Working StoryBy LBPJackie was always a fiesty little minx. She was a bit of a tomboy as a littlegirl and she grew up to be strikingly attractive young woman. She stood at fivefoot seven, with short black hair and big, dark, sparkling eyes. She had aslender figure, with atheletic muscle tone which she used to jump around to herfavorite music. She was usually blasting Ani DiFranco or any other hardcore grrlbands. (Some would even say she looked a bit like Ani.)"Hey, could you turn it down?" her room mate Carlene cried.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Jackie mumbled to herself. She turned the music down andwalked out of her room."What are you up to this time thats so important?""Extra credit," Carlene said as she unpacked the contents of the chemistry setonto the table.

"School's over, Carlie," Jackie smirked.

"Oh, I know. I'm just getting a jump on it for next year. You know, just to getit out of the way," Carlene was very involved with her work.

"Okay," Jackie sighed and folded her arms. She watched as Carlene took out allthe little bottles and set them in rows.

"Do you know where the sodium benzonate is?" she asked.

"What?" Jackie hated it when Carlene tried to look smarter than everybody else,specifically Jackie. Carlene was smart, but she was a bratty smart girl. She wasalso a big girl. She was six foot two, huge double D's with a head a flowingdirty blonde hair. People compared her to Sharon Stone sometimes. Jackie reallyhated that. As a matter of fact, the two room mates didn't get along at all.

"Yeah, so what are you trying to do?" JAckie asked, sitting down next to Carlenesaid dreamily. "I'd like to hit you," Jackie mumbled.

"What?""Nothing. I wish I could help you out...," Jackie got up from the chair and wentback into her room. Carlene began mixing some chemicals together.

"Oh don't worry," Calrene smiled to herself. "You'll help me out, my littleguinea pig."Part 2Jackie was walking out of her bathroom and back into her room when Carlene hadfinished making her formula.

Carlene dropped a drop or two on a glass tube and watched as it shrank into asplinter. She smiled fiendishly.

Jackie started rummaging through her CD's.

Carlene took the whole beaker full of formula and stood up from the table.

Jackie placed a new Cd in the changer.

Jackie turned around and was immediately hit with the formula that Carlenetossed on her. Surprised by the liquid and Carlene's presence, Jackie stumbledback onto the stereo system just as the first song started. The song was overquickly because Jackie landed on the stereo, smashing it. She sat, stuck for amoment while the electricity held her in place, coursing through her body. Itfinally dispersed and Jackie slumped forward.

Carlene was sort of wondering why Jackie hadn't shrunk. She should be belowmicroscopic with all the formula that was spilt on her.

"Jackie?" Carlene took a step or two toward her. "Jackie? Are you alright?"Carlene reached out an arm and a buzz of electricity made her jump back. Jackiestirred awake slowly and looked up at Carlene.

"You stupid bitch...," Jackie growled quietly at Carlene.

"I'm sorry," Carlene answered weakly. She then answered with an easy lie. "Itwas just supposed to turn your skin and clothes blue."Jackie stood up, a bit shaky, but capable of staying up. "I could have died,"Jackie said trying to maintain her balance.

"I'm really sorry, honey. I didn't think it would scare you that much," Carlenelooked at Jackie curiously, still hoping she'd shrink down to nothing. "How doyou feel?""I feel.. really burnt out," she answered.

"Burnt out," Carlene smiled at the little joke.

Jackie began to feel dizzy, but also the sensation that something was grippingher all over.

"I feel so... BIG," Jackie couldn't believe the sound of her own voice. She feltand heard herself stretching and swelling up bigger and bigger. Her jeansgripped onto her legs. Then her black hip hugging jeans and big black beltstarted growing as well. Jackie's white retro-style shirt with the big collarstrained with her expanding chest, then it began growing as well. She watched aseverything in her room became smaller and smaller. She sat down quickly to avoidgrowing out of the ceiling, but that appeared to be inevitable because shecouldnt' stop growing. Carlene backed away from Jackie's expanding body slowly.

"Carlene, why is this happening to me? Jackie asked frantic. She scrunchedherself up as best she could in her room, her knees practically at her chin. Herhuge head began pressing hard against the ceiling and cracking it. She finallybroke through the ceiling and found her head in the middle of the guy'sapartment upstairs. Seeing as how no one was home, and she needed more room togrow, Jackie stood up. Rising to her full height, she crashed through the thirdand fourth floors and burst through the roof. Growing with every passing second,she pushed down the wall in front of her and escaped from the building.

Part 3Once free from the building, Jackie took in a deep breath, her chest fillingwith air as her body continued to grow. She let the breath out, surveying hersurroundings as they shrank around her. She walked into the parking lot,crushing cars with her giant feet. She stopped, putting her hands on herexpanding hips.

"Oh Carlene," Jackie called out. "Where are you princess?"Jackie spied Carlene trying to sneak to her car, and Jackie easily stopped herby smashing the car to pieces.

"You're still growing!" Carlene shouted.

"Yeah, I know," Jackie didn't seem to care.

"Aren't you worried that you haven't stopped?""I think the question is are YOU worried I haven't stopped?" Jackie smiledsmugly growing larger and larger. "How big woudl you say I am? A hundred feet?"By now Jackie dwarfed the apartment buildings and they were at least seventyfeet up.

"Come here, Carlene...," Jackie reached down and picked up Carlene like she wasa big ant. She cradled her near her mouth. "You're just so idty-bity,teensy-weensy, aren't you?"Jackie's face was growing ever larger in front of Carlene. "You're just so cute,I wanna put you in my pocket," Jackie then slid Carlene carefully into her jeanpocket and patted it lightly. "There. Now we can have some fun."Jackie walked out of the parking lot and down the street into the downtownsection of the city where the buildings still remained higher than her, but shewas gaining. She moved through the street looking around with fascination.

"I feel like a parade balloon," Jackie said to herself. And indeed she wasblowing up bigger and bigger as she walked down the street crushing cars withevery step.

She bent down to peek into a restaurant to see all the tiny people. Her buttstuck out behind her, and her continuous growth inadvertantly pressed a windowwasher against the windows he was cleaning. Feeling something on her butt,Jackie turned around quickly to see what it was. She quickly pulled her butt offthe buidling, "Oh, shit! Sorry..."She stepped on a few cars as she moved out of the way, "Sorry." She slid on acar and her head smashed into a building across the way. Jackie pulled herselfout and stumbled back, destroying two buildings behind her with her huge,spreading behind. She sat up, brushing herself off a bit. She watched as thebuildings around her sank lower and lower. Her chest was rising higher andhigher above them and she was only sitting down. Jackie stood up to her giganticheight.

"Everything keeps getting smaller and smaller," she said almost in a daze.

Jackie looked up to see the jet fighter planes scrambling and flying toward her.

They fired their machine guns. The bullets stung her skin, which only annoyedher.

"Oh no you don't!" She swung an enormous hand at them, the planes flying inbetween her fingers. Jackie turned aggressively to find the planes, but insteadfound some helicopters. More bullets stung her skin and Jackie became angry. Shebegan growing faster. Jackie reached out a huge hand and crushed the tinyhelicopters in a fist. She opened her hand watching the idty-bity pieces fall.

She looked for more helicopters and the planes, her body growing and growing.

"Where are you, you little insects?!" she thundered and swiped her hands out ina few places. She spun, and lost her balance. Jackie fell face first onto thetiny city. Her chind rested on the broken buildings while her ass stuck straightup in the air. The jet planes couldn't turn away in time and as her butt grewlarger and larger in front of them. They had no choice but the crash into herand explode. Jackie pulled her her gigantic, expanding body up and brushed awaythe warm feeling on her butt. She finally saw how large she had become. The citywas a pale spot of bumpy gray, silver, and brown at her giant feet.

Part 4"Oh god...," Jackie said to herself."I'm huge. I'm humungous Bigger andbigger... And taller and wider and larger... I can feel myself expanding! Ohyes! Bigger!"Her body began growing at a fantastic rate. She grew and grew and grew ever moreimmense.

"Bigger! Bigger!"The storm clouds rumbled with an impending storm. Far below, in Jackie's jeanspocket, Carlene had finally climbed her way to the brim of the pocket. Shelooked up at the gigantic Jackie, and down at the horrible fall she would haveto take to escape. There was no way out. The sky continued to thunder and thedark clouds crept in. Jackie was so busy admiring her titantic body that shewasn't prepared for the bolt of lightening that jumped across the clouds,zapping her like she had been zapped before. Jackie remembered falling carefullyto the ground from the shock. She awoke feeling cold. It was dark around her.

Jackie rose slowly, unsure as to what had happened to her. She realized that sheno longer felt herself growing. The groudn she was standing on was rocky, butstable. She saw a large silvery disc in front of her. She walked slowly to it.

As she approached it, she noticed it had an inscription on it. It was a face. Itwas a quarter.

"I'm small?" Jackie whispered to herself. She quickly took in all of hersurroundings. Everything around her was absolutely huge. "But how?"She sat sadly on the quarter. She was still wearing her clothes, tiny as theywere. But she was now no taller than a couple of centimeters.

"No one will ever find me now," she said quietly. "I'm so tiny..." Then ahorrible thought crossed her mind, "Oh god! What if I keep shrinking?!"Before she could check the ground shook furiously and a giant pair of fingersreached down and picked up the quarter. Jackie held on to the quarter for dearlife, screaming. But the giant fingers showe dno mercy. Jackie found herselfbeing squeezed into a jean pocket with the quarter and she suddenly rememberedCarlene.

Carlene awoke to find herself laying on a car, the hood pounded in by her body'simpact from so far up. The sun was rising as she slowly sat up and put her handto her head.

"What the hell happened to me?" Carlene said sliding off the hood of the car.

She put her hand over her eyes and kept her head down, trying to relieve hermigraine. She walked toward the city, getting bigger with every step.

Jackie didn't know it but she was in a motel room. After being rolled aroundback and forth for a few hours, Jackie saw a burst of light come into thepocket. The whole time in there she was wondering if this is what happened toCarlene. Maybe Carlene was dead, or maybe she had shrunk so small shedisappeared forever. This though quickly passed as Jackie held on to the quarterand was dropped into the hand of a giant red-headed biker chick.

"What the hell is this?" the biker chick said to her blonde biker chick friend.

"This one's got snot or something on it."The blonde looked closer at Jackie who was holding on to the quarter, "That'snot snot, Nikki.""Huh?" The red-head took a closer look as well and the two saw Jackie.

"It's a person," the blonde said in amazement.

"She's so tiny, Vanessa," Nikki said with equal amazement."We must be hugecompared to her..."Vanessa looked at Nikke with a brain storm coming on, "I've got an idea..."Vanessa took off her leather jacket and quickly pulled off her white T-shirtthat was underneath, "Come on, hand her over and take off your top.""Ok," Nikke answered unsure as to what Vanessa was thinking. Nikki handed Jackieover, and Vanessa tossed the quarter away. Nikki unzipped her leather jacket andtook it off. She pulled off her wife-beater T-shirt, leaving her breastsexposed.

"Now put your breasts against mine so she can't fall off," Vanessa smiled. Theyjoined together and Vanessa dropped Jackie onto her firm breasts and Jackierolled down the huge incline and toward Nikki's huge chest. The biker chicksbegan swaying back and forth, watching as jackie rolled around uncontrollably.

The huge mountains bounced Jackie around like she was on one of those inflatableplaygrounds at the circus. The biker chicks just laughed and giggled.

"Hey, wait a got one!" Nikki stopped rocking back and forth and plucked Jackieoff her tit. She handed her to Vanessa. Nikki then went to the bed and laid flaton it.

"Put her on my tummy," Nikki ordered to Vanessa. Vanessa carefully droppedjackie onto Nikki's stomach. "Now run around you little bug!"Jackie didn't run at first, but Nikki breathed deep, causing her belly to riseand fall. Jackie ran around frantically and Nikki just laughed, "Oh this great!I feel so big! Look at her go!"Jackie ran around terrified that the biker chick woudl smash her any second orshe would fall into a roll of her skin and be crushed.

"Run up my cleavage," Nikki ordered Jackie as Nikki sat up a bit more.

Jackie ran between the huge mounds as they shook with Nikki's laughter.

"Let me try!" Vanessa begged. Nikki picked up Jackie and got off the bed.

Vanessa then went to go lay down on the bed, and in passing Nikki, she gotzapped by a bit of static electricity.

"Ow!" Nikki giggled. "You zapped me!""You felt it too?" Vanessa smiled. Vanessa layed down and Nikke dropped Jackieon her belly. "Now run around little girl."Jackie was tired, but afraid, so she ran around again.

Vanessa just laughed out loud, "Oh, god! You're right! I feel humongous! I feellike a whole planet! How do you like living on planet Vanessa?"Vanessa sat up to see Jackie run up and down her belly, "I want you climb to thehighest peak on planet Vanessa!"Jackie ran up to Vanessa's cleavage and up the steep ramp to her collar bone.

She coudl feel Vanessa titantic, hot breath as it spewed from her mouth. Jackieran to Vanessa right tit and carefully walked across the firm but shaky flesh.

Nikki just laughed a bit and reached for her wife-beater T-shirt. She tried toslide it back on but found that it fit rather snugly. She didn't really care,and put her leather jacket on. Or at least, she tried, "What the hell?""What is it?" Vanessa got off the bed, with Jackie in palm and walked towardNikki.

"I-I don't know," Nikki quickly pulled off the jacket and watched as her breastsswelled.

"Holy shit...," Vanessa said in awe and she walked closer to her.

Nikki's belt became tight around her waist and the buckle creaked and snapped asshe grew, "What the hell?"Vanessa felt light-headed, her shirt became looser, "Hey, whats going on? Whyam...?""You're shrinking!" Nikki laughed out loud. Her head hit the ceiling and sheknelt down, backing away. She stumbled onto the bed, and laughed as her clothesripped away. Vanessa watched as er body dwindled faster and faster and asNikki's ballooned larger and larger.

"Oh, come here, honey," Nikki reached out and grabbed Vanessa holding her closelike a baby to her huge, swelling breasts. Locks of Nikki's bright fiery redhair laid next to Vanessa on Nikki's chest. Vanessa looked around surprised athow huge her friend was becoming. Vanessa's clothes sagged off her body and shequickly took them off.

"Here, you can rest on my tit," Nikki placed Vanessa onto her right breast.

Nikki watched as her friend's body became rounder, larger and firmer.

"Looks like you're going to be a small as our tiny friend over there," Nikkigiggled. Nikki's huge body pushed through the roof and broke down a wall.

Vanessa quickly slide down her friend's giant body and ran out into the motelparking lot. Vanessa was no larger than six inches high and she was stillshrinking. She ran to a safe distance and watched as Nikki grew and grew andgrew, laughing and swelling and stretching. Vanessa suddenly felt a heavyweight, it was Jackie, she had become to big to hold. Or rather, Vanessa was toosmall to hold her.

"Who's the little girl now?" Jackie smiled smugly.

"Why is this happening?" Vanessa cried out.

"I don't know... I think it was the electricity that made me grow, and then madeher grow.""But why did I shrink?""I don't know why I shrank," Jackie thought to herself. "Maybe... maybe it hasto do with the positive and negative charges...""So I got the negative charge and shrank?" Vanessa said, now only knee high toJackie.

"Here, you better come with me before you get any smaller," Jackie picked upVanessa and held the blond like she was a little bird.

"How small am I?" Vanessa asked saidly.

"Well, I'm only an inch tall... so...," Jackie stopped at the loud rumblingsound of Nikki standing up.

"Wait a minute!" Vanessa called out. "If you got small, who got big?""Carlene...," Jackie whispered to herself more afraid than ever before.

Part 5Carlene was near the city, though it still seemed far away. Her migraine wasbeing to wear off and things still just didn't seem right. She looked up to findthat the city was the size of the big dollhouse she used to play with as achild. Carlene quickly examined her body. Her jeans were stretched tight acrossher legs and hips, though they hadn't ripped. They had surprisingly grown withher. Her was also tight and the word "RAMPAGE" which was printed on the dark redshirt was stretched into big wide letters. Carlene marveled at how huge she was.

She put her hands on her hips and grinned, "Now where's Jackie?"Jackie was running up the ramp to the motel walkway that linked all the roomstogether. The thundering foorsteps of the expanding Nikki boomed around her.

Jackie made it to the walkway and ran to the first door she saw. She was smallenough to walk under the door and found herself in a whole new gigantic world.

There were people in the room, a couple, who had finished making love and werelying in bed, wondering where the mild earthquake had come from. Jackie zippedher head around like a bird, looking for an electrical outlet. She spotted oneright near the door. The only problem was, the outlet was about a hundred feetup in comparison with Jackie's present height. She looked to Vanessa, "Any ideahow we get up there?"Vanessa just shrugged. Jackie stopped and tried to figure out a way to climb up.

"Is there another one?" Vanessa asked in a tiny squeak.

Jackie turned to the next outlet she had seen, the one by the curtains. It wasthe obvious first choice. Jackie ran to it, hearing the couple shifting in bed.

The earthquake was over, now maybe they would sleep.

"Won't this make us smaller?" Vanessa cried out.

"No," Jackie panted as she ran. "I think that if we're small, it's because we'renegatively charged. So, that means we can only take positive charges. Andpostive charges will make us grow." Jackie made it to the curtain and stopped tocatch her breath. "Sorry about this," Jackie said as she stuffed Vanessa inbetween her cleavage and began climbing the curtain. "Shit, this is gonna takeforever!"Carlene walked carefully around the city, peering down into the at the damageJackie had done and at the tiny people trying to continue with there lives.

Carlene figured one of them must be Jackie if Jackie wasn't big enough to see.

Maybe the lightening switched our sizes, she thought. She craned her neckslowly, "Oh Jackie... Where are you girl?"She stepped into the city carefully, her huge leg fitting snugly between thebuildings.

"Who's Jackie?" Nikki asked happily. Carlene looked up to see the giant red-headgrowing to Carlene's own size.

"And who are you?" Carlene asked in her usual stuck up way.

"I think Empress is a good title, don't you?" Nikki said as she stopped growing.

Carlene began sizing up Nikki, so to speak. She figured that they were about thesame size, both capable of taking out the city with one kick. Carlene guessedthat she was about 6000 feet tall and so Nikki couldn't be much bigger thanthat.

"Empress?" Carlene said trying to sound impressed. "Is that too big word foryou?""Honey, nothing's too big for me any more," Nikki began sizing up Carlene. Shecould probably take the blond down if she had to. Carlene took a few stepstoward Nikki, just to see who was bigger. Nikki was not only slightly taller,but her breasts were also bigger and she seemed to have a stronger build thanCarlene at any size. Nikki immediately saw the height difference and shoved herhuge chest in Carlene's face, Nikki's firm breasts bounced a little.

"Looks like I'm even too big for you," Nikki smiled to Carlene. Carlene becameangry at the taunt and literally swelled with anger. Nikki watched in amazementas Carlene grew a head taller than her.

Jackie made it to the socket and was holding onto the curtain using her legs andone arm. She pulled Vanessa carefully out of her cleavage.

"Alright," Jackie sighed trying to keep a strong grip on the curtain. "I'm goingto stick you in the socket. That should be enough for you to growth back tonormal.""OK," Vanessa squeaked. "But what about you?""I'll be fine," Jackie reassured her and then she slid Vanessa into the socket.

Jackie pulled her hand away quickly, as the electricity hit Vanessa and shot herout of the socket. Vanessa grew as she flew from the outlet and hit the oppositewall at a full size of six feet. The couple in bed sat up quickly to see thenaked blond.

"What the hell," shouted the man. He turned to his girlfriend, "I swear to god Idon't know this woman."Before his girlfriend could respond, she began shrinking.

"Elizabeth?" the man said in shock.

"Whats happening to me?" the woman said as she shrank down to ten inches high,still sitting next to her man. She stood up to try and seem larger.

Jackie took a deep breath, "Here it goes."She jammed her fist into the outlet and held tightly onto the curtain, knowingshe'd be blown off as quickly as Vanessa was. She kept forcing her hand backinto the socket as it the electricity tried to push her out. Jackie refused togive in. The electricity caused her to grow and grow. Jackie's hand soon brokeapart the outlet and she used her middle finger to stay connected with theelectricity. The couple and Vanessa watched as Jackie grew right before theireyes. The man in bed soon felt a chill over him and he began shrinking just likehis girlfriend had before.

"Tim?!" the tiny Elizabeth shrieked.

The two of them watched as he became smaller and smaller, even smaller than her.

He continued shrinking. Elizabeth knelt next to him, he became smaller than herlittle toe.

"Elizabeth! You're gigantic!" he cried, his voice faintly reaching the woman'sears.

"Am I?" she smiled devilishly and picked him up. "I can stand being this sizejust so long as I'm bigger than you."Jackie was busted down the wall and plowed through the ceiling, still holding onas best she could to the exposed wires, trying to soak up as much electricity asshe could. The couple and Vanessa watched as Jackie grew and grew and GREW andGREW and GREW.

Part 6Carlene stood a head taller than Nikki, surprised and proud at the same time.

Nikki was jealous and a bit afraid of the height advantage Carlene now had. Sheconcentrated, thinking how much she wanted to be the biggest and how this brattybitch was going to win. It made her mad. Nikki ballooned up higher and higher,growing three heads taller than Carlene. Nikki pushed her giant chest intoCarlene's shocked face. Carlene stumbled back, crushing a good part of the city.

The mild defeat made her angrier and Carlene grew in her sitting position. Shestood up, now equally as large as Nikki. There was a thunderous, booming soundin the distance that the women didn't acknowledge.

"You big bitch," Carlene said holding onto her hips like they were about toexpand at any second. "As soon as I grow again, I'm going to squash you like abug."The thunderous, booming resonated again.

"Thats going to be a pretty big bug," Nikki said trying to become equally.

Another thundering resonated.

"We'll see about that," Carlene answered, now just trying to one up Nikki.

Another loud rumbling boom. And then another.

"I'll be ready," Nikki was now also just trying to bluff, seeing as how neitherone of them was growing. A dark shadow covered the city and darkened thelandscape for miles around. Nikki and Carlene stopped their bickering and lookedskyward. It was Jackie. Jackie wasn't huge. She wasn't enormous. She wasn'tgigantic or titantic or humongous. Or even immense. She filled the entire sky.

She was indescribably massive. She stood with her hands on her hips, smilingsmugly at the two women who were now merely two inches high compared to her.

"How come everybody has clothes except me?" Nikki wondered to herself.

Carlene was a little more concerned with Jackie's incalculable size,"J-Jackie... Hi... Or should I say, 'high'!"Carlene was trying to joke around, but still coming off as a snob.

"NICE TRY," Jackie thundered. Jackie bent down, and Carlene and Nikki started torun, but there was no way they could escape Jackie's vast body. She reached outand scooped up both of them.

"I don't understand! Why can't we grow anymore?!" Nikki turned to Carlene.

"MAYBE BECAUSE THE FORMULA WORE OFF," Jackie boomed. She held them up to hergiant mouth and smiled, her teeth towering near them.

"The formula shrinks things!" Carlene shouted. "It always did! I don't know whyit worked like this!""IT SHIRNKS THINGS?" Jackie said curious.

"This isn't the best time to tell you, but, I threw it on you so you wouldshrink down to nothing!" Carlene admitted. "But now... it looks like I'm thelittle one."Jackie took Nikki out of her hand and dangled her over the electrical plant, shedropped her. Nikki plunged into the power lines and generators, smashing themwith her huge, voluptuous body. She began shrinking and soon became a normalfive foot ten. Jackie then turned to Carlene, "YOU WERE TRYING TO SHRINK ME?!""It was a joke! I'm sorry!" Carlene tried to play off the whole thing. "Think ofall the fun you had!""FUN?!" Jackie growled. "FUN?!"Jackie began swelling up, getting larger and larger with every second. The citywas being torn down by the spreading of her shoes alone.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH?!" she roared. "DO YOU SEE HOW HUGE I AM?!"Jackie's growing fist constricted Carlene more and more. Carlene managed to peepout, "Yes..."The clouds were now at Jackie's extensive hips, her head reaching higher andhigher.


Just then, Jackie's head broke past the Earth's magnetosphere, the resultingelectric wave causing her to black out and, as can probably be guessed, shrink.

The enormous blast from the even more enormous Jackie's body being used as alightening rod, caused Carlene to thoroughly blackout. She awoke, her clothesstill clinging tight to her body. She was resting in the dirt. Something stilldidn't feel right. As she stood, she noticed that the ground didn't feel assquishy as it should. And the grass looked grainy. She realized she was outsidethe city.

But the city is gone, she thought.

But it wasn't. It was still there. Maybe this was another city. Carlene beganwalking toward it. It remained the same size as she approached it. Carlenesmiled and marched faster to it.

"I'm still big!" She laughed. She reached the city and found that the buildingsonly came up to her ankles. "I'm even bigger!"Now she was excited, "Jackie...! Jackie...! Oh, have I got BIG plans for you!"Carlene realized that if she was huge, Jackie was probably small. Very small.

Too small for even anyone to see. Carlene began stomping out the buildings,wondering how it looked to all the microscopic people below.

Far far far above, outside the glass dome that Carlene was trapped in, Jackiecould barely make out the tiny speck that was Carlene. There was a wholeminiature plastic world under the clear plastic dome. It was complete withthirty cities and even a little ocean.

"How did you do that?" Nikki asked, squeezing as best she could into some ofCarlene's jeans.

"I took a few models of some cities from the university and just used Carlene'sshrinking formula to make it small enough for her," Jackie answered watching thetiny dot move.

"Its even got a little ocean in there!" Nikki chuckled as she walked to thetable.

"Yeah...," Jackie smirked. "Vanessa is still probably at the motel.

"Oh, shit, I totally forgot!" Nikki shouted. "Is she still tiny?""No, we took care of that."Vanessa was rummaging through the shrunken Elizabeth's clothes. "I don't thinkyou'll be needing these," Vanessa said as she put them on. Elizabeth could onlywatch as the giantess put on her clothes.

Vanessa sat her huge body onto the bed. The groudn shifted for Elizabeth and hereven tineir man whom she held on her finger carefully.

Vanessa zipped up Elizabeth's jeans and patted her belly. Vanessa leaned back onthe bed to the ten inch high Elizabeth and grinned, "Oh, by the way, if you wantto make yourself bigger, just get near some electricity. But don't do it twicein a row or else you'll shrink again."Vanessa stood from the bed and walked out of the motel room. Elizabeth turned toTim with an even more devilsh grin than before. Tim just shuddered at hisnewfound fate.

"She's okay though," Jackie said.

"Yeah, I'm sure I'll meet her tonight some place," Nikki stretched on a shirt ofCarlene's. "Hey, Jackie...""Yeah?""Can we still get big again?" Nikki asked curiously. "I don't think so," Jackieanswered. "I think all the formula was used up on us.""Yeah, but there's more, right?""Yeah, but I tried it on one of the buildings with some electricity, and itstill shrank," Jackie said quietly. "Believe me, I've used it on everything, andit all still shrinks.""Then why did we all grow?""I don't know. Guess it was just a fluke.""Oh," Nikki answered a bit disappointed. She looked to the plastic dome. "She'sseems happy.""Well, she'll be happy just until she finds out how small she is," Jackieshrugged. Then she hesistated, "And when she finds out there's no way to makeher normal-sized again.""Yeah, she'll probably destroy all those tiny buildings," Nikki smirked.

"Well, she can always spend a day on planet Jackie," Jackie smiled.

Nikki chuckled and slapped her thigh, "I'll see you around, Jackie.""Bye," Jackie got up to escort Nikki out. She shut the door and walked back tothe table. Jackie put her hands on her hips and peered down at the tiny plasticworld. It reminded her of the Ani DiFranco song, "Little Plastic Castles".

Jackie smiled, "Planet Jackie... Yeah... I like the sound of that."