NIKKI MATURESIt started when she was a sophomore at the University. Nikki was a normal kid,3rd of 5 daughters, good grades, good athlete, good kid. Her parents hadactually stayed together for 25 years of marriage. Nikki was there on a softballscholorship, but quickly found that her scholorship money was not in line withher lifestyle, and her money was running out. As a way to increase her income,Nikki signed up to work as a subject in with some experimental work at theUniversity Biology Lab.

The Doctors and Assistants at the lab always liked having athletes as subjectsfor experiments. First, the experients were minor in scope and didn't have muchaffect on the lives of the student-athlete. Secondly, athletes were in such goodphysical condition that there was almost never any side affect problems. Nikkiwas no exception here. She was 6 feet tall, and about 160 lbs. Considering herbody fat was at around 12%, it was obvious that she had worked hard in her firsttwo years of college. Her thighs and calves were in excellent shape, notmuscular, but strong. Her abs didn't quite have a six pac, but you knew herentire torso was trim. Her breasts were small, maybe a c cup but she had astrong back, and shapely sholders. Her work on her deltoids had shown, becauseshe achieved a tapered look, from her sholders, down to her waist. Her arms werestrong. Very little fat, but not cut, or ripped. Just solid. Her skin was aporcelin white. Not a blemish. Her hair was chestnut brown, in a bobbed style.

Naturally, she was a different breed of woman than the short stocky girls thatnormally played softball. Finally, there was always a long line of athleteswilling to make money on campus in this manner. Nikki had really fallen intothis blessing. She knew that she needed it.

The experiment had something having to do with cell regeneration, the use ofelectricity to accelerate the plyability of cells for regeneration and repair.

At least that is what Nikki remembers being told. She really didn't care allthat much. The Doctor, Hayes she thought, said that this line of study couldreplace modern intrusive surgery, and hopefully, in the next 5 to 10 years. Allills could be cured at the cellular level, or so it was hoped. Nikki wasn'treally interested in the march of medical science, or her role in it. She simplyneed the money that they were paying. 3,500 dollars, paid at the end of theexperiment. She was required to be at the lab one hour a week, for ten weeks.

$350 an hour was good money, good money that Nikki needed. Besides, by the timeanyone figured out what might have been wrong, this line of experimentation hadbeen scrapped due to a lack of funding.

The first two weeks of the experiments were merely testing. Pokes and prods,taking of temperatures, and blood pressure, treadmills and respritory tests.

Nikki was growing tired of this, but wouldn't complain and risk losing the job.

At the onset of the experimentation, the lab assistant Ms. Willis foundsomething that caused her some concern. While taking a tissue sample, shenoticed an unusually strong reaction to the H.G.D.N.A. H.G.D.N.A. was a designerDNA strand created to spurn the cells in one's body to repair and regrowthemselves. Ideally, skin and muscle repair and even vascular and organ repaircould be done on a cellular level. The body would heal itself, with thedirection provided in this H.G.D.N.A.

Ms. Willis took her findings directly to the Doctor heading up the project, Dr.

Hayes. Dr. Hayes looked at her finding with only a passing indifference. He wasbehind schedule, and over budget. The stress was mounting, and he needcompletion of his project.

'But Dr. Hayes, just look at the cellular reaction! It's off of the charts! Wedidn't plan for this type of response. Though this is an interesting sideeffect, and something we can commit to study, it is something that can risk theviability of our current experiment, and our entire project. Not to mentionrespectability of our peers. The possible loss of reputation is not worth this.

We have to stop!'Dr. Hayes grew tired of her tirade. 'I will not have you slow down my researchwith your inane concerns. The sample you pulled is a minute, and the effect isprobably just a stand alone mutation. Too much work has been done here to goback to the start. We have the opportunity to make medical history! As for yourconcerns about reputation, your's is already sullyed, I provided you anopportunity that you would have never received from anyone else. I knew that youwere hungry, and needed the chance. I also knew that you had taken chances. Theonly career at risk here is yours.'And so the experiment continued, unabaded.

There was only one thing Nikki didn't like about the experiments. Now in herthird week, she began to receive brief electric shocks. Nikki found these to bereasonably painful. But the attending staff was kind enough to provide her witha anesthetic so that she would rapidly lose conciousness after the treatmentsbegan. Nikki found that she was uncouncious for most of the session, often themajority of the hour, but that didn't make her forget the hurt at the start...

It was on her 5th session that something went wrong. The current of electrictycaused Nikki's cells to overreact in a detrimental manner. Her cells began toliterally push apart. As the current surged through her body, you could see herarms, legs, and torso begin to change, it was as if when you looked at her, youreyes lost focus for several brief instants. Only, it wasn't your eyes causingthe problem. The cells in Nikki's body we pushing to seperate themselves fromone another. Her body would actually lose it's stucture for brief milliseconds.

Nikki was uncouncious for this, and didn't remember a thing...

Dr. Hayes and his staff were petrified. He didn't plan for this type ofreaction. He could not lose a patient. It would kill the project, and he wouldlose his license. After going through all of the normal protocols, he rememberedwhat Willis had said about Nikki's reaction to the H.G.D.N.A., and decided totake a chance. The H.G.D.N.A. may be able to strengthen the cells enought tostop the reaction. He had to take the chance. He turned to his assistant andsaid; 'Ms. Willis, 200 cc's of the H.G.D.N.A.' No one had time to question theDr's requests. Willis couldn't believe what they were going to do, but shecouldn't stop Hayes. Time was of the essence, this young woman's life was indanger. Willis handed Hayes the suringe.

Almost as soon as she received the injection, Nikki's reaction settled. Ms.

Willis had enough. Once Nikki had stabilized, she called the entire staff,including Dr. Hayes, into a meeting room. This had gone too far. A life wasalmost lost. Dr. Hayes agreed to stop the project immediately, and pay all thestaff for the full course of the experiment. In exchange, all of them agreedthat nothing should be mentioned about what happened that day. Dr. Hayes statedto his peers that the project had become corrupted, created some false data tojustify his decision, and the project was ended.

The staff checked on Nikki an hour later, and found no hazardous side effects toher experience. In fact, her cell structure had increased in strength, and inplyability. Of course, no one ever found this out. The information became 'lost'in research storage, and Nikki was free to go.

Nikki was happy to take her $3,500, and still be able to miss out on half of hertreatments. She didn't know why they were cancelling the experiments, but shewas glad that they did. The lab was closed for the next couple of weeks, andNikki never saw any of the staff, or Dr. Hayes again. Nikki spent the rest ofher school career going to class, and playing softball, as if nothing happened,without real care.

Two years later, Nikki finished school, and came back home to find work. That iswhere I fit in. I am Dan, Nikki's brother in law. I have been married to Nikki'ssister for the last 10 years, I watched Nikki grow up from a 10 year old girl,to the 23 year old women that she is today. I had always looked at Nikki as ifshe were my real little sister, not my sister in law. We had built a strongrelationship together over the years. One that we both valued.

Still, I had to work hard to fight my attraction to her. Nikki was the tallest,daughter in the family, and the one in the best shape. Being 6 foot 5, I wasalway attracted to tall, athletic women, and Nikki grew into my type. Everysummer and winter break, Nikki would come home from college, having grown alittle taller, a little stronger, a little more defined. At graduation, she washome for good. In the prime of her life. I was a little upset about this. I washoping that she would stay out of state, and I would not have to deal with thattemptation. No such luck.

It was in the first three months after she had got home that she started lookingfor work. I had helped her prepare her resume, and work on her interviewingskills. She was appreciative, and it seemed to help. We worked, we talked, and Ilearned a lot about my sister in law. I learned to like her as a person, morethan I ever had. I think that she felt the same way. Nikki was able to find workrather quickly. She was working for a public relations company, typing pressreleases, mostly grunt work, but hey, that is where you start.

One month after Nikki's gainful employment, the family made a trip out toArizona, to visit my other sister in law and throw her a baby shower. With themountain of paperwork in my office, there was no way that I could go. Nikki,because she just started her job, also was going to stay home. So it was mywife, mother in law, and father in law taking the trip.

They had left on Thursday night, to return on Tuesday. A long time for me to beaway from my wife. It didn't take long for me to miss her once she left. OnFriday night, Nikki called and asked me out to a movie. She said that it was herway of thanking me for my help with her resume. I agreed. I thought it would bea good diversion from missing my wife. I didn't have any plans anyway, and Ienjoyed talking with Nikki. Besides, I found myself not feelings for Nikki goingon a low ebb. I looked forward to going.

As we sat through the movie, mostly talking about how bad it was. The peoplearound us were getting a little upset, so we started to whisper. I couldn't hearanything Nikki was whispering, so she moved over and whispered something in myear about the poor acting. Then I noticed her holding my had, intertwining eachone of my fingers with hers, and squeezing my hand tightly. The way lovers holdhands. I was beginning to get uncomfortable, after all, any woman holding yourhand like that, and breathing into your ear would start to set you off. Finally,she began panting into my ear. I didn't know how to react, I was speechless.

Evidently, Nikki took this as an invitation to continue, so she moved in andbegan to gingerly suck and chew on my earlobe.

'STOP!!! I yelled!' I shot up out of my seat, and left the theater; leavingpopcorn, and soda flying everywhere. Nikki followed closely behind.

'What is your problem Dan?''What do you mean my problem?!?!? What exactly were you doing in there?!?!? I amMARRIED to your older sister! That should take me off of your eligible to datelist!''Dan, relax. Your are too excited. Do you think that I haven't noticed the waythat you have been looking at me for the last year or so. I did. I knew thatevery summer and winter break, I would come home to your silent affections. Iknow that you find me attractive.'I was in shock. She was right, and so damn smug and calm about it. That onlymade me more upset.

'We are family. I am married to your sister, and I watched you and your sistersgrow up from the time of elementary school.' I had to stop to breathe,'I don't know what you are talking about, but this should never happen again.

Just think what this would do to Jan!' Jan was my wife, and Nikki's oldersister. What I didn't notice, was that while I was arguing with her, I wasrubbing the earlobe she has been chewing on, as if to relish the feeling ofhaving her chew on it.

Nikki jumped in front of me to stop my progress.

'You are right, you gave me all of these reasons that I shouldn't have done whatI did in there, maybe I should be sorry, but I noticed that you didn't argueyour attraction to me.'That little comment only intensified the state of shock and anger that I was in.

I could have dropped dead right there on the sidewalk. Nikki was tickled to getthat kind of rise out of me. She knew that she was right, it was now just amatter of time before I admitted it to her. With that closing statement, shewalked at my side, and I took her home.

The drive home was silent. I was speechless, and Nikki was smuggly satisfied.

She knew she had me where she wanted me. We drove up to her house, and again shebegan her full court press: 'Come on in and have something to drink.' It will becasual, and I won't do anything. Lets just talk about this like friends. Afterall, it is uncomfortable for both of us.'I wanted nothing to do with the idea. I didn't even let her finish her sentence.

'I am going to go home. I should stay away for a while. I think we both have alot to think about. I will see you later.'Nikki's height, and intelligence had brought with them a certain level ofconfidence, and for that matter, an attitude, she was used to getting her way. Ihad upset her with my rebuff. And although she was thrilled to have put my insuch an uncomfortable situation, she was not used to hearing no from men. Heronly response was to slam the car door and storm into her house. I waited untilshe was safely inside, and I drove home.

I had built up quite a sweat under all of that pressure. I would have loved totake Nikki right there in that theater. I would have been happy to go into herhouse, and rock her all night long. Still, I was happy that I had withstood thetemptation. I had passed the test, and showed great restraint. I was able towalk, or in this case, drive away.

When I got home, there was a call on my answering machine. Nikki was in someform of trouble, and needed me to return quickly. She sounded as if she was ingreat pain. I ran back out the door, and drove like a crazy man back to herhouse. I knocked on the door, and there was no response. I grabbed the 'secret'key in the mailbox, and made my way in. I heard an awful noise coming fromNikki's room. I raced in to find Nikki on her bed, in a fetal position, groaningterribly.

As I looked at her, I noticed something odd. It was her arms. I could see veinsprotruding from her biceps and forarms. She had changed into an oversized Tshirt, (one that I my wife had taken from me, and used to wear around her housewhen we were dating. It fit me perfectly, but could have worked as a nightshirtfor any woman.) and a pair of cutoff sweats. I tried to rub her neck, back, andstomach, hoping it would provide some kind of relief. In her pain, I didn't getturned on by the fact that I was giving her a rubdown. It seemed to work,becuase Nikki was still groaning, but more lightly now. In a few minutes, shestopped completely. It was only then that she could speak in cohearentsentences.

'After you dropped me off, I came into my room, and changed my clothes. Out ofnowhere, I felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. It was as if I was being stabbed inmy stomach. I had barely finished changing my clothes when it hit. It took me 5minutes just to dial your phone number, and leave a message.

I got her a glass of water, and walked back into the room, to find that she wassitting up. She seem exhaused from her incident, and asked that I rub her neckand sholders. I had a problem with that, but she made it clear that nothing wasgoing to happen. She was too tired. As I rubber her neck, I nearly explodedright then and there. Her breasts were so round, soft, and supple. Her entirebody was a series of turn-ons for me. Her legs, arms, hair breasts, stomach. Ihad to hide the erection that was building in my jeans. I could spend weeksrunning my hands over her smooth milky body, but enough was enough, and Icouldn't take anymore.

'I will stay over, to make sure that you are alright.' I will be out on thefamily room couch if you need anything.' As I was lying down on the couch, ithit me. How was I able to see her stomach and navel? I thought that was my oldshirt? Maybe it was a similar shirt Nikki owned that was slightly cropped orsomething. 'Yea, that must be it.' Comfortable with my explaination, I felllayed back down on the couch, and masterbated for 20 minutes thinking of whathad just happened, and how much I had touched the woman of my dreams.

Two hours later, about 1:00am, the groaning started again. As the groaning gotlouder and louder, I ran into her room. Something was wrong. I saw Nikkiwrithing on her bed, and I wasn't sure that her groaning was from agony orecstacy. She saw me walk in, and sat up. She was in some sort of trance likestate. She seemed fine, so I left her room. Damn, I wish that I wasn't here allnight. I wanted nothing to do with this situation. Besides, Nikki's shirt seemedtoo tight, and I was have a tough time controlling my own urges. I went back tothe couch, and masterbated for another 15 minutes.

It was about 3:30 in the morning when I was awoken by the sound of moregroaning. Not being sure if this was good or bad, I stayed on the couch. ThenNikki called 'Dan, come quick. I need your help!' I lept off of the couch andinto Nikki's room, where I stopped dead cold....

There, standing before me was my sister in law Nikki, or at least what Nikkiwould look like if she was 7 feet tall!'Dan, what's going on!!! I can't help this!!! I can't stop this!!! I feel likemy stomach is on fire, and my whole body tingles!!! I need help!!! What do Ido!'I couldn't move, or talk. I had been fantasizing about giant women for the lastfew years. I constantly checked the internet for the perfect GTS collage, thegreatest GTS story. Now I was experiencing it first hand. I had fantasized aboutbeing with a giantess for so long, that you would think that I would know whatto do, I didn't. I had been staring at her body the entire time, speechless. Ihad never seen such a goddess. Her breasts had seemed to grow with her. Noweasily a large D cup, they pushed her T shirt to the brink. Nikki looked at me,then down at her body. She ran her hands up her thights, around her ass,waist,and ribs, finally placing them on her breasts, holding them as if they were aChristmas gift that she didn't know what to do with. Her ass jutted out from herthighs like a rock outcropping. It was curved, smooth, but had to be rock hard.

I know this because half of that ass was hanging out of her sweat cutoffs, orshould I say sweat thong, because that is what it was becoming. I had never inmy life had to look up to a woman, but I was looking up now, with a combinedfeel of horror, ecstacy, and fasination. Here was my sister in law, who I hadbeen attracted to for the last 3 years, now standing there, over 7 feet tall,and looking unbelieveable hot. She then caught on to my gaze.

'Dan, you are listening to a word that I am saying?!?!?' I am in troublehere!!!' I was still speechless and motionless.

She kept growing, and clearly beginning to be less fearful of the experience.

She seemed to be enjoying it now. I could see here T shirt slowly going up hersolid six pack of abs. It finally stoped just under her aureolas. The bottom ofher breasts now clearly visible under her the shirt, which by the way was my oldshirt. She stopped at what must have been about 9 feet tall. A few minutes ago,she ran her hands up and down her body in disbelief and fear, now she was doingit for pure pleasure. She loved her body, and wanted more. She then looked at mewith a mischevious smile on her face. She walked over to me, making me crane myneck higher with every step. She now stood three inches away from me, herbasketball sized breasts wrapped lightly in a cotton T Shirt that had all itcould handle, jutting right in my face.

'Maybe now I won't be so easy to refuse.' she said, and with that she tugged ather shirt, tearing it to shreads and pulling it completely off of her body. Herbreasts bounced free like huge watermelons, I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

'So you like looking at my new boobs? You should taste them!' She grabbed myhead with one of her enormous hands, and jammed my face into her mammoth tits.

'Go ahead and play. I don't think you can say no.' I sucked on her nipple withall of my might. As I did that, I reached around and barely was able to grab herrock hard ass. She stood there, enjoying the work I was doing.

'Yes baby, oohhhh, keep it up. that really seems to work for me. Who would haveknown that my big 6 foot 5 inch 285 pound brother in law was into giant women.

What a break for you. I think I qualify as the largest giant women in the worldnow!!! Let's take those silly little clothes off of you.'She grabbed me, with great dexterity, unbuttoned my shirt and pants, and pulledoff my underwear. I was now naked except for socks.

Then she held me up to her face, grabbing my rib cage with both of her hands.

'Lets try something different!' At which time she threw me onto her bed, and saton my face. She grabbed my head, and rammed it into her crotch. 'Pleasure menow.' I was stuggling with the cotton of the sweat cutoffs in my face. Theystank of her excitment, and her pubic hairs were rough on my face. I justcouldn't do it. I had never enjoyed that part of lovemaking with my wife, and Iwasn't going to enjoy it now. Even though a women far bigger and stronger thanme was commanding me to do it. Nikki wasn't happy. 'Get started little brother,I am getting upset.' I maintained my passive resistance.

'THAT IS IT!!!' Nikki jumped up, livid with me, again, she had her hand on myhead. I expected to be shoved into her sex, and closed my eyes in preparations.

It was then that another pain hit her. She fell to the floor, leaving quite adent in the hardwood. I fell next to her. Again, she was writhing in pain, andin a fetal position, only this time, she couldn't fit on the bed. I saw that shehad fallen in front of her bedroom door, this could be my escape. Althoughhaving Nikki was a fantasy, and have a giant Nikki, and unthinkable desire, Iknew that it should never happen, it just wasn't right. While I was steppingover her, I heard the sound of ripping sweatpants. She was growing again. Irealized that I needed to make my escape quickly, so I shook the cobwebs out ofmy head, and made my move, but it wasn't to be. As I tried to step over hertorso, she hit me with her forarm, which by the was, was now the size of my leg.

I was thrown back to the bed.

'WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WE AREN'T THROUGH.' She turned and stood up, nowcompletely naked, she was a spendid vision. Her head was now bumping the 12 footceiling, and she looked down at me, now half her size, and again grabbed me bythe neck. She brought me up to her breasts for another nipple sucking. At thispoint, her aureloas wer half the size of my face, and her nipples stood out overan inch. She was beginning to groan in ecstacy, as I chewed on her nipples. 'OOOHHH,DAN!!! YOU ARE GOOD AT THIS!!!' I chewed, bit, and sucked them for a secondtime, only they were different this time. Each breast was now bigger than myhead, and Nikki knew it. She only felt the pleasure, and this put her in ecstacy.

'NOW, WHERE WERE WE?' Nikki set me back on my feet, and pushed my face directlyinto her cunt which at her current size was the same height as I was. 'NOW ITHINK THAT YOU SHOULD DO WHAT I ASK!' She started groaning, and then she said'THIS COULD BE MORE FUN.'The next thing that I knew, Nikki was sitting on the bed, legs spread open. 'NOWCOME HERE!' I complied, She was so big, that she sat at the head of the bed, andeach leg had to rest on the floor to either side. She was just too big for thebed. Once again, she grabbed my head and slammed me into her pussy. Only now,she pushed my entire head inside!!! I couldn't believe it. Nikki was screamingfor her life, The idea of having a man's entire head was enough to make herbuild to the orgasm of her life. She grabbed one of her breasts with her freehand, pulled it up to her face, and started sucking her own nipple. she wasgetting more and more excited. I didn't know what to do. I was pleasuring my 22year old sister in law. She was 6 feet taller that I was, and she was using melike a dildo. I was helpless. I decided to accept my fate, and enjoy thesituation. So I rubbed and moved, and licked and sucked. Clearly Nikki wasenjoying my work, I could tell by the groaning, and the shivering.

Now I was reeling in my situation. My greatest sexual fantasy had become areality, and I had no control over it. I was making love to this giant,beautiful woman, and could not be happier. All of my concerns, cheating on mywife, having sex with her sister, being tossed around by a 12 foot tall woman,all drifted away as I sucked, and licked.

Then it hit me, Nikki's growth stints occured when she became upset. The twotimes I spurned her, she grew first to 9 feet, then to 12. Knowing this, Idecided that it was definately in my best interest to do what she wanted, andnot to anger her. But when would she stop growing? Would she ever shrink back toher normal height? Will she grow when she gets angry at anything? All of thesethings crossed my mind as she pulled me out of her sex, and drew me up to herface, which was bigger that half of my body.

'YOU ARE GOOD AT THIS LITTLE BROTHER!' 'NOW IT'S MY TURN!' With that, she liftedme up so that my penis was directly in front of her mouth. I had always beenproud of size of my penis, 10 inches always seemed to be enough, however, with a12 foot giant goddess, it looked like a cigarette cut in half. Still, she madedue. I was holding on to the back of her head, my back bent over the top of herhead, and me looking at the back of her neck, as she sucked my cock withreckless abandon. I felt her teeth, against my member, teeth large enough toshear my penis clean off. When it was time for my orgasm, she pulled me out andmilked my penis on her breasts. 'HOW CUTE, THE LITTLE MAN'S DICK IS CUMMING! NOTMUCH THOUGH.'I felt like I was shooting cum forever, you don't get blown by a 12 foot amazonall that often, and it was enough to give me the orgasm of my life. All of thecum that I shot on her tits looked like little dots and streaks on her giganticmammaries. She rubbed them in, all while nestling me in her other arm. 'MMMM,NOW IT THINK THAT IT IS TIME TO FUCK!' she said, and slammed me on the bed. Mypenis was limp, but that didn't matter. She again sat on my face, and began torock. I don't know how she did it, but she managed to again suck my penis toerection, and in only a few seconds. 'GOOD BOY! CUMMING BACK FOR MORE!' Withthat, she turned around, and dropped her tremendous sex on my small penis. Idon't know how she felt anything, with my small rod, but she certainly seemed toenjoy it.

'OOOOHHHHH!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! FFFFFFUCKKKKKKK!!!! DON'T STOP,DAN, SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO LITTLE BROTHER! GIVE ME ALL THAT YOU HAVE LITTLEBROTHER!'Maybe it was the idea of having sex with her Brother in Law, or the irony of thefact that she grew up looking to me as an authority figure, and now she hadcomplete control, total domination over me. Either way, I could tell that shewas getting off. I was looking up at here, more turned on then I had ever beenin all of my life. She looked down on me and smiled in the middle of her criesof passion. As she was looking at me, she reached her arms out, and started toslam her fists on the walls on both sides of the bed. The holes in the drywall,and some cases, the 2 x 4 studs, had to be at least 7 feet high. I was stupified.

Then she really got bust. She started to ride me like a pony at the county fair,rocking up and down with a huge amount of force. The bed was the only thingsupporting her tremendous weight (500 lbs?) as her hips came down on my pelvis.

The bed couldn't take any more pressure, and collapsed. We fell to the floorwith a loud thud. I knew that if there were much more of this, my pelvis wouldbe ground to dust, but at least I would die in ecstasy. Just then, possiblybecuase of the fall to the floor, Nikki went into climax.

'YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! DAN!OHHHDAN!I was almost killed with the thrusted Nikki was putting on me at her climax, butI knew that she was almost finished. Her rocking subsided in another 5 minutes,and she fell to the floor. After a few minutes, She stood up, and picked me up.

At this point, I was covered in the juices that came with her climax, andexhausted over what had just been done to me, She layed down on what was left ofthe bed, all the while, holding me up to her breasts, smothering me so that Icouldn't move. It was funny to see her in what was to her, a little bed. Thequeen size bed only held her to her perfect ass. She had to fold her legs in anIndian Style so that she could fit into the room. the width of the bed barelyfit her breasts and me. I had never been so comfortable in all my life.

We fell asleep that way. I awoke at 10:00am on Saturday morning, wondering whathad been done to me. Was it a dream? After all, I had fantasized about boththings, I just didn't thing they would come together quite like that. I wasdressed as I had been, on the couch, in the family room, covered in blankets. Ofall of these questions, there was only one thing that I knew for sure, I had topee.

I got up, streched slightly, and walked to the bathroom. After taking care of mypressing need, I turned on the faucet and washed my face. 'How did you sleep?' Iwas suprised out of my wits! and turned around to see Nikki, at her normalheight, in her T shirt and sweat cutoffs. I didn't know if what happened wastrue or not, but I didn't her to think that I was crazy. 'Not that well. I thinkthat I had some really weird dreams. You know, the ones that you know you had,but you just can't remember that well.'Nikki had a knowing look on her face, but wasn't ready to give up on this game.

'Oh, well, I just wanted to tell you that I was sorry about last night, themovie theater and all. I realize that I wasn't thinking clearly, and although Imight be attracted to you, I still should not be doing what I did.'I felt pure relief. It was a dream. Nikki was not a giantess, and she was reallysorry. For the first time in over 12 hours, I felt that we could salvge ourrelationships, that we could go on as family, and as friends. 'Well, I amflattered that a young women like yourself would find me attractive, but as youfound out, it wasn't meant to be. Maybe in another life, if we were differentpeople, who knows.'Nikki had a frown on her face, 'Yea, different life, different people, whatever. Can you come into my room, I think a picture fell off the wall, and I needhelp rehanging it.''Glad to help.' I walked down the hall, Nikki right behind me. As I turned acorner and opened her door, I froze. There was the broken queen size bed, thedent in the floorboards, and most troubling, the holes on the two sides of theroom, Both 7 feet high.

I turned in abject horror, wanting to run out of the house, but Nikki was in myway.

'Quite a dream huh? Now about what you said about different lives, and differentpeople. That was very moving.' She started rubbing my chest, and working her waydown to my pants. She looked up to me with her dark brown eyes. 'I think youshould reconsider. You wouldn't want to make me angry, would you?'