Used by a GiantessMy wife and I have been trying for years to have a baby, so when my wife'sfriend Mary told her of a special way that would help my wife get pregnant, shewas invited to dinner Friday night.

When I answered the door to let Mary in I could see in her eyes that she was upto something, of course I was thinking money, but found out later she had otherplans.

Mary sat down and I offered her a drink and sat down next to my wife Teri as sheexplained how she could help my wife get pregnant with the help of fantasies toaid in my ability to shoot my load further and harder than ever before into mywife.

I started to get a strange feeling about the situation, did Mary want to have athreesome with Teri and me.

You look a little confused, Mary said to me as she stood up and walked over tomy wife and me. I will make your ultimate dreams come true the thing you havealways wanted to do since your babysitter first used you as her foot stool, Marysaid as she sat down in between Teri and me.

How did you know about that I asked with a confused look on my face?Teri has told me everything I need to know about you and your dreams of giantwomen and there feet, Mary said to me as she placed her hand on my right thigh.

I'm going to shrink you until you are only three inches tall, Mary said to me asshe moved her hand along my thigh and slid her fingers along my harding shaft.

But first I have to shrink Teri down to six inches and as Mary said that Terishrank she was a small doll sitting on the sofa.

Mary wrapped her right hand around Teri and brought her over to my right leg andsat Teri on top of my hard on.

Look what your husband thinks of being small, feel how hard I've gotten him, bythe time he is ready to cum you will get pregnant, Mary said to my wife as shepicked her up again and placed her on the coffee table.

Now I want you to stand up and face me Mary said as she sat back on the sofa andcrossed her legs.

At first I did my best not to look at her legs and feet but know I couldn't stopmyself, Mary wore a very short dress, pantyhose and open toed six-inch slides.

I see you looking Mary teased as she shook her leg and flipped her shoe back andforth so the insole of the shoe hit the sole of her foot.

Mary took a long look at me and then everything grew around me, Mary moved herfoot closer to me and told me to have a look around so I did.

I walked around Mary's foot and under her heel back around to the front of herfoot, I then dropped to my knees in front of Mary's right foot.

What's the matter little fella to much for you to handle, Mary asked me as shewiggled her toes at me causing her foot odor to be thrusted at me the smell wasstrong but for some strange reason I enjoyed the scent of her foot mixed withleather it was intoxicating.

No I replied as I looked at my reflection in her big toes toenail.

May I touch your toes I asked Mary?You may touch them and kiss them to show me how much you appreciate what I'vedone for you, Mary said as she moved forward towards me.

I bent over and kissed her toe and held it in my arms it was amazing I wasactually holding a giant women's toe in my arms and kissing it with such passionthat I have never felt before in my life time.

Hey what about me Teri yelled down to me from the coffee table!Mary reached over and picked up my wife and brought down to the floor standingnext to her foot and towering over me.

I stood up right away and started to apologize to Teri and when I turned aroundand saw my wife towering over me, I only came to her mid section.

My wife patted me on my head and told me it was alright with her for what I wasdoing was going to help with her chances of getting pregnant.

My then proceeded to remove her clothing and old me to remove mine so I did as Iwas told.

Mary then looked down at us and told Teri to lay down next to her foot with herhead at the heel of her shoe, Mary then slid her foot out of her shoe and placedher foot on top of my wife, Mary's toes settled down on my wife's mid sectionand my wife's face was under Mary's arch tilted to the side so she could breath.

Mary then ordered my wife to raise her knees and spread her legs.

I looked up at Mary and then at my wife, I didn't need to be told what to do, Iknelt down in between my wife's legs and slid my know rock hard dick into her Ipumped like I had never done before, I'd be making love to my wife but foundmyself kissing and even licking Mary's toe's as I had sex with the two giantessin front of me.

When I had finished Mary let my wife up and brought her foot on top of me, shepushed my legs apart with her toes and started to rub my dick making me hard allover again as me wife over my head looking down at me as Mary brought me toanother climax.

Mary then raised her foot back and my wife stood on top of me as if I was astair and licked my seed off Mary's toe.

As my wife licked my seed she grew she had returned to her normal height with metrapped under her foot.

Teri let me out from under foot and sat down next to Mary on the sofa, the twowomen started to kiss then to my surprise they made love to each other with meat there feet licking there soles and toes.

After they were done Teri told me that Mary and her have been lovers for over ayear and wanted to have a child but the only way for them to have a child wasfor me to give them my seed willingly and that I was going to be three inchesfor the rest of my life and they would keep me as a pet as long as I take careof all there shoes, feet and toes, I was to be there foot slave a dream I hadalways wanted and they get there dream of being parents.

It has been a few years know Teri and Mary raise there daughter Heather and keepme as there foot slave. I am told that when Heather turns eighteen I am going toserve her as well, I have been told for years by my owners that were I am at iswere the male raise belongs at the feet of women serving them and kept as pets.