Wrong Package by Dreamer It was Halloween and Drug Co was at it againwith a new weight loss formula.

At the store Oswald walked into Drew's office and had a package forMime.

“Got a package for you Mime.” “What is the package”? “Make up I think.” I walked into my janitors closet when Oswald came to deliverthe package of weight loss formula from testing. Soon after he left Iheard a pretty loud curse from the bosses office. Apparently Oswalddelivered the wrong package.

Kate was in a 30-hour famine and after she was dame hungry.

Anyway, we were at Drew's house and were drinking as usual. Andstarted to feel strange, no problem, bad brew that's not unusual.

Then we started to pass out first Drew, then Oswald and me.

When we came too everything was bigger and were in differentplaces. I was on the table and the others were on the floor. That wasnot what grabbed my attention it was the giant beer bottle on thetable. I had to get in that beer but as I reached the edge myreaction as Kate walked in was “holly shit”.

Kate walked in and was really hungry and looked pissed so Iwas pretty scared and then I fell in the beer from the shock. Drewran toward her and that was a big mistake because he was in her pathand did not have a chance. Soon her black high heels were hisdownfall and she never noticed. The fridge was here first spot and Iwas hoping that she would grab another beer but nope. So when she satdown I tried to get here attention but being a quarter inch tall itwas useless and I was surely domed. Holly crap thank god the beer iswarm because she went to get a cold beer and I was saved.

Oswald went to the couch thinking it would be easier for himto be seen but he wasn't and she sat on him. Just before he blackedout he fell in the couch. Soon after she fell asleep on the couch andOswald in his strange mind wanted to climb her chest. But I canunderstand the attraction she is incredibly attractive. When he gotup there he seemed to be quite pleased. Anyway he got to her chestand his fun soon ended. Kate got up and he fell on the floor rightinto her shoe. She put her shoes on and felt something in her leftshoe.

“What is this in my shoe”? When Oswald heard that I bet he was pretty happy.

“Its probably nothing.” She then pushed her foot further in her shoe and that wasOswald's end.

Now the only one left was I, but not to worry Kate left afterher nap. So I decided to drink some of the beer. And soon I onceagain passed out. When I came to I was at Drew's office and onceagain we were small and Kate was not to be seen so that proves thatwas a dream. But to our horror when we looked up we saw Mime hundredsof feet tall. She was looking down at us and said, “Hay pig” then shepicked up Drew. He was almost mystified then she said, “wonder if youtaste like bacon” she tossed him down her throat and he was gone.

“Yep he tasted like bacon”.

Oswald and I then said to her “what about us?” that wasstupid because she crushed Oswald while I ran, but not far. The lastthing I saw was a small high-heeled shoe that belonged to Mrs. Louderwho was walking my way and did not seem to notice me.