The ShrunkenStudentByVariousAuthors You are Mark,an average 16 year old boy now. You were born at a height of 2 inches. Beforeyou were welcomed into the world, your father died in a plane crash. You nowlive with your mother, Marie, and your 15 year old sister, Julie, in a beautiful2 story house. You wake up one morning in a dollhouse that your mom gave you onyour 10th birthday. You step out on the hard floor to hear a loud thunderingnoise. It's your mom coming to wake you up. She can see you and hear you, but tobe safe, you better find higher ground.

 You runout into the hall and immediately collide into a shiny black medium heel pump.

It belongs to your mother, Marie. She looks down and smiles at you. Her voicebooms at you, "Good morning, Sweetie." You shout back at her, "Hi mom!! Today ismy first day of High School!!" Your mom hears you and places her hand near you.

You climb onto it and snuggle in her right hand. She kisses you, covering youwith lipstick, then carries you into your room, where she immediately dressesyou for school. "Mom I can do it myself," you tell her, but she just smiles andlifts you up to her face again. She then brings you into the kitchen and makesbreakfast, while you wait on the kitchen table Julie comesinto the kitchen wearing a light blue blouse, a medium gray skirt, and blackhigh heel sandles. Your mother tells her to change immediately, but Julie saysthe homecoming queen tryouts, especially pictures, are today. Your mom justshakes her head and places two plates on the table. Julie has to share herbreakfast with you. "Hey little brother, I am going to keep an eye on you asbest as I can," says your sister. You replie by nodding your head and finisheating. You, your mom, and Julie get in the car, and head for school. On theway, Julie sees you walking toward her left sandle. She smiles and unbuckles theankle strap and slides it around you like a seatbelt. You are trapped on yoursister's shoe, and your mom doesn't even see you on the floor. Do something...ifthis is bothering you.

 You try tostay comfortable inside your sister's shoe. For a moment it actually works...butthen your mom turns on the radio. It's Julie's favorite song, "Drive" fromIncubus! She begins to drum the beat on the floor, oblivious to your inaudiblescreams. You're thrown around everywhere, side to side! The only thing that'skeeping you onto Julie's foot is the strap. You don't know if you should bethankful for or furious at that strap, because by the time you reach the schoolyou're covered in dirt all over, and you're panting as if you were in militaryschool for two hours. How am I going to make friends like THIS? you think miserably toyourself.

 Julieunstraps you and picks you up in her hand. She carries you over to the teacher'sdesk, and sets you down.

"Mr. Smithers, I brought my brother to school today."The teacher looks down at you as if he had been expecting you.

"Ah, yes..." says Mr. Smithers, "class, I'd like to introduce a new studenttoday, Julie's little as you all know from watching the local newsrecently, the school board has recently voted to allow him to attend publicschool rather than to be privately tutored at home, so I hope all of you willmake him feel welcome."The class begins to clap loudly to welcome you, and you look around at your newclassmates. A hot blonde cheerleader sits in the front row and winks at you, butthe applause is starting to hurt your tiny ears Theloud sounds of the clapping students hurts your ears. You beg them to stop butthey don't hear you. The pretty cheerleader stands up from her desk and walksover to you. She bends down and you stare at her pretty face. She is the mostbeautiful girl that you have ever seen. She has long blonde hair and pretty blueeyes with cute freckles on her nose. She just stares at you in amazement.

Finally she speaks. "Why don't you come with me. I can show you around campus."She places her open palm in front of where you are standing. You cautiously andnervously step onto the soft skin of her open palm. She lifts you close to herface. "My name is Heather," the giant girl tells you. You feel her warm breathand smell the sweet smell of peppermint gum. You are not used to being aroundother people and certainly not used to being so close to a beautiful girl. Youare completely smitten with her beauty and begin feeling weak in the knees.

"Hello Heather. It's nice meeting you," you say nervously. The girl startsgiggling which to you sounds like rolling thunder. "I'm doing just fine;especially since I found a cute boy like you," she says smiling.

Wow the first day at school and you already picked up one of the hottest chickson campus...well actually she picked you up.

You spend the rest of the class period on top of the pretty cheerleader's desk.

When class is over, she places her open hand next to you for you to climb up on.

"It's lunch period," she tells you. "You can join me and my friends for lunch.

They are going to get such a kick out of you," she says. Her words begin to makeyou nervous. You don't like the idea of being shown around like some sort offreak. Heather opens her purse and lowers you inside. She drops you between agiant lipstick and makeup case. She closes the purse leaving you in totaldarkness.

 "Youare never going to believe what I have in my purse," you hear Heather say. Thepurse opens up and your dilated eyes are temporally blinded by the light. Youare just able to see Heather's giant hand reaching for you. Her fingers wraparound you and lift you out of the purse. "Look at the little person. Isn't heneat?," Heather says as she places you on the table. As your eyes begin toadjust to the light you see three other giant teenage girls seated at the tablestaring down at you. "I can't believe how small he is," one of the girls says. Agirl with shoulder length brown hair reaches down and picks you up between herthumb and forefinger. "Put me down," you yell. She ignores your pleas and juststares at you in fascination. "Be careful with him. He is not a toy a prettyLatina girl says. "Let me hold him," one of the other girls says. The girl handsyou over to her and she examines you closely. You are subsequently passed aroundto each of the girls; each girl taking turns poking and prodding your tiny bodyas if you were some sort of tiny animal. You wish now that you had never madethe decision to come to school. The last girl to hold you is the pretty Latinagirl. She looks at you sympathetically as if a little ashamed at the behavior ofher friends. The Latina girl reluctantly hands you back to Heather. You look upto Heather's billboard size face. She is so beautiful. You think any guy oncampus would love to be with her. To you, however, she was a giantess. A goddesswho had you completely in her control.

"I think I'll ask Julie if she will sell him to me," Heather says to the othergirls. You are shocked by this statement. You can't believe that she wouldentertain the idea that your sister would sell you as if you were nothing morethan chattel. "He is a real person. You can't just buy him as if he were ahamster," the Latinagirl says. "Why not? It's not as if he is a real person...I mean a know what I mean," Heather says sounding more like an airheadvalley girl. "You don't mind do you sweetie?," Heather says to you as she rubsyou against her cute freckled nose. She lowers you to her lips and kisses you;saturating your whole body with lipstick and saliva. Before you can say anythingshe lowers you back into her purse. "Let's go find your sister," she says as shecloses the purse tight.

 "Julie comeover here," you hear Heather yell. At last you will soon be free, you think toyourself. The purse opens up and Heather reaches in again. She picks you up andhands you over to your sister Julie. "There you are. I wondered where you were,"Julie says to you as she holds you in her open palm. "I was just showing himaround the campus," Heather says to your sister. You are so grateful to be inthe protective custody of your sister that you kiss the palm of her hand. "He isjust so sweet and adorable," Heather says. "I was just wondering...would youconsider selling him to me?" "Sell him to you! He's my brother! I can't justsell him." "But I'll give you quite a lot for him. You know my family is verywell off. I could give you a thousand dollars for him." "That is not the point.

I can't just sell him." "I'll give you three thousand dollars." "Look even if Iwanted to sell him I couldn't. What would I tell my mother?" "Please Julie...Ireally want him. I can pay you five thousand dollars. You can come over andvisit him anytime you want. You sister looks down at you then looks at Heatherand agrees Ohthank you, thank you, thank you," Heather says as she reaches into her purse andgrabs her check book. She rights out a check and hands it to Julie. "Julie youcan't do this," you scream in protest. Julie turns her head away from you as ifembarrassed to face you. She hands you over to Heather. "This is going to be socool," Heather says as she places you back into her purse. "Don't worry Julie.

I'll take good care of him," Heather says as she closes the purse. "What am Igoing to tell mom," you hear Julie mutter. The purse begins to rock withHeather's footsteps. You bang around inside, not really enjoying the ride.

 You spend agood part of the day trapped inside Heather's purse. After school lets out, shedrives to the mall. She tells you that she is buying some gifts for you. Sheoccasionally peeks inside the purse to check up on you. You demand for her totake you to your home but she either ignores you or doesn't hear you. Finallyafter a very long day Heather takes you to her home. She reaches in and liftsyou out and places you on top of her vanity table. You stand there among hergiant girl stuff - giant bottles of nail polish, perfume, makeup and othervarious items. "Now you wait right here; I have a special surprise for you,"Heather says.

 You wait ontop of Heather's vanity table for her to return. After several moments Heatherreturns with a metal hamster cage. "Surprise," Heather says excitedly. "Thiswill be your new home." She places the cage with the door open next to you. Youstare at it in disbelief. "Isn't it cute? Do you like it? I bought it at the petstore in the mall. I also found some wonderful doll furniture." "Heather youcan't keep me in a cage," you yell. Heather reaches down and shoves you with thetip of her index finger and you fall into the cage. "This will be a wonderfulhome for you. Look you have everything you need. A little toy chair, a littletoy table, a food trough, a water bottle, and an exercise wheel." "PleaseHeather, you can't keep me locked up in here like some sort of animal." "It'sfor your own good sweetie. I can't have you running around the house. You mightaccidentally get stepped on. It's for your own protection. Little creaturesbelong in cages," she says to you. "Are you hungry?," she asks. You nod yourhead. You haven't eaten all day. "Good," she says "I'll go get you some hamsterpellets." You look at her in shock. "I'm just kidding. I'll bring you somescraps from my plate when I'm done.

She leaves the room and you pace around in the cage. You can't believe what ishappening. Heather seems to think that you would be content living in a cage.

You walk over to the exercise wheel and climb inside. You start to run spinningthe wheel round and round. You have a lot of nervous energy to work off. A giantfigure enters the room; someone other than Heather.

 You aresuddenly startled when you turn to see the giant face of a woman staring at you.

It is a very pretty woman who looks to be in her mid thirties. "You...your thatlittle person from Heather's school," the woman says. "What are you doing here?""Please you have to help me. Your daughter is holding me prisoner. I want to getback home to my family." The giant woman opens the cage door and sets her openpalm next to you. You gratefully climb up on her palm and she lifts her out.

"Heather...Get in here," she yells.

 Heather comesin the room. "Did you still this little person?," her mother asks. "No mom..Ibought him from his sister." "Is this true?," her mother asks you. "Yes but..""Okay as long as you didn't steal him," her mother says as she hands you back toHeather." "Isn't he so adorable," Heather says as she rubs against her cheek.

"Yes but you must be very careful with him. He is after all a real person." "Iwill. I'll take real good care of him," Heather says as she places you back intothe cage.

Heather's little sister Amy walks into the room and joins her mother and sister.

All three of the giantesses stare at you in the cage. You feel like some sort offreak on display.

"Can I take him to school with me for show and tell?," Amy asks her mother. "Hebelongs to your sister, you'll have to ask her.""Oh please Heather! Please, please, please, please with sugar on top."Heather smiles and says yes Youdon't sleep well that night thinking of the prospect of Amy taking you to schoolwith her. The teenagers in high school were bad enough; you damn sure didn'twant to be around a bunch of second graders.

The next day Heather and Amy prepare for school. Amy enters Heather's room witha glass mason jar in her hand. She opens the cage door and reaches inside foryou. "Come on little man," she says as she grabs you. "My name is Mark notlittle man," you scream. Amy just giggles and drops you in the jar. She screwson a lid that has air holes punctured in it. She places the jar in her backpackand leaves for school.

 As the classbegins the kids take turns showing off various things to the other students inthe classroom. When it is Amy's turn. She reaches into her backpack and grabsthe jar with you inside. "And what do you have Amy?," you hear her teacher ask.

"I have a little tiny man," she says as she holds up the jar proudly. Sheunscrews the lid and tilts the jar, causing you to roll off into her hand. Sheholds you tightly in her grip. "Can it talk?" you hear a girl ask. "Is itreal?..I mean is he alive? a boy asks. "Yes he is real and yes he can talk," Amysays proudly. "Put me down!," you yell. All of the other kids start laughingwith delight when they hear your sqeaky voice. "Make him say something else aboy says. "Go on speak," Amy commands. You say nothing so she squeezes youharder. "Please Amy stop squeezing put me down." The other kids start laughingagain and Amy loosens her grip. "I've heard about this little person before,"the teacher says. I thought he was going to begin classes at the high school.""He was. That is where my sister found him. He is staying with us now." "I wandto hold him" "Yea me too," various students start saying. Amy hands you to oneof the other girls and you are passed around from student to student as if youwere nothing but a toy. Finally Amy grabs you and places you on the teacher'sdesk. The teacher smiles at you. She is an extremely attractive woman in her midtwenties with curly blonde hair and green eyes. Amy places the jar next on itsside next to you. "Now get back inside," she commands. You are sore all overfrom being handled roughly by the students. You crawl back into the jar. "Hecertainly minds well," the teacher remarks. Amy turns the jar upright and screwsthe lid back on. "Maybe he can stay here in the class for a few days. He couldbe our class mascot," the teacher says.

 Amy agrees andher classmates all yell with excitement. The school bell rings and the teacherannounces that it is recess time. All of the students leave the class and theteacher lifts you up in the jar. "I just can't get over how small you are," shesays as you look at her giant fingers pressed against the glass of the jar. Shetilts the jar and you fall out onto her other hand. "Please Miss. I don't wantto stay here." "I can't believe they even let you enroll at the high school,"she says. "But I'm a teenager too. I just want to try and live as normal a lifeas possible." "High school is for normal people. You don't belong there. Youneed to be taken care of." She places you on the floor between her feet. She iswearing platform sandals. "Look at you. You don't even come up to the heals ofmy shoes." She was right. You could barely see the tops of her pink paintedtoenails. "You can't just roam around free. You'll get hurt. You belong in acage." The teacher stands up and walks to a cabinet. She pulls out a small metalcage and a bag. "We used to have a mouse that we kept in the classroom for amascot. I think you will be much better. The kids will love you," she says asshe takes the bag and pours litter on the bottom of the cage. You take theopportunity to try and escape. You take off running for the door but the loudclomping sounds of her wooden platform sandals tells you that you are goingnowhere. A giant sandal clad foot crashes in front of you blocking your path.

She reaches down and picks you up and drops you onto the soft litter of thecage. You can't believe what is happening. "I hope you like your new home," theteacher says as she leans down and smiles at you.

 "Please youcan't do this to me," you scream. The giant teacher just smiles and walks backto her desk. The school bell rings once again and a few minutes later, thestudents start to return to the classroom. Some go strait to their desks; a fewof them approach the cage to look at you. A boy and two girls gather around thecage. "Look at him. He's so puny," says the boy. "He is so small I could crushhim like a bug," he continues. One of the girl's giggles at his statement. Theother bends down and looks at you in a caring manner. "I wish my brother wasthis size," the giggling girl says. If he were, he would have to do everything Isay or I'd squish him under my shoe.

The boy removes a pencil from his pocket and sticks the eraser end through thecage bars. He taps you in the stomach, knocking the wind of you causing you todouble over. "Careful...You'll hurt him," the caring girl says. "Oh I was justteasing him." "Alright back to your seats," the teacher yells. The students allreturn to your seats. You begin to feel that there is no hope.

 "Let me out!"you scream. This causes the class to erupt in a fit of giggles. The boys allsneer at you but you notice some of the girls looking at you dreamily andwhispering to Amy.

You finally doze off, but awaken just as the end of day bell rings. You see Amycoming over to the cage to take you in her hand.

"Time to go home little man, I bet Heather missed you." Amy quickly drops you,screaming and kicking, into her backpack and heads home.

 Amy takes youstraight home and goes immediately to Heather's room. Heather is there alongwith two of her friends from the cheerleading squad, including the girl withshoulder length brown hair, who picked you up yesterday during lunch, and a girlwith dirty blonde hair that you've never seen before.

Amy takes you out and plops you on Heather's bed. You hear Heather telling Amyto get lost.

 Amyprotests, saying she wants to stay, but Heather threatens never to allow her tosee you again so she obeys and leave.

“Cool!” The brown haired girl says. “Now we don't have to share.” Youquickly look around to get your bearings but before you can do so the girl withbrown hair quickly seizes you in her fist again, lifting you to her huge lips.

You try to break free from her grip but she has you so tightly in her fist youcan't even move a muscle.

"Put me down!" you yell, but of course she just smiles and stares at you andstarts playing with your limbs, trying not to hurt you but she doesn't know herown strength and she accidentally wrenches your arm a bit.

"Ow!" you cry.

"Watch it Deb!" Heather shouts, "You're hurting him!" She quickly takes you froma belligerent Deb and sets you on the bed between the three towering teens.

"I can't help it." Deb retorts, "It isn't my fault he's so weak and puny.""Hey! Who're you calling weak and puny?" You yell up at Deb.

 You arestaring up angrily at her when the dirty blonde haired girl, who you later learnis named Jennifer, reaches out with her index finger extended and sweeps itunder your feet, causing you to fall backwards. Before you can get back up shepinches you by the ankle and whisks you up like a freight elevator dangling youjust in front of her pretty face.

“Wow!” She exclaims, “You really are small! You are so cute. Heather, may Iborrow the little man tonight?