Trusty Lab AssistantBy CarnajIt was my freshman year in High School; my 15th winter when my life and survivalbecame someone else's concern. Through no planning of my own, though because ofmy own carelessness I imagine, I lost my ability to decide things for myself.

When I eat, and sleep, and even when I go to the bathroom is all at the whim ofmy keeper. It really isn't such a horrible existence, but it can be trying andhumiliating at times, and it is then when I wish it all would end. But it can't,so fate has decided. So I go on, day after day, doing as I am told...


Why me, I don't know. I was a good kid growing up, I like to think. I was happyat any rate, with parents who loved me and an older sister that did not treat metoo bad. I suppose I was obnoxious from time to time, but who isn't? In school,I got into my share of fights, and more than a little bit of trouble, but I alsogot good grades and even made the honor roll on occasion. I was fairly averagelooking, if not a little tall and lanky, with wavy brown hair and a strongaquiline nose (okay, it was big). I was not ugly by any means, though I was notin league with my sister either. Christy was two years older than I was, andanyone who saw us side by side had trouble believing that she and I wererelated. She was five foot five (about a foot shorter than me), with sandyblonde hair, a pert little nose, and a body to die for. All of that, of course,made her one of the most popular girls in school with the boys. She wasincredibly congenial, which made it hard for the other girls to dislike her. Andshe got almost straight A's, that made her a role model for the teachers to bragabout. She was a cheerleader, and an honor student, and just about perfect,excelling in everything she did...damn her. Christy is not really to blame atall for my current predicament, except that I blame her for my somewhatrebellious nature from time to time. A man can only take so much comparison tohis perfect sister before he snaps. Thus it was that when my English teacher wastelling me how my older sister would have approached a certain writingassignment, I had to go and tell him "Well why don't you go get her to write theF***ing paper for you then!". Bad mistake on my part. It earned me two weeks ofdetention. Now detention at my high school was not sitting after class with allthe campus thugs for hours on end. Some teacher in the past thought it would bea good idea to have malcontents such as myself go out into the school and helpclean, thus working off our punishment. I'm quite sure that all the teachers atthe time thought that a grand idea and patted themselves on the back for weeks.

My teachers took it in stride as a fact of life, and so I was assigned to helpout in the Science Labs after school for two hours every night for two weeks. Myfirst scheduled night I arrived promptly after the last bell to Mr. McCormick'sroom. He would best be described as the 'Nutty Professor', Fred MacMurray, notEddie Murphy. He was an old man about twenty years past retirement, eccentricand forgetful, with wisps of gray thread where his hair used to be and a pair ofglasses with lenses thick as the bottoms of Coke bottles. He was likable as hellthough, which I imagine was the reason he was not yet out to pasture. I foundhim sitting at his desk, shoving papers into an old battered brief case,preparing to leave. I introduced myself, and handed him my detention note, whichhe signed and put in his out box for pick up tomorrow. He then led me around theScience Class, explaining my duties and what was expected of me, babbling onabout the weather and Physics as his mind wandered. Finally, he excused himself,explaining that he had a faculty meeting, and that his trusty lab assistant,Diane, whom he introduced, and who I already knew, would supervise me. I hadgrown up with Diane. She lived two houses down from me, and we had playedtogether when we were little. We had walked to school together almost everymorning until she went on to Junior High School, leaving me in the Sixth gradeas she was one year older. We had drifted apart then, as it was not cool for herto be seen with an elementary school baby like myself, and then an underclassmanas I followed her to Junior High, and then High School. She was never mean tome, or rude in any real way, but she did not go out of her way to acknowledge meeither. It was the way of life in school. She had her cliques and friends, and Ihad mine. I said 'Hi' when Mr. McCormick introduced us, and she gave me a trulydazzling smile. I looked her up and down as the teacher explained to her why Iwas there, and I realized that I really had not noticed her for awhile. She wascute, with shoulder length brown hair and huge brown eyes. She did not wear muchmakeup; just a little lip gloss and pink polish on her finger and toe nails. Herbody was well toned and shapely, and I remembered that she was on the girl'ssoccer team in the spring. That day she was wearing a tight yellow top thataccentuated her breasts nicely, a knee length skirt that hugged her hips andshowed off her legs, and popular blue flat leather sandals with straps andbuckles. We both listened as Mr. McCormick rambled on for a bit, bustling aboutthe room as he shoved more and more into his already bulging brief case. He wasa character, to say the least, but likable, and I looked forward to taking hisclass the next semester. Suddenly, in a flurry, he glanced at the clock on thewall, bid a hasty farewell, and rushed out the door. Diane and I glanced at oneanother and burst out laughing. We chatted for a bit, until Diane thought we hadbest get to work cleaning up. She continued talking to me as she straightenedout the desks, telling me to tidy up the dozen workstations. I explained what Ihad said to my English teacher and she laughed, sympathetic, as she had gonethrough school in the shadow of her own sister, Pam, who was five years olderthan she was. Still, she thought I should be used to it by now. I explained thatsince Christy was only two years older than I that she was still fresh in theteacher's minds, and there at school every day, so it was a little differentwas. She agreed, but still thought I should get over it, and she was probablyright. It was about an hour into my penance when it happened. Diane had settledat Mr. McCormick's desk to grade some quizzes for him. I was watching her out ofthe corner of my eye, thinking how sexy she looked as she bounced one crossedleg, chewing on the eraser tip of her red pencil as she perused the papersbefore her. I was gathering beakers and bottles and vials into a plastic bin forwashing, going from station to station down the line, my mind more on her thanmy work. I don't know if it was my lack of concentration, or the mixture ofchemical fumes, or what, but I felt dizzy and stumbled, falling face first intothe bin of chemicals that shattered on impact, splashing me with a burningmixture of liquid and gaseous fumes. My upper body was soaked, and my eyes wereburning. I felt my skin boiling and sizzling from some acid based compound. Iscreamed. It was a pathetic little shriek, reminding me of a mouse I heard oncethat had burned itself trying to squeeze past a hot radiator. I was on theground, and couldn't catch my breath to scream again, or call for help as Isucked in a lungful of the chemical fumes that were clouding around me. I triedto push up and away, but was too weak, I found, and my head was spinning like atop. I rolled over instead, splashing in the spilled chemicals, soaking my backas I gasped for breath. My body was in convulsions by then, and I felt mymuscles cramping up which caused me no end of pain. I heard a ripping sound as Icurled up in a fetal position, the left side of my brain slamming into the rightwith a jackhammer's force and speed, an agonizing pain building in my head. Mystomach churned and heaved, and my lunch was suddenly in my mouth and spewinginto the huge puddle beneath me. I voided my bowels, and everything wentblack... Diane told me later that I must have only been unconscious for a minuteor two. I don't know, but when I came to, I was hurting. I felt as though I hadgone on a bender the night before. My head was spinning and my skin felt hot,like sunburn. I could not focus my eyes, which were puffy and tearing. I wasweak and sickly and moaned for anyone in earshot who might take sympathy on me.

I was laying on my back, half sticking out of a huge water (chemical) loggedsheet that I must have pulled over me when I fell to the floor. In my currentinebriated like state, I was seeing things that I thought surely could not bethere. Hallucinations, borne of the best drugs that money could buy. I saw themelted remains of the plastic bin I had been carrying off to my right, theshattered remains of the beakers and vials littered about it. The chemicals hadeaten a hole in its side, and looking at it made my stomach lurch again for somereason. It seemed odd, and gargantuan as I lay there staring at it. I tried toback away, realizing that I was too close to focus on it and it was messing withmy head. I was weak though, and that little bit of movement winded me. Better tolay there until help arrived, and I remembered Diane then. She would help me. Icalled her name.

"Diane." My voice was hoarse, and barely a whisper. She must have seen me fallthough, or at least heard the commotion I thought. I waited, trying to focus onthe still huge bin, and the gargantuan shards of broken glass... The toweringwalls of faded orange and brown that rose up around me. The garish light farabove... Where was I?THAP! THAP! THAP! THAP! The ground began to tremble slightly as I heardsomething massive approaching. I shivered in a sudden panic, still unable tomove or cry out, wondering what was coming. I tried to roll over again, but Iwas tangled in the huge blue sheet that covered my body and did little more thanprop up on my elbows as a great shadow fell upon me. I craned my neck, trying tosee just what was blocking the light, and my head started to spin again aslittle flecks of gray danced in my vision. At the time, I thought I washallucinating, as I looked up and saw Diane standing over me. But not the gentlehappy Diane that I had grown up with. Not my friend. Diane was gigantic. Ithought that the chemicals, and my position on the floor were playing with myvision. Diane appeared to tower above me, seemingly 100 feet tall (though shelater figured the math and placed the relative size at about 60 feet). I staredin awe, my eyes travelling up her body from the flats of her sandals to the topof her head, soaking in every monstrous detail. Her toes were closest, just atthe edge of the chemical pool that I was laying in. She was careful not to stepin the liquid I noticed, and she shifted back as it continued to spread. Ifollowed her legs as they rose like California Redwoods, disappearing into thefolds of her skirt. I tilted my head back to see her stomach, then her breasts,which almost hid her face from my angle on the floor. I could not see herexpression, as her head was silhouetted by the light overhead, and she held achemical mask over her mouth against the fumes, but I could see her eyes, wideand sparkling. She moved, and I screamed, my voice choking as I thought shemight step on me. I closed my eyes and felt my bowels empty again as I waited tobe crushed under her massive feet. Then I felt a torrent of water raining downupon me. It was like a waterfall, hitting with a destructive force that rippedand burned my skin with the force of its impact. I tried to open my eyes, andsquinting, I saw the gigantic Diane spraying down the area with a hose from oneof the workstations. She doused the area for what seemed several minutes,oblivious to my feeble cries of mercy, spraying the chemical spill towards adrain set in the floor several yards from where I lay. I screamed, but mycroaking voice was lost under the deluge. I felt my body shift and start toslide out from under the sheet, towards the drain as Diane bent lower to forcethe spill away. I was sliding along the cheap tile floor amidst the meltedplastic and broken glass, just another bit of flotsam to be washed away into thesewers. I rolled over and over in the flood of water, bouncing along the metalgrate, until I finally came to rest with the spray pounding down over me. Istared at the dark maw of the pipe beneath me, wondering what horrors awaited medown below, hoping I might drown before I had to find out. And the waterstopped... I heard God then, her voice soft yet booming over me- "OH MY GOD..."I started to giggle then, as the absurdity of it all washed over me. God wascalling upon god... Something hard pressed into my sides and I was screamingagain. I was whisked up and away, into the air like a rocket, my body flying assomething metallic swung me through the sky. I saw flashes of color; oranges andbrown, a huge swath of blue splayed on the ground far below, then a splash ofbright yellow before I was surrounded by steely gray and water was rushing pastme again. I sputtered and gasped for breath, realizing that I must somehow be inone of the workstation sinks. My hands rested on the metal bars that pressedfiercely into my ribs, and I tried to no avail to pry them apart. I had regainedsome of my strength and voice, but I was still helpless as the water cascadedover me. I felt my body rotate from side to side, and after a few minutes, thetorrent of water ceased. I felt myself flying again, for a heartbeat, before Iwas dumped onto a smooth, cool surface. The metal bars soared away into thedistance, and I recognized them as lab tongs as they vanished from my line ofsight. I coughed, spitting water from my lungs as I struggled to regain somecomposure. My skin no longer burned, and my head had stopped spinning now thatmy body was clean and settled. I tried to regain my voice, clearing my throat asI rose to my hands and knees. I was still shaking as I looked about, trying tofigure where I was, and saw God staring me in the face. Only God looked exactlylike Diane...

I screamed again, and this time it sounded more like a mewling whimper. Iskittered back as far as my jellied muscles would allow before they gave out andI cringed in terror as my gigantic friend stared at me. She was resting her chinon her arm, her big brown eyes wide, a look of astonishment on her suddenlyterrifying face. She made no move towards me, nor barely moved at all as shewatched me, only blinking automatically, and wrinkling her brow as she tried topuzzle out what had happened. I could feel her warm breath on my bare andsensitive skin. "BILLY?" Her voice rolled over me in a wave and I clutched at myears. It was deafening, like standing at the speakers at a rock concert.

"Diane!" I squealed, remembering the mouse again. "Please!" She looked confusedfor a moment, then understood. When she spoke next, her voice was a softwhisper. "What happened? How..." I looked at her stupidly, puny me staring ather face. "I don't know." I whined, but I had an idea. Somehow I must haveshrunk. Or maybe I was having the most vivid dream of my life. I thoughtwhichever, that the mixture of chemicals that I had breathed in and splashedabout my body had done this to me, and I told her so. She seemed a bit dubious,but the evidence, me, was right in front of her, so it did not take much toconvince her that I was probably right. She stood upright then, and I felt mystomach twist as I watched her grow before me. She ran her hand through hershort hair as she considered, and I saw her lips twist and curl as she thoughtwhat to do. She even went so far as to place one hand on her hip and scratch herhead with the other. In the end she shrugged, then stared down at my naked body,laid out on the linoleum countertop of the workstation. "I dunno..." Sheshrugged again. "This is way beyond me Billy. Maybe Mr. McCormick would havesome answer, but I don't have a clue as to how this happened." "I don't care howit happened, Diane. I know how it happened. Change me back!" I screamed. "AM ISPEAKING CHINESE?" she bellowed. "I DON'T KNOW HOW." She must have realized thatI was hurting as she lowered her voice again. "I'm sorry Billy. I don't knowwhat chemicals Mr. McCormick was using today, or how much of which you got onyou. I doubt even he'll know, but that's our best hope right now. We should talkto him." "So go get him." I demanded. She sighed. "He had a faculty meeting, butthat's probably long over. I don't have his home phone number. We'll have towait until tomorrow." "Tomorrow!" I screamed. "Yes...Tomorrow. I don't know whatelse to do." "Fine." I pouted, and plopped down on the cold countertop. Shestared down at me, a smirk playing at her lips. "I'm not leaving you here.""What?" I looked up, wondering what she was thinking. "I can't leave you here inthe Science Lab all night. The janitor might sweep you out with the trash." Shegiggled, and I got to my feet. "What's your bright idea then?" "I'll take youhome with me." A look of panic crossed her face then. "OH-MY-GOSH! WHAT ABOUTYOUR FOLKS?" I cringed as her voice boomed again, and I screamed for her to toneit down. "My parents are away for a couple weeks." I explained. They wereupstate, visiting my Aunt who just had a baby. They would be gone for ten moredays at least, leaving me at the tender mercies of my sister. She would notrealize I was gone for a week. Then I realized what Diane had said. "I'm notgoing home with you. Your sister hates me. Imagine if she found me like this.

Six inches tall and helpless. Jesus...She'd grind me into the carpet." "No shewouldn't" Diane giggled. "Pam just likes to tease. And she and my mom won't evenknow you're there. I'll take care of you tonight, and tomorrow we can come inearly and talk to Mr. McCormick." It sounded reasonable. At the time, however, Icould hardly say that I was in a reasonable state of mind. I was on the verge ofpanic. I was sure that I was missing something. Diane's sister hated me, eversince she babysat the two of us years ago. And her mother was no better. I amquite sure that given the opportunity, she would gladly beat my ass to whip meinto shape. Imagine little six-inch me under her authority...I shudder to thinkof it. "Okay..." I finally conceded. "Take me home." "Okay. Gimme a minute." Ina flash Diane moved from my line of sight and I wondered briefly how somethingso big could move so fast. I realized that she was taking strides that were tentimes my own, but her size was not impeded in the least. Size was apparentlyrelative to speed somehow, but before long my mind was awhirl and I wished I hadpaid closer attention in my Physics class. Before long she returned, wearing herlong overcoat and her purse looped over her shoulder. "Pocket or purse?" sheasked, and I looked at her in confusion. She scooped me up in the palm of herhand (I screamed again), and held me just below her face. I could feel her warmbreath again as she spoke. "I can't very well carry you out of the school in myhand. Someone would see you. Do you want to ride in my pocket, or my purse?" Istammered, lost in the warmth of her skin as I lay helpless in the palm of herhand. Something stirred between my legs at this new sensation, and my mind wasmush. I looked up at this beautiful woman who held my body- my life- in hergrip. I could not find my voice. "Purse then." She said it without a secondthought, and before I knew it I was tumbling into the confines of her softleather bag. I winced in pain as I bounced off her hairbrush, then settled tothe bottom beside a tube of lipstick and a compact. I glanced about, surveyingmy domain, and found that I shared the space also with a packet of tissues, anail file, a pen and address book, a sealed Kotex, a bag of sunflower seeds, anda ring of keys. I saw her face briefly as she peered down into the confines ofher bag to check on me before folding the flap over and sealing me in. I heardher muffled voice as she told me to hang on, and suddenly we were moving. Dianewas a fast walker, and though I'm sure she was trying to take it easy on me, Iwas bumped and jostled like anything else in her bag. I thumped from side toside, getting friction burns on the coarse leather interior of her bag. I hurtintensely for a few seconds, but oddly, the pain passed quickly, replaced byanother injury as she rounded a corner or repositioned her purse. I felt a blastof cold, which lasted several minutes as I realized that she was outside,heading for her car. Then I heard a new voice, calling her name. I felt thepurse sway to a stop, and knew that Diane was talking to someone. I took theopportunity of the calm and repositioned the tissues about me to add someprotection to my buffeting about in her bag. I caught bits and pieces of herconversation, but was not sure what was happening until we started moving again,and her purse was dropped casually into her car. I heard the engine start, andfelt the new motion of the car as it backed out of its parking space. I crawledto the top of the bag and peered out, and quickly backed back into the bag. Isaw two heads poking over the front seat. I crouched in terror at the top edgeof the bag, listening as Diane spoke to whoever was riding in the passengerseat. "I really appreciate this, Diane. I'll kill Steve when I get hold of him.""It's okay, Kathy. No problem." I gazed up at the girl in the front passengerseat. It took me a moment to place the name with the oversized head of hair thatI could see, but finally I realized that it was Kathy Byrnes, and my littleheart melted. Kathy was a goddess in my eyes, the image of many of my fantasies.

I wanted to run out and jump and shout to get her attention. I wanted to go toher home, not Diane's. Then I remembered that I was small, and I realized thatif she took me seriously, she would treat me like a toy, or a pet. I wascrushed. I sat there on the edge of Diane's purse, listening to them gossip forthe ten minute or so that it took to reach Kathy's house. Apparently Steve, theschool jock and her steady boyfriend, had ditched her after school and left herwithout a ride, the bastard. I wanted to kick his ass, but realized that at mysize I could barely kick his pinky. We pulled into Kathy's driveway, and she gotout of the car, saying her 'thankyous and good-byes', and the car door slammedshut and she was gone. Diane peered back over the seat at me. "Sorry about that.

She was begging me for a ride home. I couldn't say no." She gave me a weaksmile, and I waved it off. "Just get me home."It was another fifteen minutes before we pulled into Diane's drive and she toldme to get back in the purse. I did as I was told, and was jostled about as sheslung the bag over her shoulder and went into her house. I slammed up againstthe side of the bag, feeling her hip for a second before I fell away again. Herbrush tumbled on top of me, and I was pushed up onto her lipstick. I heard hercall out when we were inside the house, but heard no answer before she bouncedme into her room and dumped me onto her bed. I crawled out of Diane's purse tofind her hanging her long coat on a hook behind her door. I looked around theroom and found it little changed from when I was last there years before. It wasstill in pastels; pink and blue, and rather plain. She had a nice desk and bedset, obviously too big for me, as well as a vanity and a matching nightstand.

She had replaced a ballerina lamp on her nightstand with one a bit more adult,and the clown posters I remembered on her walls were now posters of current boybands. A typical girl I thought as she hung up her coat, then plopped onto theedge of the bed, giggling as I bounced. "Sorry." she said, but I did not believeshe really was. I stood up. "So what happens now?" I asked. She shrugged. "Idunno. I guess we wait until tomorrow. We'll go in early and talk to Mr.

McCormick." I watched as she bent over and undid the buckles on her sandals,sliding her feet free and dropping the shoes onto the floor. She settled backonto the bed, her back against the headboard, stretching her legs out andcrossing her ankles. She looked down at me, a little smile playing on her lips.

"Hungry?" she asked, and I nodded. "A little, I guess." She sniggered, but Imissed the joke. "Okay." She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stoodup, towering over me. "I'll go-" "Pam! Diane! I'm home!" We both paled as weheard the front door slam in another part of the house, and Diane's mothercalling out. I had no doubt that should Diane's mother find me, she would findsome cruel way to abuse me. She was a healthy woman, a little overweight andevil in my mind. I've seen her drag her dogs down the street, straining on theirleashes, and I know she used to spank Diane for the slightest infraction. Godknows what she might do to little, helpless me. I could see by the expression onDiane's face that she knew it too. "Well, so much for that idea. I better go outand keep her company so she doesn't wander in here. I'll bring you some foodlater, when I can." I plopped down on her bed, feeling dejected. "Great. What amI supposed to do 'til you come back? You don't even have a television." Dianeglanced about the room, puzzled for a moment, then bent down by the foot of herbed. "Here," she said, tossing her sandals onto the bed beside where I sat. "Youcan play with my shoes until I come back. Clean 'em up if you like. I'll be backsoon." And she was gone... I sat there, staring at the blue leather of thesandals before me. I could see the imprints of her toes and heels on theinsoles. I could smell her in the leather. Was she joking? Did she suspect? Didshe know that I loved feet? I had thought of her that way before, when we wereyounger, but I could not remember ever sharing that with her. But here were hershoes, right in front of me. Bigger than me. "Clean 'em up..." she had said.

Slowly, I crawled forward...

It was several hours before Diane came back to her room. I looked up as the dooropened, smelling of shoe leather and feet, my tongue dry and gritty. She smiledand came bounding in, plopping on the bed beside me and bouncing me into the airagain. "Sorry it took so long, Billy. I had to keep mom busy, then Pam came homeand we ate. I just couldn't get away until now." I looked at the clock on hernightstand, and it was after ten. I sighed. "Did you bring me anything to eat?"Diane had her sandals in her hands, looking them over and glancing at me out ofthe corner of her eye. She set the shoes on the floor, then dug into the pocketof her skirt. "Yeah." She tossed a half-eaten bag of peanuts onto the bed besideme. "Sorry no real food. Mom was tired and dinner was next to nothing. And youknow how Pam eats." That was true. I remembered from the times when Pam satDiane and me that Pam ate everything in sight. She stayed thin though, which wasodd. I stared at the peanuts, and finally took one in both hands. One or twowould make a meal for me. I nibbled at it as Diane got ready for bed. Shestarted to pull her shirt over her head, then hesitated when she noticed mewatching. "Hey. Turn around, you." "You're kidding, right? I've seen you nakedbefore." And I had. We had played doctor a few times growing up. She smirked,pulling her shirt back down and putting her hands on her hips. "That was yearsago, Billy. I've changed some." "I know." I said, wishing I had some water towash down the peanut. "But it's not like I'm not naked too." I stood up,displaying my naked body for her scrutiny. "That's different. You're...Well, I'msorry, but you're hardly normal right now. You're like a doll. Anatomicallycorrect, I suppose. But you don't even seem real." "Thanks." "You know what Imean..." "No, I don't." I snapped. "Just what do you mean?" Diane sighed,watching me watching her. I could see that she was mentally wrestling with someinner turmoil, but I never expected that she would do what she did when shereached a decision. In a flash she reached down and snatched me up, her thumband forefinger pressing into my ribs. Futilely I beat my puny fists against herfingers as she held me before her face. She was biting on her lower lip, herbrows arched in sorrow or pity. She squeezed... "STOP IT!" she said in hernormal voice which rattled my body I was so close to her face. The pain in myribs forced me to stop. Diane was hurting me, but she did not ease up thepressure. She squeezed until I was seeing stars, and those little explodingflecks of gray I loved so much. She was not even trying hard. "Now do you knowwhat I mean?" Her voice was a whisper again, but seemed almost normal to me. Iwhimpered in her grip as she squeezed her finger and thumb together, threateningto break me in half. "You're like a bug to me Billy. Not a real boy. You're myfriend, and I don't want to hurt you, but you have to understand that at themoment, you're nothing without me. I could squeeze my fingers together and popyou like a zit." I begged her to stop, and through a haze of pain I saw herfrown. She loosened her grip, but kept me between her fingers. "You listen to meBilly. Please. You need me. Imagine what my mother or Pam would do with a littleboy like you." She was still frowning, and seemed sorry, but I saw a twinkle inher eye as she thought about that. I shuddered, suddenly terrified for my life.

"Shall I toss you out in the hall and find out?" "No..." I whined. "Please,Diane. I'll do whatever you say." She smirked. "Good." She tossed me onto herpillows, watching as I bounced and rolled onto the bed itself. "Now turn aroundand eat your peanuts like a good little boy while I get undressed. And nopeeking." There was nothing I could do, but do as I was told. In moments, Dianewas dressed in an over-sized tee shirt that she wore as a nightgown. She saidshe would be back in a minute, and I should finish eating, so I did as she leftthe room, closing the door behind her. She was gone for awhile, and eventually Iheard the far off familiar sound of a flushing toilet. This made me realize thatI had to relieve myself as well. I looked about, wondering what to do. I darednot make a mess that she might find. God knows what she might do, now that Iknew she had no qualms about punishing me. I was still considering when shereturned, her face scrubbed and hair brushed out for bed. She scooped up mypeanut bag and saw that I had barely eaten three of the half bag she had givenme. It was too much for my tiny body. She smiled down at me, dangling the bagover my head. "All done, Billy?" "Yes, Diane." She was still speaking softly,but she was saying my name in a little singsong voice that she knew hadirritated me when we were younger. It still grated on my nerves, but I tried toignore it. "Diane... I have to go to the bathroom." Diane smirked, barelystifling a giggle. "Hmmn... I hadn't thought of that. But I guess if you have toeat, it's only logical that you'll have to go. What to do?" She glanced aboutthe room, looking for something for me to go in, I assumed. Finally she went toa pile of clothes on the floor in the corner and produced a white knee sock. Sheheld it up for my approval. "Here we go." She said, twirling the sock as shecame back to the bed. "You want me to go in your sock?" I said, unbelieving.

"Not in the way you think. I'll take you to the bathroom, but I can't just carryyou. What if Pam or mom saw you? I'll hide you in my sock, and they'll think I'mjust washing them out for school tomorrow. Brilliant, hunh?" There was somethingwrong with her plan, but before I could reason it out, she had scooped me up anddropped me into the mouth of her tube sock. I slid down to the toe as she raisedit up, and quickly started gagging from the smell. It was obviously one of herGym socks, or one she wore in soccer practice, and from the odor, it must havebeen several days on that pile. It smelled of her feet. It reeked of her feet,and I could barely breathe. Worse, as she strolled leisurely to the bathroom,Diane was casually swinging the sock in a wide arch, which was helping to turnmy stomach into knots. I tried to hold back the chunks of peanut I had justeaten, not wanting to vomit in her crusty sock, though I doubted she wouldnotice. Suddenly I was tumbling head over heels out of the sock as it wasupended. I spilled out onto the slick counter top in the bathroom and continuedto tumble, right into the sink. Thankfully the stopper was in the drain as Icrashed to a stop on top of it. I moaned, rubbing my back and stomach as Ilooked up at Diane's pretty, smiling face. She seemed to be enjoying this moreand more. "Okay...Go ahead. Make it quick." She said this, then settled in towatch. I stared up at her, still lying in the bottom of the sink. "I can't gowith you hovering over me like that." I felt my whole body turn crimson, and Ifoolishly directed my hands to cover my privates. "You're kidding, right?" "No."I blushed deeper, struggling to my feet while still trying to hide my manhood. Idon't know why that suddenly mattered, as she had seen it already, but it did.

"Not with you watching." I said it firmly, staring into her huge brown eyes,hoping that she might show me some of the sympathy she had shown before.

Finally, she shrugged and turned away. "Okay. That better?" "Yes." I answered,and turned my back to her. "Thank you." I said pathetically, then concentratedon forcing myself to pee. It took an effort, and several minutes, and in the endbarely a trickle emerged. My privates shriveled up like a prune when I wasthrough, but I felt better. I turned around to tell her I was ready and foundher looking at me with a grin. "That was so cute. All better now?" If I had notalready been a mere six inches tall, I felt I would have shrunk away to nothing.

I nodded, humiliated, and felt myself scooped up and swiftly wrapped in aterrycloth towel. It was hot, and I could barely breathe as she hugged thebundle of me to her body. I was moving again, and I figured she was returning toher bedroom, carrying me.

I was dumped onto the bed again when the towel was unrolled. I quickly tried toget my barings and saw Diane rummaging through her dresser drawers on the otherside of the room. She glanced over and saw me watching, and gave me her dazzlingsmile again. She looked once more in the drawer, and apparently satisfied, cameover and gently picked me up. She carried me to her dresser drawers in the palmof her hand. "I've been thinking about where to put you for the night. It had tobe someplace safe and warm. I thought about letting you sleep on the bed, but Imight roll over and crush you. I thought that maybe I could make you a littlebed in my nightstand, or in a shoebox, but then I figured a great place; niceand soft and warm..." She tilted her hand and I tumbled out. I did not fall far,and fell into a silky soft pile of fabric that could only be one thing. "Mypanty drawer." Diane giggled as I tried to sit up in the soft, fluffy pile ofher underwear. It was all clean, and for that I was glad, but it was stilldegrading, and I told her so. "Diane...Please. This is humiliating." She stareddown at me, giving me a stern look. "Oh, hush." she said, her hand dipping intothe drawer to hover over me. She extended a finger and gave me a poke, topplingme over with amazing ease. "You'll be perfectly safe and have complete privacyonce I close the drawer." "Close the drawer?" "Of course. I can't have youwandering off and getting hurt, or having mom or Pam find you. God, what if thecat got hold of you?" "Cat?" "You remember Fluffy, don't you?" I hadn't, untilshe reminded me. I remembered a fat yellow nasty creature that always hissed atme whenever I came near. I shuddered. "Fluffy might think you were a mouse atyour size and gobble you up." She giggled and I hung my head. It just got worseand worse. I felt the drawer start to slide closed and glanced up at Diane'sleering face, filling the dwindling sliver of light. "Now you be good and sleeptight. I'll wake you in the morning so we can go see Mr. McCormick. Nighty-night."The drawer slid shut and I was locked in a soft, suffocating darkness. With thedrawer sealed, I started to smell the aroma of Diane's personal things, stillfaintly scented with her body odors; sweat, perfume, her womanhood. Herunderwear was not as clean as I had originally thought, or maybe at my size, itwas just more overpowering. I tried to ignore the scent as I stumbled about inthe dark, knee deep in her soft panties. I tried to somehow move the drawer, toslide it open again, but it was too big. Rather, I was too small. But not smallenough as I tried to climb through the slight gap at the back of the drawer andfound it too slim. After some time I sank into my silky mattress, defeated.

There was no way out of the drawer. I was just too small and helpless. I settledback, wrapping up in a pair of Diane's cotton panties for warmth, and oddly,security. I prayed that night for the first time in probably a dozen years.

Really prayed; that Mr. McCormick would be able to help me, and moreimportantly, that Diane would actually take me back to school to see him. Sleepwas a long time coming...

'Doc' EllingtonI woke to total darkness, breathing hard. A wave of panic washed over me as Itried to accustom my sight to the shadows and did not recognize my surroundings.

I did not know where I was, and started to flail about, tangling myself in theblankets about me. I felt silk and cotton, and there was a strange, suffocatingsmell in the air. I called out for my father, my mother... The earth moved and Itumbled back into the darkness. I thought it was an earthquake, and in mypresent state of disorienting panic, I screamed. I saw the roof of my roomsplit, and a wide shaft of glaring light beamed down on me from the heavens. Istarted to remember where I was, and what had happened to me. I had been shrunk.

There had been an accident at school and a mixture of spilled chemicals hadsomehow combined to shrink me down to the size of a mouse. My friend, Diane, hadbeen there, and took me home for the night in order to keep me safe until wecould confront Mr. McCormick, the Science teacher with my condition. She had putme in her panty drawer for the night, for safekeeping. I stared up into theblinding light, blinking away tears as my eyes adjusted. I wondered what time itwas, and what was going on. It felt as though I had just fallen asleep. I wasdead tired, but felt otherwise healed. I had been in a sorry state after theaccident; sick and dizzy and weak, and my skin was burned and blistered. My bodyfelt fine now though, and I wondered at the miraculous rate of healing as I rana hand over my smooth, unmarred skin. A shadow filled the bar of light, and Isquinted to take in Diane's gigantic, harried face as it filled my field ofvision. She looked as out of it as I felt, as though she had just woke up. Hershort hair was tousled and out of place. Sleep crusted in the corners of herhuge brown eyes as she blinked at me. She had no makeup on, though I knew shewore little anyway, and I noticed that she had the cutest trail of faintfreckles running from cheek to cheek, across her nose. She seemed out of sorts,but gave me a little smile as she saw that I was awake. "WE'RE LATE." Her voiceboomed over me, and I winced in pain, covering my ears, though it was not as badas it had been the day before. I assumed that I was getting used to my currentstate of being. I saw pity cross her features, and she spoke softly from thenon. "Sorry. I overslept. My alarm didn't go off." Without warning or apology,Diane reached a massive hand into the drawer and scooped me out along with apair of panties. She set us on the bed, then continued rummaging through herdrawers, continuing to speak as she searched for clothes. "We've gotta getgoing. As it is, I don't think we'll make the first bell." She tossed a bra anda pair of socks on the bed beside me, then hurried for the door. "We'll have tosee Mr. McCormick at lunch." "Lunch!" I yelled after her, but it was too late.

Diane rushed out of the room, the door swinging too behind her. I plopped ontothe soft bed and hung my head, wondering just how long this nightmare was goingto go on. Under other circumstances, it might have been fun...even erotic, Isuppose. There were a lot of things I guy my size could do to and for a girllike Diane. But I didn't think of her that way. Not really. She was really cute,but she was my friend, and had been for too long. Even when we had played'doctor' a time or two when growing up together, it had never gone beyond 'I'llshow you mine if you show me yours'. Still, I had noticed how she had matured.

She had a great set of legs, and nice breasts. And I loved her feet. But then Iloved all women's feet: my own sick little fetish. I leaned back, taking in thevast expanse of the comforter and the things Diane had placed near me. I waswell aquainted with her panties, having spent the night with them, and I hadspent a brief, agonizing minute in one of her tube socks, so there was nothingnew there for me either. Her bra however was another story all together. Ittowered over me as I crawled over to it, its black cups like twin hills pointingto the sky. I reached out and touched it, feeling the stiff, lacy material. Itfelt cool. I stood and circled it, feeling the straps and buckles as I passedthem, then walking between the mounds to return where I had started. I startedlaughing, thinking how the bra seemed like a statue to me; like a huge monumentdedicated to the majesty of Diane's breasts. I fell back to the bed, holding mystomach, laughing even harder. Something caught my attention and I cut short mylaughter. Listening intently, I heard the far off sound of water cascading inthe shower in the bathroom, and knew that Diane was still occupied. I rolledover onto my stomach and lay flat, surveying the room. I noticed nothing new, orout of place, until I glanced at the door. It had swung open and was nowslightly ajar. Diane had pulled it too, but it had not latched shut. I waited,not moving and barely breathing. I rationalized that if someone had opened anouter door in the house that a breeze or air pressure might cause this one toshift. Even someone passing in the hall might have stirred the door to swingopen, but I had heard no one pass. I trembled, realizing what I feared it mightbe. Fluffy...

As if on cue, prompted by my mental utterance of its name, the big, ugly beastpounced up onto the bed. It might have been actually fluffy once upon a time,but now its yellow hair was streaked with gray and pale and matted down in spotson its body. It was as fat as I remembered, though obviously much bigger from mycurrent point of view. One eye was glazed white and milky, but the other wasalert and peering about. I saw its nose wrinkle, its whiskers twitching as itsniffed, seeking me. I stayed prone on the bed, partially hidden by Diane's bra.

Terror swept over me, crashing down like a wave, and I had to bite my tongue tokeep from crying out. I watched the beast as it padded towards the pillows atthe head of the bed, hoping that the lingering odors of Diane's body would maskmy own scent. It was huge, and my mind conjured images of the great prehistoriccats that probably plagued the lives of my far distant ancestors. I felt like aclaymation figure in an old Harryhausen monster movie. I barely stifled a moanas I watched Fluffy circle twice then settle in on the pillows for a nap. I wastrapped. "DI?" I heard a knock on the door and buried my head in the comforterin dismay as Diane's sister, Pam, eased into the room. This just got better andbetter. I held my position, still hidden behind Diane's brassier, hoping thatlike the cat, Pam would not see me. She stopped just inside the doorway, lookingaround the room, obviously annoyed that Diane was not available for her. Pam wastaller than Diane, and thus, towered far above me even from a distance. She wasin decent shape too, though slimmer than her younger sister, and with a littlemore muscle tone as she was on the volleyball team through high school, and nowin college I suspected. Her hair was longer and a little lighter than Diane's,and she had it tied back in a tight ponytail. She wore no makeup as well, buthad on a slender pair of round spectacles that I did not remember seeing herwear before, though I had not really seen her at more than passing in months.

She wore a tight tee shirt of green that did not really do anything to flatterher small breasts, and a pair of faded blue denim pants that hugged her slenderhips but made her long legs seem too straight. She seemed about to leave, and Iprematurely let out a sigh of relief when she noticed the cat curled up on thepillows. Her face broke into a wide grin as she stepped into the room andflopped onto the edge of the bed to scratch the beast behind its ears. It hissedslightly, having been roused from its nap, then started to purr in a gravellyvoice as Pam scratched it pleasurably. "HI KITTY." Pam's voice echoed around theroom and pounded my eardrums, but there was nothing I could do but bear it. Itwas loud, but did not hurt as Diane's had the day before. I watched as shestroked and poked at the cat, wishing that she would just pick the creature upand leave. "GETTING HAIRS ALL OVER DIANE'S BED, KITTY." She giggled, and Icringed. "PRINCESS ISN'T GOING TO LIKE THAT." Pam sniggered and brushed thebeast harder, depositing more hairs onto Diane's pillows with every stroke.

Fluffy, apparently tired of the unwanted affection, stood and quickly boundedoff the bed and, thankfully, out the door, leaving Pam with a handful of fur.

Pam brushed her hands together, letting the stray hairs fall to the bed, thenshifted her weight, about to rise. My heart skipped a beat as her huge faceturned fully in my direction. Our eyes locked, and she cocked her head incuriosity. I saw her hand rise up and soar towards me like some great bird ofprey. I tensed, ready to bolt... "PAM!" Diane's voice screeched, breaking thetense silence and jerked Pam up short just inches from grabbing me. Pam shot toher feet to confront her sister who was standing in the doorway, a towel wrappedabout her body and her damp hair hanging loosely about her shoulders. She lookedawesome. "HIYA SIS." Pam said casually standing before Diane with a conceitedsmirk on her face. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" Diane asked as she moved pasther sister and over to the bed to block me from Pam's view. She had to speaknormally, and I had to endure it. "NOTHING MYSTERIOUS, DIANE. I NEED A RIDE TOTHE CAMPUS IS ALL. I THOUGHT MAYBE YOU COULD DO ME THAT FOR ME." "I'M LATE AS ITIS, PAM. CAN'T YOU TAKE THE BUS?" Diane sat on the bed, trying to act casual,and began brushing out her still dripping hair. Pam frowned, and I heard hersigh as though put upon. "I'VE GIVEN YOU PLENTY OF RIDES BEFORE, BRAT. YOU KNOWMY CAR'S IN THE SHOP. TIME FOR YOU TO RETURN THE FAVOR." I saw Pam cross herarms, waiting for a reply, and it was Diane's turn to sigh. Diane was too nicefor her own good. I would have made the bitch walk. "OKAY, PAM. GIMME A MINUTETO GET READY." Pam grinned triumphantly, having won again, then turned on herheel to leave. "HURRY UP." she added, before pulling the door closed behind her.

Diane shifted on the bed, and turned to face me. A look of concern crossed herface, but when she saw that I was all right her expression softened. She smiledapologetically and my heart melted. "Sorry about that. I guess we're stuck withher for awhile. Luckily the college is on the way to school, so it shouldn'tmake us any later than we already are." She got up then, and went over to thevanity table to sit and finish her hair. I watched as she then applied a bit oflip-gloss, and a pale hint of shadow to her eyes. I thought about telling herabout the cat, but decided against it. I did not want her to worry, as she didseem concerned about my predicament, and my safety, despite the little bits ofhumiliation she had put me through the night before. Better to remind her toclose the door next time, or maybe hide me if she was going to leave me alone.

Hopefully there would not be a next time. Finally she got up from the vanity andwent to the closet. She pulled out a tee shirt and jeans, and dropped a pair ofworn leather sneakers on the floor by the bed. She ordered me to turn aroundthen, making a little twirling motion with her finger, and I complied. I made abig show of feeling dejected though, and this caused her to laugh happily, asound like silver Christmas bells. Everything she did suddenly seemed pleasingto me, and I started to worry. What was happening to me now? I felt the bedrock, and I tumbled over. I turned to see Diane tying her shoes, now fullydressed. She looked like any other girl from school, dressed rather plainly.

Nothing glamorous or outstanding, but to me she seemed beautiful. I wondered ifI was falling in love as I stared at her, or was it some motherly/protectionthing. I had not taken Psychology yet, but I shuddered at the implications ofthe latter. Diane glanced at me out of the corner of her eye and caught mestaring. "What?" she asked, and I stuttered, saying it was nothing. She gave mean odd look, then scooped up her purse from the floor and set it on the bed,undoing the clasp and opening the flap. She ordered me in as she gathered hercoat, then asked if I was ready before shouldering the bag and heading out thedoor and out of the house.

It was a chilly morning, but I had some protection in the purse, and I added toit, wrapping in a tissue to cover my naked body. I was prepared for the ridethis time as well, and braced myself against the impending bumps and swinging.

Before we got to the car I heard Pam's muffled voice ringing with a snide tone.

"About time. I was getting cold." "Sorry Pam." I heard Diane answer, trying toremain pleasant. "I did have to get dressed." "Whatever." There was no love lostbetween these two. Suddenly the flap on the purse opened and I briefly sawDiane's face before her hand dove in. I wondered what was going on, thenrealized that she was fishing for her car keys. On a whim, I reached out andstroked her finger, and I heard her gasp in surprise. She casually flicked meaway, then snatched the keys out of the bag, closing the flap again. "What'syour problem?" I heard Pam ask, and Diane told her that she had just pricked herfinger, which made me laugh. Within moments we were all in the car, and I wasdumped onto the back seat again. I heard the engine start, and soon we were off.

The drive to school was about fifteen minutes, less for the college, and thesisters barely acknowledged one another during the entire trip. After a bit, Icautiously crawled to the top of the purse and poked my head out of the opening.

Diane had dropped me directly behind the passenger seat, so there was littlechance of Pam spotting me, so I settled back to enjoy the ride. I watchedbuildings pass by, and occasionally the reflection of another car in the window,though nothing came near enough to see me. Before long the car turned sharply,and the buildings were replaced by trees and I knew we had pulled onto thecampus grounds. I edged back into the purse as I felt the car slow and Dianeasked Pam where she wanted to be let out. Pam directed her, and eventually thecar stopped. I heard Pam climb out, and without a 'thank you', heard the doorslam shut. "Bitch." I heard that. I felt the bag shift, and I tumbled down tothe bottom as Diane moved it to the front seat. "You can come out now, Billy." Iheard her say, and I cautiously poked my head out again as I felt the car startto move. "Is it safe?" I asked, knowing that it was, and Diane smiled at my showof timidity. "Yeah...It's safe. The wicked witch is gone. Ding-Dong." We bothlaughed and I settled down on her purse, which was softer than the vinyl seatcushions of the car. I watched Diane as she maneuvered the car, shifting gearsand watching the road, her eyes always roving. I was totally enraptured by theway her feet moved, shifting from pedal to pedal as she changed gears, sped upor braked. It was like some bizarre ballet, and I could not help fantasizingwhat it would be like to be under her shoes, her feet pressing down on me. "Areyou okay?" Diane's voice snapped me from my daydreams and I jerked my head up tofind her staring at me. We were not moving, apparently stopped for a red lightas I heard cars buzzing by in the distance. I blushed under her gaze, and turnedaway, noticing that I had an erection. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer.

"You were really spacing out there, Billy. Is everything all right?" Her voicewas soft and sweet, and I could see the concern in her face when I got thecourage to look up at her again. "I'm fine." I mumbled sheepishly, but she didnot seem convinced. "What were you staring at down there...My feet?" I swallowedmy heart, which had suddenly swollen in my throat, and nodded. Diane snorted inamusement, and shook her head. "What is with you? Are you one of those footfetish freaks?" I stared up at her. This was not going in a good direction. "Iwouldn't say freak, exactly." "I would have thought that you had other things tooccupy your mind right now." A horn blared behind us, and Diane started the carmoving again. Like an idiot, I let my gaze drift to her feet, just for a second.

She caught it. "Jeez." She giggled, then glanced at me, keeping one eye on theroad. Her face was all seriousness now as she eyed me critically. "Did you cleanmy sandals last night, when I left them on the bed?" she asked, and my voicelocked up. I nodded. "I thought so. I was just joking when I told you to, but Inoticed they looked cleaner when I came back. What did you do? Polish them withthe bed spread?" "N-no..." I whispered. I was too far gone now. I had to tellher. "I- I used my tongue..." "You licked them?" she gasped, and I felt the carswerve slightly. "You licked my dirty SHOES?" Her voice rose, but I don't thinkshe was aware of it. "WHAT ARE YOU...SICK?" I covered my ears, begging her tocalm down, and within a few blocks she did. I could see that her face wasflushed with embarrassment, and her breasts were heaving as she tried to steadyher breathing. She stared straight ahead as we waited at another red light, andI sat there stupidly, wondering what to say. When we started moving again, shespoke up first. "I'm sorry, Billy. That was mean of me to say what I did. It wasjust a little...shocking." "As opposed to talking to a six-inch tall guy sittingon your purse." I joked, and she smirked. "You know what I mean. Don't try to becute." She scolded me, but I could tell she did not really mean it. "It'sjust...Well...We've known each other for years, and it's strange to hearsomething like that coming from one of your best friends." She glanced down atme and grinned, "Despite his current conditions." I watched as she eased the cararound a long curve and knew that we were now about five minutes from theschool. When she positioned the car for a long stretch, she glanced at me again.

"How long have you had this...fetish?" "Since I was little...younger (Icorrected)." "You've had a thing for my feet since we were kids?" "Well...Notjust your feet. All women's feet. But especially their shoes." "Oh." She seemeda little hurt at that, but I couldn't figure why. "Even your mother and sister?""Yes...I guess so. But it was nothing sexual." I quickly added, lest she thinkme some kind of freak again. She considered for a moment, easing the car intoanother lane. "I think it's nothing but sexual, Billy. But I know what you mean,I think. What about my mother's feet? And Pam's?" I nodded sheepishly, and shelaughed. "Now that's grotesque." We drove on, and I saw that sparkle in her eyeagain. "What do you want to do to my feet, Billy?" she asked. "There's not muchI can do at this size." I kidded, and she sniffed, hiding her amusement. "You'rebeing cute again, shorty." She flashed her dazzling smile again, and I was hers.

"You answer me now, and tell me the truth. I'd hate to have to punish you forfibbing." She chuckled, and I felt the car slowing down. "Do you want to kiss myfeet? Lick my shoes? Is that what gets you hot?" "Yes." I whispered, and thisseemed to delight her for some reason. "Have you ever done it with a girlbefore? The feet thing, I mean." "No." "Would you like to?" I stared up at herin disbelief. She was staring squarely down at me, a smile of anticipationcurling her lips. I only then noticed that the car had stopped. "God, yes." Isaid, and fell forward onto my knees, which was really not all that much of ashift in my position, but Diane got the hint. In a flash she had gently scoopedme up in her hand and deposited me on the gritty floormat at her feet. Shestared down at me through her legs, and I in turn stared up at her, wonderingwhat I should do next. I guess I looked pretty stupid, as she burst out in a fitof giggles. "Well, go ahead." She urged me on, seeing that I was confused, thenreturned her attention back to the road as she eased the car back out intotraffic. "No reason you shouldn't have a little fun with this, and it certainlywon't bother me if it doesn't bother you. Just be careful down there. Don't getunder foot." She ignored me then, so I turned about and stared at her feet. Theyseemed huge to me, though I'm sure in actuality they were quite small. I watchedas they went through the motions of driving the car; brake, gas, shift. After abit, the car was running smoothly and Diane slid her foot off of the clutchpedal and placed it flat on the floor. Cautiously, I approached, feeling thevibrations of the car through my own bare feet. I could smell the well-wornleather of her shoe as I inched my way forward. She was wearing ankle socks, andI stared at the little pink fuzzy ball that dangled before my eyes. It wasalmost mesmerizing, the way it bounced with the movements of the car, andtentatively I reached out and touched it. It felt strange. I reached past theball and caressed the leather of her shoe. It was soft and smooth, and oddlywarm, from the heat of Diane's feet I supposed. I stroked the leather lovingly,trailing my hand along the side of her foot as I made my way to the toe cap. Icould see her toes flexing under the leather, like a thing alive, some captiveanimal. A 'toe beast'. I giggled at the thought. I glanced up, and caught herglancing away. Diane was watching me, and watching out for me, I suspected. Ibent low, lying on the tip of her shoe so she could feel my weight, and kissedher foot. "SHIT!" I heard Diane scream and suddenly the car veered sharply,sending me sprawling off of her shoe and out of control. I slammed back againstthe brake pedal, dazed from the impact as Diane's foot shifted to press downover me. I briefly saw the worn tread on the sole of her shoe before her footcovered me and pressed down on the pedal (and me) with all her weight. Iscreamed in agony as her foot mashed me flat, expecting to hear my own body popas I exploded under her shoe. Oddly, I did not die. Her foot continued to pressdown on me, and I continued to scream as I felt the car skid to a stop with asqueal of rubber. After an eternity, Diane shifted her foot, and I was peeledaway from the pedal to fall face first onto the floor mat. I felt the grit onthe rubber mat under my body, and the stiff bristles