Meet the characters:Bambi, a lab techSharon, another lab tech and Bambi's roommateDrag and Drop, their slacker boyfriendsEnid, the lab supervisorThe scene is a psyche lab in a large Midwestern university.  The two lab techs,Bambi and Sharon, sit observing their subjects.  Both hold pens and clipboards. Both wear white coats, are blonde and attractive.  The large room is filled witha complex series of plastic tunnels, about knee-high to the ladies.   "I'm bored!" Sharon exploded.  "Three whole days, and all they do is sit there,those lazy bums.  What's the point of this, anyway?"Bambi shook her head.  "I dunno.  We're supposed to be tracking what they do,but they don't even move.  Hey you guys," she said to the small subjects belowthem.  "Do something, will ya?"  Bambi knew they could not hear her, so shereached down toward a wide space in the tunnel and tapped on the plastic roof.

Drag looked up from the basketball game on his miniature TV to see his giantgirlfriend's tapping fingernail and higher up, her appealing face.  "Hisweetie," he called out, waving up to her.  "Hey Drop, look who's saying hello."Drop glanced up from his cushioned recliner and his eyes immediately went backto the game.  "Yeah, yeah.  Hi Bambi," he said, and waved absently. The girls had heard nothing, but simply observed their tiny boyfriends settlingback into their sports-induced coma.  "Grrr," muttered Bambi.  "That's thetrouble.  Everything they need is right there - food, beer, TV and comfychairs.  They don't even miss us."Sharon smiled.  "I know how to fix that.  Keep an eye out for Enid though.  I'mgoing to flash them.""What!  You might get caught, you know.""It'll be worth it.  Good thing I'm not wearing panties today.  Oh boys..." Sharon's tone became musical as she straddled the tube-like structure.  "Here Icome."The approaching dark shadow got the men's attention as they glimpsed Sharon'smassive crotch descending on their clear roof.  As she settled in, her pussysquashed into the plastic, giving the boys a hint of what going inside might belike.  Needless to say, this had quite an effect on Drag and Drop.

"Man!  How long can this go on?" wondered Drag as the show continued. "All day and night as far as I'm concerned," replied Drop, never taking his eyesoff Sharon's delights.  But then she abruptly stood up, and swung her titanicleg away. "Aw, shit.  Must be Enid."He was right.  The girl's supervisor had returned. "All right," Enid rapped out as she stood by the door.  "What exactly were youtwo doing?"  Enid was a dark-haired, older woman with a sour expression anddowdy half-glasses resting on her nose.  Whatever fun had existed quicklyevaporated.

"Um, nothing really," said Bambi.  "Just observing.  There was no contact, justlike you said.""Oh yes, I could see that," said Enid sarcastically.  "Do you suppose they got agood look, Sharon?"Sharon could only blush.  Enid went on.  "Anyway, you can go home now.  I'lltake over from here.  I think you'll find that things will be slightly moreinteresting tomorrow.""OK, Enid, said Bambi.  "Goodnight guys.""Yeah, 'night little ones.  See you in the morning," added Sharon, who flippedher skirt seductively as she sauntered past.  "Sweet dreams." Once the girls left, Enid took up their post, to the dismay of the little men. They tried to focus on their televised game and did their best to ignore her.

"Hey Drag, another beer?" yelled Drop as he filled his glass at the keg.

"Don't mind if I do."  The beer helped them to forget that a nasty looking womanwas watching them intently.  Occasionally one them looked up, and when they didit was the same thing - Enid's snake-like eyes and dour expression.  As far asthey could tell, she never smiled. The guys had a final snack from the large food supply in the corner.  The foodresembled and tasted like Chee-tos but was full of essential nutrients, theywere told.  Then another beer and off to bed.  Their beds were actually the samechairs they'd been sitting on all day, only laid flat.  The lights never reallywent out, but they turned the TV off and tried to sleep.  Drag glanced up at thehuge, unchanging face and shuddered under his blanket. "I'll be glad when this is all over," Drag whispered.  "That bitch gives me thecreeps.""Never mind," answered his buddy.  "Tomorrow's gonna be great - just think ofthat."And the men went to sleep dreaming of their girlfriends' giant lips, breasts andasses.

Morning had come around and Drop opened his eyes first.  He glanced up - nogiant face was there.  Relieved, he sat up in his chair-bed.  He didn't knowwhy, but something seemed wrong.

As was his habit, he reached for TV clicker to get the previous night's scores. He pressed 'power.'  Nothing happened.

"Shit."A sleepy Drag turned over in bed.  "Wassa matter?""TV won't work.  And...hey!"  Drop stared at the corner where their food supplyhad been.  "Where the hell's our food?"   "Oh boy, " mumbled Drag.  "No TV, no food.  But at least we have beer - that'ssomething.""Yeah I guess," replied Drop morosely.  "I could use one now, too."  He walkedover to the keg, grabbed a clean mug and pulled the tap.  An explosion of airmixed with beer foam dribbled into the glass, followed by a pathetic hissingsound that faded to silence. It was the last straw.

"NO BEER!" cried the enraged Drop.  "AAAAHHHHHHGGGHHH!"The men, although now fully awake, did not notice Bambi and Sharon who hadreturned to start their work day.  The girls smiled and waved at them, but thenBambi saw their distressed faces. "What's wrong, guys," she mouthed, so Enidwould not hear.

Drag got up and pointed to the dead TV, and empty space where food had been, andlastly, the empty keg.  "Where?  Why?  How?"Sharon gave them a sympathetic look.  "Guys," she said softly.  "You're supposedto look for new food."  She realized that the men could not hear her in theirplastic world, so she made motions of picking up food with their fingers andputting it into her mouth.  Then she made little walking finger motions toindicate the hunt.

"Yeah," added Bambi.  "Better start now - you'll be hungry."Drop looked at his friend.  "Hey Drag, you can read lips.  What's she saying?""She's saying we better start now.  I agree.  This assignment just got shittier,but what the hell can we do?"Drop shook his head.  "Uh uh.  I'm staying right here.  Our girls won't let usstarve.  They gotta feed us.""Not if Enid's around," said Drag.  "And I have a feeling she's always floatingaround somewhere."Enid sat in her office, absorbed in the drama captured by the hidden videocameras.  She smiled broadly as she watched the monitors - obviously Drag wasgoing to hunt for new food while Drop stayed behind.  Just as she suspected. But how long would Drop's resolve last?  Longer than the white mice?  Oh, it wasall so fascinating.

Back in the lab, Sharon looked at Bambi.

"I dunno, Bamb.  I'm worried.  These guys don't adapt well to change."Bambi nodded.  "To say the least.""Then what should we do?""Our jobs.  Watch and record.  We have to put aside emotion and let them get onwith it.  They agreed to this, after all."Sharon suddenly smiled.  "Yes, they certainly did.  Tell you what, I'll go checkon Drag's progress while you stay with Drop.  I'll come back and report to youat lunch.""You got it.  See you."Part 2Sharon smiled.  That was Bambi's boyfriend down there, traversing the maze ofclear tunnels, and she shouldn't be having these thoughts.  But she was.  Shehad taken a recent interest in Drag - something about him at this new size madehim irresistible to her. The blonde lab technician passed the time thinking about him.  If she could onlyreach down - he was right there - and wrap her fingers around him.  Then what? Smuggle him out and away from here, maybe?  Kidnap, tease, torture, and playwith her new toy.  The sex would be incredible - she'd see to that.   The ideagave her chills.

But then again...Bambi.   Sharon couldn't do that to her.  Unless.  Yes, thatwas it!  Get Bambi involved.  Two giant women and one tiny man.  Double the funand even more possibilities.   Sharon's whole body shivered and she could feelher nipples hardening.  The idea was perfect.  She would bring it up with Bambitonight.          Drag knew she was there, of course.  Every so often he'd glance up, wonderingwhy it was Sharon observing him and not Bambi.  He looked up now and caught hereye.  She smiled at him.  It was an odd smile, he thought.  Funny how he nevernoticed before now her tanned complexion, her warm eyes, the corn-silk hairfalling against her cheek.  And her body wasn't bad either.   Yes, he wascommitted to Bambi, but that didn't mean...

Drag sighed.  Time to go back to work.  He needed to find the new food supply,and fast.  Certainly there were little caches of water at intervals, but thatdid little to stop the rumblings inside him.  Those little cheesy snacks hadn'tbeen much, but take them away and they become very important indeed.  To Dragthey now seemed like gourmet food.

One thing Enid the lab supervisor had done was to leave paper and writing toolsscattered throughout the maze.  Drag had guessed that these were to leave cluesfor Drop in case Drop had decided to follow.  So Drag took up an orange crayon,drew a rough likeness of a Cheese Doodle and attached it to the wall.  Hechuckled.  "Even Drop should be able to figure that out," he said tohimself.    Sharon was beginning to feel a few rumblings herself.  She glanced at the clock-almost lunchtime.  Feeling only slightly guilty, she got up and pushed her faceclose to Drag in his plastic space.  "I'm going to lunch now.  Be back soon,lover."  Sharon then licked her full lips and made a kissing face at the tinyman below. Drag watched her go.  There was no food for him yet, but the what he'd just seenwas nourishment enough.  He decided to a take little break himself.

Sharon came back to find Bambi at her station; the same spot they had bothoccupied earlier.  Bambi had decided to have her lunch there and had it spreadaround her.   Sharon went to the fridge to get hers and settled in next toBambi.  Soon there was food everywhere.

Everywhere, except for inside that little plastic room.  Drop had been layinglow, waiting for this moment.  Now both girls were here, and they were about toeat.  Drop laughed out loud.  What a fool Drag had been!  If he'd stayed, he'dbe eating soon, too.  He hoped Drag could find his way back.

Drop salivated as he watched the girls intently.  Bambi opened some tin foil andpicked up a slice of pizza.  It was huge, loaded with cheese and toppings.   Sherammed the slice into her mouth and chewed ravenously.  "Hey," Drop called out. "How 'bout a piece for me?"  But the girls did not hear or even notice him. They were laughing at some private joke. Sharon liked to eat light.  She opened a container of yogurt then reached for aspoon.  It was a very large spoon - Sharon must have grabbed the wrong one - andshe dipped it into the yogurt.  A massive heaped spoonful emerged and wentsailing towards Sharon's open mouth.  Most of the goo went inside but a littlespilled onto her chin.  She wiped it with a finger and sucked it off.  Then witha coated, creamy tongue she licked the remaining yogurt from the back of herspoon. "Me," whimpered Drop with a hint of desperation.  "What about me?  I like yogurttoo."The rest of lunch became the little man's nightmare.  The girls guzzled sodas,savored salads, and nibbled desserts, chattering nonstop between mouthfuls.  Atone point a large chunk of Bambi's chocolate-chip cookie broke off as she bitinto it and it fell to the floor.  Drop sprang to his feet and pounded his fiston the tunnel wall.

"I want that!  Give it to me - I'm starved!"Bambi automatically reached down and flicked the cookie fragment into the trash,then resumed her conversation. Finally, lunch was over.  The two girls lay back in their chairs, wellsatisfied.   Sharon gave a little burp while Bambi patted her stomach.   ThenBambi glanced down.

"Oh my God - we're monsters!  Look at Drop."Sharon followed her gaze and caught sight of her little boyfriend's expression. The poor man's face was against the glass.  His eyes were wide and his mouthopen - he was gasping like a goldfish.  He looked like a street urchin. Sharon tried to look sympathetic.  But he didn't have to be hungry, shethought.  Maybe now he'd join the hunt.   "Sorry, babe.  Rules are rules."And she burped again.

 Enid, too, had just cleaned up her own meal.  Seated at her desk behind hermonitors, she had watched the lunch hour activities with interest.   She hadalmost burst out laughing at the sight of Drop begging for food.  She hadn't hadthis much fun in ages.

But the sight on the other monitor was even more interesting.  Enid had seen theflirtation between Sharon and the tiny Drag, then watched in amazement as theyoung man lay down and masturbated furiously.  "Hmmm," she thought darkly.  "Henever did that after our sessions.  Maybe I should work on that aspect."Bambi was now alone with Drop.  The lunch mess had been cleared away and Sharonhad returned to her station.

"I'm really sorry," mouthed Bambi.  "We didn't mean to eat in front of you - Imean - we're new to this too."Drop couldn't lip read very well but he got the gist.  "That's all right,Bambi.  But do me a favor.  Tell me where the new food is.  I gotta find it bytonight."Bambi looked both ways, then lifted a side of her lab coat.  She pointed to thefar side of the room.

"But how do I get there?" Bambi shrugged, than made the familiar walking motions with her fingers.

Drop took a deep breath.  "All right.  Here I go."  With an effort, he stood up,took a last drink of water then went down the same passage that Drag hadtaken.  "Thank God," said Bambi as she got to her feet.  "Now I can get off my butt andDO something.""I'm back, lover."Sharon had returned to find Drag lying on his back with his pants off.  She hada pretty good idea what he's been up to.  Maybe she would help things along. Red-faced, Drag quickly got to his feet and pulled his pants back on.  He lookedup to see Sharon's face at close range.  She started to pucker her lips and Dragcame closer to that amazing sight.  It was magic.  His erection sprang up and heonce again decided this was way better than hunting food.

Then Sharon decided to have some fun.  Her lips came closer and closer to theplastic wall, and Drag leaned in as if to meet her halfway.  But at the lastsecond, the giantess lowered her face and squashed her nose right into thesurface. Drag gave a startled yelp and jumped back.  Sharon's attractive features hadchanged to a repulsive, Quasimodo-style face.  Her contorted nostrils and mashedup noseflesh filled his entire vision, her hot breath steaming up the plastic. Then she drew back and laughed heartily at him. "Damn," Drag muttered.  "I ain't got time for this.  I gotta find some food." He looked disgustedly over his shoulder and moved off down the passage. But Sharon was still laughing and wiping her eyes.  "Ha ha!  I wish I could haveseen that.  Must have been cool."Just think, she thought.  Think of all the other tricks I could play.  This...isgoing to be a blast.

     Part 3It had been a long two hours for Drop.  Since lunchtime he had covered a fairdistance and felt he'd reach the new food supply soon.  After all, he had foundseveral of Drag's calling cards - artistic renditions of a familiar cheesy snackwith arrows underneath pointing the way.  These had been placed in strategicspots so that when faced with a fork or a crossroads, Drop would know where tofollow.

He glanced upwards and smiled.  Yes, Bambi was still there, recording hisprogress on her clipboard.  He studied her for a moment.  The long blonde hair ashade darker than Sharon's, her warm brown eyes, the dimples that formed whenshe smiled back.  Like now.   Drop felt a wave of encouragement; he felt asthough she was rooting for him.

But he knew he must not hesitate.  Drop made his way down yet another plasticpassage and came upon a new intersection.  Right away he scanned the wallsanother drawing.  Strangely, there was nothing there.  And then he saw it: asheet of paper lying on the floor.  With a trembling hand, he reached out andretrieved it.

Sure enough, it was a drawing.  The snack and the arrow were both there.  Butthe drawing had once been on the wall and must have fluttered down.  The arrownow pointed meaninglessly, uselessly, toward nothing. Wildly, he looked at the three tunnels before him - which one?   In the name ofGod, which one?   Hunger was now beating his stomach lining like a hugedrumstick, and the wrong direction could be fatal.   Drop sank miserably to theground and put his head in his hands.

"No," he whispered.  ""Sharon was proud of her subject.  Drag had reached the food at last and wasbusily making up for lost time.  Interesting, she thought.  Once the originalfood supply had disappeared, this little man had sized up the situation andcalmly taken action.  Now his forethought had paid off; he was safe.  There waseven a little keg of cold beer nearby as a reward.  She sat and watched as heate and drank voraciously. "That's it, little man.  Build up your strength.  You'll need it."To her surprise, Drag looked just as up as she spoke.  He looked puzzled.

"What will I need strength for?  What's going on?"Sharon smiled and shrugged.  Damn! she thought.  I forgot that he could readlips. Then another question occurred to Drag.  "Where's Drop?"Hmm, good question, thought Sharon.  She stood up and surveyed the room.  Thenher eyes grew wide as she saw her friend Bambi standing a good 25 feet away. "Oh, no," she muttered.   Sharon knew that Drop would never make it to the foodtoday, maybe even tomorrow.  He was just too far away.  Sharon shook her headand said, "Twenty-five feet."Drag made up his mind.  He'd have a few more snacks and then backtrack.  He'dfind Drop and bring him back here before dark.  He just hoped like hell the foodwould still be here. A few minutes later, he waved up to Sharon and set off.  And she was prouderstill.

Bambi was horrified.  Drop needed help - and soon.  She felt helpless.  Shedidn't know what to do.  But then she slipped her hand into he lab coat and felta hard something.  Her fingers took hold of it and pulled it out.  She squintedat the object.  It was a purple M&M.  Must have left it there after a chocolatefix, she thought.  And then she got an idea.

Enid the lab supervisor had mostly kept out sight that day.  Bambi thought thatpossibly, just possibly she could sneak the M&M to Drop, just to tide himover.   It was risky, but she knew she couldn't leave him like this.  She warmedthe candy between her hands for a few minutes, then, glancing behind her,reached down and slipped the catch to a small opening on the tunnel's side. Drop was now all attention.  Bambi held the M&M between her thumb and forefingerthen let it fall into the tunnel.

In a flash, Drop was on the confection.  Its candy shell was too hard for histeeth, so he bashed it with an elbow, and with a piece he scooped out thelife-giving nourishment and ate greedily from it. Still eating, he looked at Bambi and gave her the thumbs up.   With a broadsmile of relief, she returned the gesture.  Then Drop saw her look away suddenlytowards a speaker on the wall.   Her beaming expression turned worried. Outside the tunnel, the news was not good.  An announcement had just come overthe public address system:  "Will Bambi and Sharon please report to Enidimmediately.  That is all."  The two girls waited nervously in their boss's tidy, clinical office.  They hadnever been in trouble like this before, and could tell from Enid's blackexpression they were in for it. "Well, you two, I wish to inform you that the study has been aborted.  Contactwith the subjects was made by one of you, and the results must now beinvalidated.   Bambi, would you care to explain your behavior?"Bambi wore a shocked look.  "He was lost, confused.  I knew he'd never make it -not today, anyway, and it would have been cruel not to act."Enid made a dismissive noise.  "But there was plenty of water.  He would havebeen fine in a day or two.  Haven't you ever heard of fasting?"Bambi and Sharon simply glared at their supervisor.  It was no use answering.

"Naturally," Enid went on, "the subjects must forfeit their pay for this week'swork.  And you Bambi - this infraction will be noted on your next performanceevaluation.   As for the subjects, I will begin the enlarging process tonightand you may collect your boyfriends tomorrow morning."  Enid paused, exhaled andreached for some new paperwork.  "This meeting is over.  You are dismissed."Sharon did not move, however.  She cleared her throat.  "Enid, I have asuggestion."The supervisor was annoyed.  "Yes, what is it?""Don't enlarge Drag.  Give him to us, the way he is.  Bambi and I will take careof him." There was silence in the room.  Bambi was surprised, but then a tiny smile creptacross her face.  Sharon looked into her eyes and the smile became a broadgrin. "Interesting," said Enid.  "I foresee problems, though.  What about Drop?""He could stay small too," said Bambi, warming to the idea.  "But I'm not sureif I'd want the responsibility of both.  What do you think, Sharon?"Sharon shifted in her seat and leaned in towards Enid.  "Hmmm.  Maybe Enid coulduse a subject of her own." Now Enid's face began to change.  Her dark eyes expanded and her pale cheeksactually flushed.  "Yes," she said absently.  "Yes.  Perhaps I could conduct further motivationstudies...from my home."   Then she appeared to come to the surface.  "One otherthing concerns me.  Will anyone miss these guys?"Bambi and Sharon looked at each other, shrugged, and looked back to Enidearnestly.   They all laughed at once. It was settled.

The guys took the news surprisingly well.  There was only one question fromDrop: "Will there be beer?"  Enid assured him there would be.

Weeks later, Drag woke up at one p.m.   He was sticky, exhausted and trappedbetween the flesh of Sharon's thigh and Bambi's left buttock.  Here we go again,he thought.

The girls were in the mood for fun that night and the lovemaking had lasted forhours.  There was no shower for the little man; he was left panting with theresidue of love juices coating his body as the girls settled in for sleep.  Dragslept in between the two on this lumpy pullout sofa bed and often found himselfsquashed and sandwiched by the girls. By now he had learned not to panic - the girls didn't like to be awaked byscreams, and he knew they would shift their bodies eventually.  He used someshallow breathing techniques and looked for pockets of air among the flesh, andsoon, he knew, all would be well.

It was taking a long time tonight, though.  The girls loved to "spoon" after anintimate night and they were at it now, lovingly snuggled together with the tinyDrag imprisoned between them.  One of the girls mumbled in her sleep.  Dragsighed. Such is life, he thought.  I wonder how Drop is doing?Drop liked to turn in early.  Enid was a night owl and liked routine.  She wouldinvariably lay in bed, naked, reading her steamy romance novels, with the tinyman sleeping by her side.  Every night at this time, Enid would begin to tire ofher book and begin to feel the stirrings... She poked the sleeping man.  "Drop, wake up.  I need you again."He opened his tired eyes.  The lights were burning brightly and he dearly wantedsleep.  But the harsh, insistent voice, he knew, had to be obeyed. The giant hand half pulled and half pushed Drop to his appointed station. Somehow, in the bright light, the sight before him seemed even more grotesque. "Enid, can't you turn the lights down?"But the giantess ignored him.  He knew he must get busy or there would be nobeer, or maybe food, tomorrow.   He pushed his way up past the stubble of hercrotch and took hold of the wrinkly flesh.  Massive, leathery fingers came downto assist by separating the huge lips.  The awful cave stood before him.  Heshuddered, closed his eyes and went to work. Enid lay back happily.  She had never imagined so much pleasure could be gainedfrom taking her work home.   Maybe she could keep the buzz going.  Her frenziedmind imagined a whole team of tiny men, serving her whole body at once.  Maybein time...

But now she peered over to see her one and only subject working hard.  Yes, moreof them would be nice, she mused, but he'd do fine for now.   Her pet, herresearch subject, her toy.  A small morsel of humanity.  Just a Drop in thebucket.     (If you enjoyed this story and have comments or suggestions, please e-mail me:[email protected].  Thanks, Nemo.)