WWE Smackdown!: Know Your SizeByAsukafan2001 The followingmaterial is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any other interpretationother then entertainment is done so by the reader and the author takes noresponsibility for the other interpretations. However, the following materialhas sexual and graphic scenes along with explicit language. So if you have aproblem with any of the above information then I would suggest not readingthis.

  Jim Ross: We are live here from Tempe, Arizona. We have ahuge match up for you tonight. We have Eric Bischoff teaming up with TrishStratus going against Stephanie and Vince McMahon Jerry “The King” Lawler: As if that wasn't enough puppiesfor you we have Stacie Kiebler as the special guest referee later on in thenight.

 Jim Ross: I should have guessed, you have a one trackedmind King. Well let's go to our first match… wait we have word that something isgoing on back stage.

            The camera zooms in on a white door, which readsMcMahon on it; the door is left open slightly ajar allowing the camera to peekin slightly.

 Stephanie McMahon: Are you sure this is going to work? Imean it's just not natural nor do I believe it's possible.

 Mysterious Person: Just think of the possible ratings? People will be forced to watch Smackdown just to appease there curiosity andbewilderment. Your dad wants this to happen. What is the most important thing tohim? Money and power are what he loves most as well as you. You StephanieMcMahon are expected to follow in his footsteps. You need this.

 Stephanie McMahon: Well…..

            The door is pushed shut and the camera zooms outso that you can read McMahon written on the door. The camera then fades toblack.

 Jim Ross: What was that all about? It sounds like somethingbig is being planned for tonight.

 Jerry “The King” Lawler: Maybe Stephanie got a breastenlargement, or maybe they are changing it from a mixed tag to a mixed bra andpanty match.

 Jim Ross: King, you never cease to amaze me. Let's go tothe ring as Lance Storm and Christian are just about set to face off.

            Several matches pass by as the crowd remainsinto the events happening in the ring. However as Trish Stratus's music blaresover the arena speakers the fans erupt as they struggle to see Trish Stratus andEric Bischoff walk out. A few moments later the McMahon's walk out together.

Both Eric Bischoff and Vince Mcmahon start out in the ring. They circle eachother staring intently at each other as silence crosses arena as these two lockup, Eric quickly gains the upper edge as he pushes Vince to the ground. Vincescurries backwards and tags in Stephanie and then rolls out of the ring. Stephstares at her father angrily as Eric clotheslines Steph from behind.

 Jim Ross: This just ain't right. What kind of man is VinceMcMahon? He Tags in his daughter to avoid a beating.

 Jerry Lawler: What kind of man is he? He is our boss.

            Eric lies in blow after blow to Stephanie as hewhips her around the ring like a rag doll. Stephanie struggles to her feet asEric laughingly pushes her down and stands over her in the ring He rears backhis right arm as Steph cringes at the awaiting deathblow to strike her but Ericbacks off and tags in Trish Stratus, however the moment of hesitation allowedStephanie to tag Vince back in. Stephanie stands up unharmed laughing.

 Jim Ross: My god! It was a ploy! She was never hurt allalong.

            As Steph tags in her father as she throws awhite powder in his face and then rolls out of the ring, just in time to beblindsided by Eric Bischoff. Meanwhile Vince slams Trish down onto the mat as hestomps at her unrelenting.

            Vince smiles as he grabs Trish by the hair andlifts her up to her feet using one hand. Vince pushes himself against Trish andgives her a kiss on the lips then kicks her in the gut. As Trish doubles over inpain Vince bounces off the ropes and performs a swinging neckbreaker.

 Jim Ross: What kind of man is this? This is justdespicable.

            Vince grabs Trish by the hair again but hisright hand quivers as he lifts Trish up so he brings his left hand in to help.

Vince then body slams Trish back down hard onto the matt. Vince grabs Trish onceagain but she delivers a low blow.

            Vince staggers back as Trish stands up and doesa double take a she stares Vince eye to eye. He is the same height as me shethinks to herself realizing that it must be some kind of mistake. Her shoes mustbe a little taller and his a little shorter. Not wanting to lose out on anymoretime Trish knees Vince in the gut, she then face slams him to the mat. She looksover at Bischoff who reaches his arm out towards him but Vince trips up Trishsending her falling to the mat. Vince quickly gets up trying to capitalize onhis fallen opponent when he doubles over falling to his knees.

 Jim Ross: Vince McMahon must be winded. Look at himdoubling over gasping for air.

             Trish stands up confused but helps Vince up tohis feet then whips him into the ropes, Vince bounces off the ropes and backtowards Trish. Vince then slams face first into Trish's ample chest and fallsonto his back. Trish looks down stunned as she eyes an obviously smaller Vince.

            Vince looks up at Trish stunned, his eyesfixated upon her as she lifts her foot up, Vince gulps as the deep treadedrubber soles of her boot presses into his chest. Vince's eyes bulge out as Trishpresses harder and harder into his chest. Vince struggles to fit his hand aroundTrish's ankle, however he manages to haphazardly grip it and push upwards.

            This can't be happening Vince screamsinternally. I am the most powerful man in the world. The anger and vengeancegrowing ever more prominent in Vince's eyes, his adrenaline pumping through hisveins as he over powers Trish sending her tumbling to the ground. He can feelhimself bounce and shudder slightly from Trish hitting the mat. Vince crawlstowards his corner so that he can Tag in Steph but as soon as he reaches hiscorner Steph leaps down from the ring apron smiling at her father. Vince screamsout Stephanie as he is clothes lined from behind. Vince's head pounds againstthe metal ring post.

            Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff has used this time tosneak around the ring. As Steph leaps down off the apron to avoid the tag infrom her father Eric slams a steel chair against her back. As Steph falls to herknees Eric lifts the steel chair above her, as he starts his downswing.

Stephanie tosses some of the white powder into Eric's face just before the chairsmacks against her skull. Stephanie falls with a loud thud to the floor as Ericstaggers backwards dropping the chair blinded by the white powder.

 Eric screams, what did you do? I can't see, as he rubs hiseyes trying to get the powder out.

            In the ring Vince grabs the ropes to helphimself up from the barrage of assaults laid in by Trish. As Vince pulls himselfup he sees himself looking straight into the waist of Trish. Vince screams forthem to stop the match but before he can get the words out Trish knees him inthe gut forcing the air out of his lungs.