards jar landed against the case window. Hewas towards the middle with hundreds of plastic jars above him and below him. Hewatched legs stream by him time and time again for the better part of an hourbefore a young face peered in at him. It was a girl about 24 or 25.

           “Do you want one of these toys Mikey?”           The boy happily applauded and begged what couldhave been an older sister, or maybe a babysitter asking him for one. She droppeda quarter into the machine and began to turn the handle. Everything around himbegan to shake and jumble around. He felt like a popcorn kernel about to pop.

Everything was then flung back into solitude as quickly as it started. Richardeyed the tiny man in the plastic jar banging his fist against the wall trying toget out.

           “If you're good you can have it when we gethome”           Richard and the boy eyed the plastic jar as itdropped into the girls purse. The duo then walked away. This happened again andagain, sometimes older ladies would buy one, sometimes young, sometimes littlekids. Each person who bought one or two people brought him closer and closer tohis doom.

           A week had gone by and Richard had grown boredby his surroundings. He looked out at the same scenery eyeing the customers asthey passed by. It wasn't until a dark haired Indian girl and her blonde hairedhaired walked over to the machine that Richard snapped out his trance. He wassurprised to see such young faces at this time of day as they were usually inschool.

           “Should we buy a few Jamie? It will make Mr.

Becklers class go by quicker.” said the blonde girl.

           “Alright, Megs, lets get a few” said the Indiangirl.

           Richard watched as the teenage girls dumped intwo dollars, then three dollars each. Richard had somehow escaped being boughtbut his jar now hung on the edge of hatch. He then heard one of the girls saylook a quarter. His heart fell a thousand feet as he knew this was it. He heardthe handle turn and the hatch give way. Richards jar fell down the shaft rollinglike marble as it slid into the Indian girl's hand.

           Richard hardly got a chance to look at her asshe shoved him and a few others into her pocket and the rest into backpacksealing Richard once again in darkness.

           Richard could feel her legs pump and move as hedenim would loosen then tighten around him then loosen again as the girlswalked. He learned that they must have lived in a small town because the schoolwasn't far from the walmart and Richards ears were greeted with the sounds ofteens and teachers bustling about.

           As the Indian girl sat down the denim loosenedagainst his plastic Jar and he soon heard a boring monotone voice ring outthroughout the class room. The voice soon put Richard to sleep as he babbled onand on about chlorophyll. It wasn't until the perfectly manicured Indian fingersgrabbed onto his jar that he was awoken. She lifted his jar onto her desk andsit the lid end down on top. Richard looked around seeing 20 to 30 othergargantuan teens. The sight gave him a little fear as he watched a prissylooking girl pull off the lid to a jar and drop the tiny man onto the floor. Thedrop alone crushed his legs as she slid her bare feet out of her sandals.

Richards eyes were glued on the helpless tiny man crawling along the floor usinghis arms to pull him along. He watched the prissy girl left her bare foot abovethe tiny, the tiny man looked up at her sole in horror like he had just watchedsomeone kill his mom and rape his sister right in front forcing him to watchevery moment. That look of fear was short lived as the prissy girl looked downat him and then mashed her barefoot into him.

           The ball of her foot landed on the tiny man andshe rubbed her foot back and forth on the cold tile floor stamping out theremains of the tiny man like he was a cigarette. As she lifted her foot upRichard watched a limb that somehow escaped destruction hang onto the bottom ofher foot as she lifted her foot up. The limb finally lost its hold on her footand dropped onto the sandal as she slid her foot back into the sandal but thearm was on the back of the sandal so it once again escaped destruction but itstime was up and Richard knew it. Her heel slowly began to ease down on the limb.

Her heel was just about to make contact with the limb when Richards Bubble jarwas lifted up into the air.

           The Indian girl peered in at him. She had herhair braided with what must have been beads of her tribe. She easily pulled thelid off the plastic Jar bent lowed her the jar onto the floor carefully slidingRichard out. Richard a bit surprised by the gentleness of his release. He lookedup at the gigantic Indian girl who smiled down at him. He was being release hownice he thought. Richard took a few steps away from the girl when her leg swungaround shoved him underneath her desk.  Richard rolled over seeing her moccasinsright infront of him. In a panic Richard began to run but the Indian girl liftedher foot up and shoved him back over to the ground. Richard then started to pushhimself back up when her moccasin pushed down on his legs. Richard felt his legsgive way under the strength and weight of this girl, as he pounded on themoccasin with his fists. As she lifted her foot up she held it over him showinghim the bottom of her moccasin. It was covered in blood spots, dirt particlesmashed into it. Richard could only do what he had saw the man do a few momentsago, with his arms pull his body along the tile floor hoping to get away but thebell rang at that moment. The Indian girl looked down at the tiny man. Shelifted her foot up.

           “Can't let 25 cents go to waste” she said as shelooked down at him, with her full strength she mashed her foot into Richardbody. He chest exploded against the bottom of her moccasin, his guts squishinginto the moccasin sticking to it like glue. Her full weight bored down onRichard for but a moment as she grabbed her books but that was all it took.

Richards entire body was mashed into her Moccasins as she walked out of classfurther beating Richards dead body to a pulp.

 The End.