Tracy's Friendsby????Brian awoke to voices, 'Was it really THAT easy', the voice he recognized as hissister's friend Cami, said.

'Yea, was', his sisters voice was saying with pride, 'and.......I wrestledhim across my lap, and 'spanked' him'.

'Oh my god', then a girlish giggle, 'just like a little boy'.

'That would be Becky' Brian thought.

'How long has he been asleep' Cami's voice said again, 'I cant wait to see him,I'm gonna have some fun'.

'Lisa's been gone for about 3 hours now, like it matters anymore'.

'I dont think he'll be throwing me out of his room', Tracy said.

A trio of laughs. 'But remember Cami, he's real little now, and weak,so.....just dont hurt him.

'OH no' he thought, he remembered picking on Cami quite a bit in his past days.

Cami was a petite freshman, a lifelong friend of his sister's, 5 feet nothingand 95 pounds soak'n'wet, 'even that is to big for me to handle now'.

Brian tried to think fast, he knew from trying to hide from Lisa that there wasnoplace to go,so he decided to play like he was asleep.

'Maybe they'll leave me alone if they think I'm asleep', he thought as he heardhis doorknob turn, 'not the best plan, but it'll have to do in a pinch'.

He shut his eye's tight and held his breath as the girls entered the room.

He could hear their footfalls on his floor as they approached.

'Oh my god', he heard Becky say with a laugh, 'he's soooo little'.

'Hey squirt, get up', Tracy said loudly, he didnt move.

'Look Brian, I know your awake, I can see you straining to keep your eye'sshut'.

'If you dont get up, I'll just........pick you up'Brian opened his eyes and, flinching a bit, looked at the girls standing there.

'Guess what' Tracy said with animated amusment, 'you guys arent shrinkinganymore, it stopped, just as fast as it started'.

'So we came to see how 'small' you are', Cami added with a mischevious grin.

'Yea', Becky said, and produced a yard stick.

Becky, lovable blonde airhead, 'she's 5'9'' he thought, 'thats 2 inches biggerthan I used to be,I wonder how big she is to me now'.

Brian started to uncover, then realized he was still naked.

'Hey Tracy, get me a pair of sweats from my drawer will ya', Brian asked.

All 3 girls giggled, 'ok' she said, and tossed him a pair.

He placed his legs in, but when he went to pull them up, he found it difficultto reach the end.

He kept pulling, and pulling, the girls giggling the whole time, and finally gotthe ends pulled up over his ankles.

He tried to stand, but fell back down, he tried again, fell again, and finallydecided to scoot to the edge of the bed.

He made it over to where Becky stood, swung his legs over the side and startedto jump down.

But just as he was about to lunge, Becky grabbed him by the underarms, andlifted him to his feet on the bed.

He was irratated, and was trying to hold onto his sweats when he realized he wasSTILL looking up into her smiling face.

'Hi little Brian', she said sweetly.

He was so shocked, he let go of his sweats, 'how small am I' he thought, andfought down a gulp, he didnt seem to notice at first that his sweats had fallendown around is ankles.

Tracy,Cami,and Becky all burst out laughing as Brian realized his nakedness andstruggled to cover himself, all the while being drawn to Becky's bountifulbreasts.

'Seems your to SMALL for your britches', Tracy laughed to him, 'I'd better goget somthing for him to wear,.....why dont you guy's go ahaed and weigh him andget him measured,... but remember what we talked about', she said in Cami'sdirection.

'OK,OK' she said defensively, 'I'm not gonna hurt him.

Tracy left, and Cami came to stand in front of him.

She stood there grinning at him for a moment, hands on her hips, he was lookingher straight in the eye.

Then she scooped him up in her arms, and placed him on her hip.

'Cmon little boy', she teased, lets see how much we weigh today.

She headed for the door with Brian in tow, followed closely by Becky.

Halfway down the hall, Cami stopped, and brought Brian around in front of her.

She raised him up, and held him above her at arms length.

'Boy Brian, You sure are light, it feels like carrying a baby,.... light as afeather' she said.

Brian was mortified, he had to get away from this humiliation, but try as hemight, he could not get himself free from her grip,....he resorted to kickinghis legs impotently, as she raised and lowered him with ease.

'Oh look',Cami said, 'the widdle baby's throwing a fit, maybe I should spank hiswiddle bottom'.

'No....dont', Becky said as Brian continued to struggle, 'he's just afraid ofyou, and who can blame him, here.....let me hold him.

Becky took him from Cami gently, and cradled Brian in her arms.

He stopped struggling and lie still, he was still humiliated, but this wasbetter than how he was being carried.

Still, being this close to Becky made him miss Lisa,....he felt an unfamilierpain in his heart, as he thought of her.

'See', Becky was saying, 'all you have to do is be nice to him, isnt that rightBrian', she said as she began to bounce him slightly.

'I wish she would stop talking to me like I'm a baby', he thought, as theycontinued to the scale in the bathroom.

Becky smiled down into his face as she jostled him while walking.

She clutched him to her firmly, so firmly that Brian was feeling a littlecrushed, but he couldnt bring himself to tell her that she was holding him totight, he didnt like being this weak, and he deffinatly didnt like beingcarried.

He made a mental note to try to avoid being picked up as much as possible.

Then they were at the bathroom door, he hadnt been able to gauge their progress,being carried as he was.

She put him down in front of the scales, and nudged him from behind.

Brian would have refused, he didnt like being made to do things, inparticularlly by girls alot younger than him, but he knew she would just put himon them anyway, and he lacked the strength to stop her, so he stepped up ontothe scales.

He watched the scales with a certain amount of trepidation, he didnt know if hewanted to see.

All 3 watched as the dail came to a halt just above 20 pounds.

'How can this be, Brian thought frantically, I 'AM' as light as a feather'.

'Wow' the 2 girls said in unison, they were as suprised as he.

Brian just stared at the dial, trying to will it to move to a heavier number.

Then suddenly, it began to move, rapidly.

He watched, in suprise, as it went up to 118.

'Cool' he thought, until he heard snickering behind him, and he turned to findthat Cami had stepped onto the scales with him.

She grinned as she waved down to him.

Then Cami squated, and put an arm on his chest, and slowely pushed him upagainst the wall.

He was pinned, she looked at him with an easy look and said, 'think you can getaway little boy, cmon,..... try,.........cmon..... I'm only a 14 year oldgirl.....surly you can overpower me'.

Brian fought gamely, but it was no contest, as she held him there easily withher left hand.

He found that he couldnt even wrap 'both' hands around her wrist to push itaway.

Cami noticed and said, 'my.....arent we the strong little guy, you were alwaysan athlete Brian, show me your muscle'Brian didnt move, and she said in a more stern voice, 'if you dont show me yourmuscle, I'll pull your pants down, and turn you over my knee'.

He could tell by the grin on her face that she would do it, and so he let go ofher wrist with his right hand, and made ready to make a muscle.

'Wait', Cami said, 'I want to feel this', she put her long slender fingers onhis bicep, noticing with pleasure that she could completely encircle it.

Brian began to raise his arm, but just then, Cami sqeezed down on his bicep.

Pain shot through his little arm and a startled noise escaped him.

'Cmon little Brian, show me your bicep.........whats the matter, I'm not hurtingyou am I,, not a big strong guy like you', she giggled.

She released him and he rubbed his soar arm in pain.

Suddenly he was being scooped up again, was Becky.

'Now see what you did', she said as she hugged him to her, 'you hurt him......awwwww,are you ok Brian,.....did the big mean bully hurt you.......dont worry, I wontlet her hurt you anymore', she said and made a face at Cami.

He labored for breath.

'How can it get any worse' Brian thought, just before it got worse.

Cause at that moment Tracy returned carrying a pair of shorts and underwear thatlooked about the right size........but the shorts had a strawberry on the backpocket.

Brian recognized them as an old pair of Tracy's.

'These are the only things in the house I could find that might fit' she said,as she tossed them to Becky.

'You wanna do the honers Becky'.

(to be cont.)