A Whole New World Kelly was 17 yearsold and was, like most girls her age, above the national average height. Tonightwas going to be an average night, just a trip to the local bar possibly followedby a club. There was only the problem of being refused entry to worry about andKelly knew that her and most of her friends could pass for eighteen. She wasroughly 5ft 8 inches tall and had a generous bust. She had also filled out sinceher last growth spurt at 14, making her appear physically older than she was.

The main thing is that she had rather a young face or so she thought, she had alongish nose with inoffensive nostrils and relatively full lips. Granted she wasslightly elfin but the size of her facial features and body swiftly exemptedthis. That night she met with her friends Chris and Dave, and Stuart, she hadn'ttold him yet but she was really quite keen on Stuart. Although her best friendChris knew all too well Kelly's feelings towards Stuart she had not yet told herboyfriend Dave.

 When they arrived atthe local under-age bar she met Luke, a friend of Dave and Stuart's. He hadmoved to the sixth form from a different school and he introduced his girlfriendJulie who apparently had some talents, which he didn't let on to. Nonethelessshe seemed a nice enough girl and when Stuart, and Luke had got the first drinksin, (Dave couldn't get served so Chris had to get his drinks) Kelly and Juliestarted to chat. Apparently her parents had been eminent chemical engineers andwere working for the government up to last year when they mysteriouslydisappeared, all there research was taken by the agency they worked for anddestroyed. Julie now an orphan was put up for adoption and forced to move awayfrom her home. Increasingly disruptive at school she strived to get ahead butshied away from her parents field despite showing an affinity with chemistryform an early age. In fact she lost all cohesion with her science subjects thatshe was taken out of classes and yet again forced to re-locate to concentrate onarts based subjects. Kelly showed her compassion by telling Julie about herparents' divorce and how she was lucky that her father won custody from heralcoholic mother who was only now working towards combating her drinking problemand starting to assess her debts. Julie nodded her head in understanding but thetwo girls silently understood that neither of them could begin to appreciatewhat the other had gone through. As it was nearing last orders the group decidedto head on to the after hours bar. When they got there Dave was refused entrybecause he looked to young and had no I.D. Stuart said he wasn't bothered andthat he would go back with Dave, they both said that the rest should stay andenjoy themselves. Luke didn't fancy being the only bloke there and he alsodecided to leave.

 The girls saidgoodbye to the guys and Julie and Chris both gave their respective boyfriends akiss goodnight. Julie whispered something in Luke's ear but nobody else heardit. The girls entered the club and Kelly complained that she had not been ableto tell Stuart how she felt. She wished that there were something she could doto make him notice her. Chris was feeling guilty as well and wished that shecould do something special for her guy, something he would never forget. Juliejust smiled wryly and reached into her handbag as she went to get the firstdrinks of the evening. Kelly woke up unsure of how she got home or even what shehad done that night, she rubbed her temples aware of a slight hangover in theback of her mind, but considering how much she had drank and how little sheremembered of the evening she was surprised at how minimal her headache was. Shehad obviously managed to get in all right without disturbing her father for shewas dressed in her loose PJ bottoms and baggy t-shirt. She got out of bed andwent to the bathroom for a shower and felt strangely listless as if somethingwas restricting her movement. She shrugged it off and began to disrobe. Shereached in to the shower to let the water run for a while so that it wouldn't betoo cold. When it felt warm to her arm she stepped in through the shower door.

The water ran over her chest and that's when she noticed it. The shower was toolow down for her, still slightly groggy from last night she disregarded it andadjusted the showerhead accordingly. As she lathered her body and steam began tofill the cubicle she reached down to lather her legs. Running her soapy hands upher legs they seemed longer than usual and when she opened her eyes not only wasthe showerhead once again at her chest level, she could clearly see over the topof the shower walls.

 Chris woke up inDave's arms she too had difficulty recalling the night's events but instead,happy with her current position ran her feet over her lovers. Strangely thoughshe could not feel his legs at the end of her feet. She looked down only to findher toes sticking out at the end of the duvet. She sat up to cover her feet andget her bearings only to find that as she stretched she didn't cover them atall, in fact the duvet barely covered her from her breast to her knees. Shelooked down at her dwindling lover realising that she was still growing as herperspective on him heightened. She shook him awake with a hand that close aroundhis arm and she stood to her full height. The duvet feel to the ground revealingher expanding body as her growing head pushed harder and harder against theceiling. Kelly remained calm as she ducked to get through the shower door shelooked at her tiny watch on the side unaware that her head was approaching theceiling even though she was now sat on the floor. With some difficulty she madeout the time, it was 10:30; her father would have gone to work by now so sheturned around to face the door that was shrinking rapidly behind her. Just asher head pressed against the ceiling she heard a load banging and the houseshook. Dave cowered in the corner desperately trying to hide his erection in hisrobe; Chris on the meantime crashed though the ceiling as the floor creakedunder her increasing weight. As soon as she had burst through the ceiling thefloor gave way and the enormous young girl crashed down only to reach herprevious eyelevel with alarming swiftness. Standing to her full height shedwarfed the house with what was left of the roof only reaching her knee. Withthe clock at 10:25 she began walking towards Kelly's house her growth finallyslowing. Scrambling around the shrinking bathroom Kelly cowered despite her sizeas the roof began to fracture above her. The whole roof came away as Kellylooked up to see a dark shadow that seemed strangely familiar. “Chris?” saidKelly apprehensively forgetting her own situation for a split second until herown great size resulted in her falling through the floor as her larger friend asdone so the same morning. Chris put the roof to one side and reached into theremnants of the house to retrieve her growing friend.

 Kelly was shocked tofind a large pair of hands closing around her, and then lifting her out of thewreckage of her house. Looking up at her gigantic friend she rashly forgot herown situation again and worried what her dad would say about what was left ofthe house. “If you think your house is bad you should see mine” said Chris witha wry smile. Kelly found her eye line reaching her friends shoulder as shecontinued to grow, “What happened?” asked Kelly “We're huge!” “Well I am but youlook like you're getting there.” Replied Chris as Kelly quickly grew pastChris's much larger head. Chris stood up to her full 100ft height as she waitedfor Kelly to reach a similar size. The two girls unabashed by their colossalnudity embraced each other and began to walk arm in arm towards the coast.

Meanwhile Dave had rapidly gotten dressed and had rushed over to Stuart's.

Needless to say it was difficult to convince him of his story. Then Dave had anidea; maybe Chris went to Kelly's they are best friends after all. Okay saidStuart reluctantly who was more than happy to go back to bed and nurse hisincreasingly bad hangover. They arrived at Kelly's to find wreckage similar toDave's house. They then saw the enormous footfalls and sinkholes left by Chriswhen she removed the roof. Wanting to know more about what had happened lastnight Stuart suggested finding Julie for she was the only other person with themthat night that hadn't grown into a giantess. Dave tried calling Luke on hismobile but there was no answer. Since Luke's house was nearby the two guysheaded down the road. Chris and Kelly were having a great time having stopped atthe town's large supermarket outside town. Together they lifted the roof off andbegan snacking down on every food previously under the roof. Kelly after poppingseveral packs of Pringles reached over to the spirits section and necked backvarious bottles as if they were Sidekicks. They two titanic teenagers thenpicked up both sections of the deli counter and continued towards the coast.

 Meanwhile Stuart andDave arrived at Luke's, when they heard an almighty scream of unimaginablevolume. They burst through the front door and ran to the source of the noisewhere they found a naked Luke riding a huge Julie. She had to be eight or ninefeet tall laid on her back as naked as Luke her face contorted in sexualecstasy. “What the fuck!” Shouted Stuart. Luke rolled off his giganticgirlfriend and removed a large strap on. “Jesus guys don't you knock?” criedLuke angrily. “What the hell is that?” asked Stuart pointing at Julie as she satup wrapping the duvet around her large torso. “That is Julie don't you recognizeher?” said Luke exasperatedly as he pulled his clothes on. “But she's eight feettall!” Stuart countered utterly dumbfounded by Julie's huge size. “Nine feettall actually” replied Julie and I can explain this and I have a pretty goodidea why they're here”. Chris and Kelly had reached the beach sending variousholidaymakers screaming in all directions, Kelly headed straight for the waterto find any trawlers. Being as discreet as a 100ft teenager can be she removedthe trawlers nets and ducked her breasts underneath the boat and simply liftedit out of the water into her colossal cleavage. Chris on the other hand foundshe was still growing and began to lower herself onto the enormous stacks justout of shore. Kelly was experiencing a similar growth spurt crushing a number oftrawlers between her breasts. When the two girls met up again they were botharound 1000 ft tall and white wispy clouds gathered around the Titanesses' eyes.

Julie meanwhile had squeezed into a crop top and quarter length jeans (quitesimply a large baggy t-shirt and a mans big and tall pair of jeans) andexplained that she had developed a chemical solution similar to the one herparents had been working on at the time of their death. She had kept it underwraps by eschewing all outside chemistry tuition and only used the solution toheighten her and Luke's sex life for Luke got off on giant women and Julieenjoyed the power she had at such a prestigious size. She went on to tell themhow Kelly and Chris had felt guilty about leaving the guys last night, and thatshe had spiked the girls' drink with her solution as a favour to Stuart andDave. Unfortunately Chris's cigarettes and Kelly's Shower Gel had reacted to thesolution in an adverse way and they had grown uncontrollably.

 The two girls werebecoming slightly bored since there great size didn't afford them many pleasureshowever Chris noticed a number of morbidly curious people just in shore whostood in amazement at these gigantic girls who had recently grown even largerand now spread from one beach to another roughly 3 miles apart. Chris grabbed anumber in her humongous hands and cascaded them over her soft breasts, they werenot damaged as they fell onto her tender skin mass and fell over as if restingon a vast waterbed. Kelly tried a similar method and placed them on her lips,which due to the size difference caused an intensely erotic sensation, this washeightened as some accidentally fell into her mouth and down her titanic throat.

The feeling was so intensive she collapsed to the ground her breast rising andfalling with intense pleasure and causing a localised earthquake that dispatchedthe remaining people. It was this event that the few members of the press leftcowering on the shore reported live to their studio. Stuart, Dave, Luke and thetoo tall Julie heard the broadcast and squeezed into Luke's van as quickly aspossible, but not before Julie could grab in her large hands a sizeable amountof solution. On arriving at the beach Stuart and Dave looked up an up at the twosleeping girls, they pleasure showed on their faces that both had recentlyenjoyed one if not many orgasms. As the girls stirred though Luke drove off witha larger looking Julie. “HEY LOOK DOWN THERE!” boomed Chris “IT'S OUR LITTLEBOYFRIENDS” “I'M NOT SURE I FANCY STUART ANYMORE” exclaimed Kelly in an equallylarge voice “I DOUBT HE COULD SATISFY ME, MAYBE HE COULD GIVE ME THE SAMESENSATION THAT THOSE OTHER LITTLE PEOPLE GAVE ME” and she reached down to pickStuart up with her thumb and fore finger. She was quickly scooped up however bya hand much larger than hers appeared to Stuart. Kelly and Chris wereunceremoniously lifted up beyond the clouds to the quite frankly larger thanlarge face of Julie. She filled three or four beaches along the coast and evensitting down the clouds barely reached her belly button. The top of her headreached into space and she simply turned around and placed the giant girls undera large waterfall on a tropical island. The two titanic teenagers began toshrink until they were a mere 10-foot tall. Julie then turned around to Stuartand Dave where she lowered her open hand out to the shore. Upon her vast palmwas the van with Luke and her chemical lab, the guys climbed in and weredeposited on to the same island as the largely reduced Chris and Kelly. Julienow began to dwindle moving closer to the island as she shrunk. Stuart and Davewere reunited with Kelly and Chris who lifted their respective partners close totheir chests. Luke then joined them on the beach as Julie now at a large butmore manageable 25 foot tall gathered the lot of them up in her giant arms andexplained that this island was to be their home where she could continue tomanufacture her solution and the three couples could express their love for eachother away from a world unable to accept them.